Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Am quite addicted to Kingdom Come: Deliverance currently. I gave it a shot a few years ago on Xbox because it was on gamepass or something but couldn’t quite get into it mostly because the combat system was quite overwhelming and I found it extremely difficult with a controller, so I put it on the backburner. I picked it up again semi recently on a deep steam sale and now I can’t put it down. The combat plays so much better on a mouse and keyboard imo. It feels like a more realistic Oblivion, one of my absolute favorites from back in the day.


I got back into The End is Nigh because I had nothing better to do when I was sick and nearly cleared the first map. I wish there were more games like this out there, but I can only think of about 5 or so of them that really kick ass


Update: The last two months have seen no break from Yakuza. I finished 0, 1, and just finished 2 today. I’m not going for 100% because I don’t want to learn Majhong or get sucked into the gambling minigames. Started 3,
but just opening cutscenes on that one tonight. I’m looking forward to the new Yakuza coming out next year, going to see if I can catch up in time to play that one at release. I’m sucked into this soap opera now.


This thing is like GMod and Dreams put together, plus some really simple (yet thorough) visual scripting. It’s kind of hilarious to be able to just do 3D modelling and prototype game scenarios while also just sandboxing and dicking around in play mode. Def recommend


Finally started to play the Final Fantasy VII Remake after like 3 years… I’m a big fan of the original, including the great OST by Nobuo Uematsu and I was a bit afraid to be very disappointed, but I already watched longplays - mostly since I was busy with work but still wanted to see what they did with it, so I watched like 20 hour videos of the game while working lol…

So far, I really like it. Of course, I know what to expect and already saw all the nice old locations with the new graphics, but it’s still awesome to walk around there… I don’t like everything they changed, but it’s ok, at least they just updated and reworked the OST and didn’t make a completely new one with Pop songs or whatever lol… I think there is one pop song in one scene that they had to cut out of the longplay videos, so I’m very happy they restricted it to this one :smile:


I discovered the Yakuza series in 2019 and played through all of them starting with 0 in under a year, so I can definitely relate. Don’t forget about the Judgement series too, those are some of my favorite games ever.


Around when would you recommend giving them a try? They look interesting too, but I’m not sure when they take place and I don’t want them to refer back to some event and spoil it for me. Right now I’m in 2008 I think, in Yakuza 3.


I tried playing Starfield but it’s so incredibly boring and underwhelming.


what was your expectations? I’m actually loving it in every aspect.


I lost a few hours because a bunch of my saves deleted themselves, but no other real problems so far. I feel like the fast travel/maps are a bit clunky for a game in 2023.

Like, I really wish I could go to a quest and say “fast travel here (or as close to here as possible)”. Instead, you have to go to your quests, press the button to show it on the map, then find the node on the map you can fast travel to.

Other than that, wish I had more cargo space on my ship already, Space Disco Carl (that is my character name) has a lot of supplies to build the ultimate space disco of his dreams. Oh, also I wish I could have given Space Disco Carl a bigger afro.


I agree with this. You can have infinite storage in your room at the Lodge, though. that’s helped out early on. Classic bethesda loot goblin gameplay always leaves you carrying too much though.


Counter-Strike 2 is now available, replacing CS:GO


It just feels like they are trying to make a game feel big for the sake of it. The ballistics of the weapons are all the same with exact direct trajectories, the space travel doesn’t feel like moving through spacetime, the characterisation of stat building doesn’t seem to make any difference. It is a very cool aesthetic and the graphics are impressive no doubt. It’s not a bad game imo but not a good one


I’ve gone back to Vanquish from 2010.

I love this era of gaming it was so creative and gameplay focused. Zero padding all feel good shooting action


what a banger that was, product of it’s time. Few games nailed that kind of frenetic fluid action.


respectable opinion. To me, it’s a classic bethesda gameplay in a space sandbox, the real quality comes in the writing and RPG elements. It feels weird playing a BGS game since so much Fallout without something like VATS, you really feel the real time shooting to be as stale as fallout would be without it.


I played most of the major quests in Starfield and finished the main story, and pretty much called it quits. The world just isn’t calling me back - though I did have a good time. I missed VATS too, really wanted something like that more than once, but whatever modders are going to have it added in 6 months. I think I have to come back to my first criticism of the game, it doesn’t feel like an open world for me to explore. It feels like I fast travel from town to town and planet to planet just checking off boxes in my quests, and that feels like a chore at times. On paper, this should work, because if I play something like Skyrim, 95% of the time I’m going to fast travel from one town to another and not walk the whole way. BUT, that last 5% when I walk is really what I go back and play Skyrim for 12 years later, and Starfield just can’t do that. In pretty much every other conceivable way (except for the main story which did pretty much nothing for me except start to lay the groundwork for asking some interesting questions) this is a huge technical leap over Skyrim, but I really wish they’d figured out a way to let you control the ship during jumps/warps with like 3 different speed levels that let you fly around a planet, then the system, then the galaxy.

I’m back to Yakuza now (on Yakuza 5) and enjoying myself, and also Sonic Frontiers got some good free DLC that I suck at because I haven’t played that game in a year and I forgot all the controls.

I was looking forward to the new Forza, but I found out it only has 20 tracks and a few championships at launch. I might play it if I have time, but they have a roadmap of stuff to add to that game so it’s going to get better the longer I wait to dive in. Think I’ll take my time getting around to that one.


Woo-hoo!! I’ve been waiting for this for far too long :smile:


As a gamer I’m shocked there’s no price drop for the disc version and the digital version got more expensive, though as a Sony shareholder I can’t complain. That thing looks fugly though, much prefer the big version, and I think it’s one of the worst designed consoles in the last 20 years - and yes I am counting the xbox 360 red ring of death in which 40% of all consoles broke AND the WiiU which has had a spate of consoles dying over the last year or so from not being turned on for so long - the PS5 is THAT awkward to have in your living room.


A question of taste… I think the big PS5 is ugly and so huge it’s ridiculous. I like the way the slimmer version looks a lot more. I also like it better than the PS4 slim.

I wonder if SONY changed one of the PS4’s worst design flaws (IMO) - not being able to turn it off fully without having to look at a TV screen…? I don’t know how many times I turned it on accidentally while dusting it and then had to turn the controller & TV on to turn it off.