Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Steam is much better about running on linux these days. The steamdeck is Valve’s handheld that runs their proprietary OS by default, and that proprietary OS is a version of Linux. Since Valve is selling a version of portable steam that runs on Linux for a not insignificant amount of money, they’ve really gotten their linux act together. I think they have the Proton compatibility layer that works in the majority of games, with the majority of issues being related to anti-cheat programs rather than the actual games themselves.


Honest question: why would you stay on Windows 8, which is notoriously terrible, when you get the Windows updates for free and we’re on Windows 11 nowadays. Very old PC, I take it…?


I just work fast on this Windows 8.1. I know where folders located, and settings, and all that stuff. Nope. If i don’t need to work to be done I would have installed another Windows a long time ago.

Also I think Windows 8.1 consumes less resources.


I saw video from deadmau5 working on Ableton in windows 7 and this video from 2015 . It is not known how long he sat on this outdated Windows.


It’s super easy to change any setting on Windows 11 and it’s fairly safe - their Defender has made huge strides. It also installed very smoothly (compared to previous versions).

In any case, whatever works for you is the way to go!


Kind of related, but I mistakenly bought a laptop on amazon (seemingly an old model, uh oh) and the current W11 update completely nukes the touchpad. There’s no driver for it, either, and I’m pretty sure the EOS has completely ended by now which kind of solves the riddle of, “Why / how did this happen?”.

But if that didn’t happen I’d totally upgrade. Seems like the Linux community pulled through here, but the bad news is that I need to use Linux to have a functioning laptop. It’s kind of like having a dead butler, to quote Jim Gaffigan


You could simply return the laptop - this is a valid reason to do so…?


Is there a driver for Win10? Despite MS’s desperate desire to have the whole world on 11, I don’t see any functional difference for most things and you’d likely be fine on 10 if it makes the laptop work.


These are both great ideas. Unfortunately the purchase was made over a year ago (it seems to be a more recent update that broke things), and when I installed 10 it couldn’t recognize the wifi adapter. I went ahead and installed all of the 10 drivers and nothing worked – I’m pretty sure I could’ve gotten an external card working on it, but it felt too early to have a ‘new’ laptop on life support already.

I’m slightly happier with being able to run Mint on there, but there is another expense… the inbuilt touchscreen / pen interactivity is super wonky, but at least everything else functions nicely


I forgot to try and sell you guys on this nerd stuff. Basically, it’s like Super Meat Boy but you give the little dipshit written instructions instead of actually using a controller. Such a weird / interesting idea imo


Has anyone played Ghostwire Tokyo? I finished it a few days ago and was absolutely hooked by it.


C64 vibes?

Trying to nail these challenges in a weird-ass dialect is somehow amazing. A lot of the best sandboxes on Steam don’t seem to have an actual trajectory, so it’s kind of unique to have it function in an actual ‘game’ mode as well. I get this feeling I’m going to get stumped as fuck later on though


I totally called the May finish date for Witcher 3. Was great, but I forgot just how good the Blood and Wine DLC was. I spent 1/3 of the time there by itself. Great stuff, and still well worth playing (or re-playing if it’s been a few years and you don’t remember everything, I got surprised once or twice).

I tried Atomic Heart after that, but unfortunately didn’t enjoy it. I played through the 3-5 hour-ish tutorial type area, didn’t really understand what was going on, but was ready to put up with it for a few more hours. Then I got to the open world where 3 splashscreens told me to stay stealthy and not fight stuff and then immediately got lost and couldn’t figure out what to do without dying. I think the game is OK, just wasn’t what I expected (I expected a mostly linear shooter, got a systems based puzzle shooter a-la System Shock or Prey). Oh Well.

Replayed Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart because I hadn’t touched my PS5 in months. That was fun, but I finished it in 3 days with all the weapons unlocked in new game +. Did give me the urge to go through some other Ratchet and Clank games though, so I fired up the PS3 and I started with Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time. That one is harder than I remember, and I’m not using my 100% save file either. Progress is mostly steady. I was stuck on one part for 3 days before I got it, but I did get it. I think it will get easier soon, biggest problem is honestly that aiming/movement are so much smoother in the PS5 game, but I guess I would hope so for a game that’s 12 years newer.

Finally gave Yakuza 0 a shot and got hooked instantly. That is the game that I’m sinking all my time into right now. I’m easily over 15 hours in already, and I’ve been playing less than a week. The story is great, the characters are interesting (both the serious ones and the funny ones), the world is fun to explore and play in (so many interesting side quests/mini games), and then they gave me a real estate business that I had to peel myself away from when I glanced at my watch and it was an hour and a half past my real life bed time. I’m only a little way into the game, but I’m pumped that the whole series is on gamepass, I will probably be playing some entry in Yakuza for like the next year and a half.

I have Sunset Overdrive and Serious Sam 4 ready to go from Gamepass as well, but no idea when I’ll get to them. I guess when I want a break from Yakuza. I am planning to do Serious Sam 4 in splitscreen with my brother (we’ve actually done Serious Sam 1-3 in the past). We’ve been working on the Halo games for the last few months and just finished the original trilogy, plus reach and ODST, and even replayed the first one with the Cursed Halo mod, so we need something new for weekend coop.


I just got Windows 98 running on PCem for absolutely no reason. Does anyone know what still holds up, or is fun to go back to from this era? I feel like exploring nostalgia and even stuff I haven’t played back then fits the bill


ah I wish i could play Yakuza 0 for the first time again! what a thoroughly amazing experience. After beating that I went on to play every other yakuza game or RGG game i could get my hands on. Be sure to give Judgement a try too after playing thru a few other Yakuza titles. Its one of my favorite games of all time.


Not sure off the top of my head if it’d be compatible, but Roller Coaster Tycoon 1/2 feel of that era to me. They still run on modern systems without much fuss so it’s not the best use of a '98 emulator, but it’s a different option. Other than that, I think of 90s PC games as you having 3 real choices:

  1. RTS - Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, etc

  2. FPS - Half Life, Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem, Unreal Tournament, etc

  3. Point and Click adventure games - Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Myst, etc

There are tons of other options for sure, those are just the three broad categories and examples that jump to my mind when you want a late 90s pc gaming experience. Ross’ Game Dungeon on youtube may be worth checking out for some more ideas, not all of that stuff will run on a win98 pc, but some of it will and some of it would look fun to me if I enjoyed that more adventure style of game.


Deus Ex. Still one of my fav games, playing it again and again every few years with some mod (one is called Revision which adds better textures and models).


+1 Deus Ex really is the greatest of all time. great music too.


Glad to find another fan here :smiley:

I agree, the music is really awesome. And I don’t even know why. Like, for other OSTs like Nier I can say the vocals are crazy and awesome or the melodies are super emotional (Final Fantasy stuff by Nobuo Uematsu for instance) or whatever, but Deus Ex has very minimalistic electronic tracks that feel pretty cold. But they have some magic and like cold rationality to them and are among the best music I know for longer working sessions. Even my sister liked the OST even though she doesn’t like games or electronic music that much - it was the only background music she accepted and even liked when we were working on something together a while ago…


Finally played and finished The Last of Us Part II.

Fun game on many levels, with amazing sequences.

Like many, I was baffled by the narration choices though. Not going to give spoilers if anybody hasn’t played it and wants to; I’ll just say that the mid-game thing came out of nowhere. As someone wrote, if the sequence of events you play was different, this could have been sensational. I mean, how are we supposed to care about NPCs that are already dead…??