Gamers what games are you playing? :)


MGSV is something special. I want to play it again, but I doubt I can sink in the time to unlock everything these days.

Never played any other metal gears, but I’ve picked up some of the story from osmosis from my brother playing all of them. We constantly have a plan to start one of those let’s play youtube channels on the backburner, and on the list of things to do is make me play through all the metal gears, and I’m allowed to skip the cutscenes but ONLY if I can guess what happens in the story.


Total WAR: Warhammer 3… Immortal Empires continues through ‘beta’. Its all but live. While Immortal Empires has been fairly stable its not been very balanced but its getting a lot better now.

WH40K: Mechanicus is free on Epic Games this week. Worth having for the audio alone. I’ve not played very far into it but its fun. I originally got it on a bundle on a Steam sale but its worth grabbing from Epic for free while you can.


I dont play video games…but im waiting for god of war ragnarok…

I want to watch them cutscenes and boss fights.

Some of these games have better stories than anything out on the streaming services or in theaters…



That’s true, but I’m starting to worry if this won’t have unintended consequences for the game industry. Facial mo-cap as introduced by Rockstar in “LA Noire”, I think, is the technology that has changed games most in the last 15 years or so. You wouldn’t have God of War or The Last of US without tech like that. BUT, I’m positive good games have been destroyed on the altar of “but we hired the Game of Thrones cast - it HAS to be good now” (Mass Effect: Andromeda). Blow all the budget on actors and mo-cap and hope no one notices how average the game itself actually is.

For Sony, it’s worked in God of War, The Last of Us, Horizon, and Uncharted. But I fear they’re taking their eye off the ball, pushing Uncharted movies and a Last of Us HBO show - From Acclaimed Game Director Neil Druckmann my ASS, he does not have sole writing credit on The Last of Us part 1 and it shows when he was given free reign in The Last of Us part 2. Anyways, I fear games are going to start to be written to get an HBO adaptation rather than because it supports the gameplay the devs have come up with. In some cases, you could argue that’s already happening, certainly I’ve heard plenty of complaints that God of War doesn’t play well in certain people’s opinion, and The Last of Us isn’t breaking any new ground with it’s gameplay, even 10 years ago when it was new.
We’ll have to wait and see.


Skipping cut scenes in a metal gear game? Sacrilege!

I recommend against it. Lol


chrono trigger
never beat it, gonna try to change that


Awesome game!!!


Nice tubes! Did you find them all free-ish or are some of them purchases?


The small one at the bottom was $5, and triple bnc crt was $40, the big JVC was also $40
I do have one crt I got for free but it isn’t in this shot. Goal is to have a wall for live visuals, but also I know I’ll dread moving if that ever happens lol


I have an early 2000s Samsung from when I was a kid, but last I used it it had pretty notice-able ghosting. Might have been the cheap old cables I used from when I was a kid… who knows.

I’ve gone to emulation for most of my retro gaming needs and a retrotink 5x for all the consoles I still have, so I don’t think I’ve turned that TV on in a few years now.


CoD is always a guilty pleasure. new one is OK. Sad they ruined Hardcore mode which is what I always played. But hey, at least shoothouse is back.


Emulation is where it’s at! I use an hdmi to component converter, and an hdmi to composite converter
if you have space for it definitely recommend that with a converter


Watched the god of war ragnarok boss fights on youtube…

I havent sat through the whole game playthrough but…

Odin wasnt a satisfying final boss…
Odin could of been less wimpy.

They did do a good job with thor though so…

Decent but could of been better 7 out of 10.


Oh boy, done a lot since I last wrote in:

  • Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst - both good but not great games, fun to play with some issues for me, but I couldn’t stop going back for more and if a 3rd game were announced I would be excited

  • Hotwheels Unleased - just started this one last night - gorgeous game, the cars look and sound great, the tracks are pretty fun. Not sure yet if I’m going to stick with it, but it’s a really well executed arcade-y racer that doesn’t get as silly as Mariokart.

  • No Man’s Sky - played for about 3 hours and had fun, but I haven’t had any desire to go back and play more. I think it’s a good game that isn’t for me.

  • Sonic Frontiers - holy shit a good sonic game for the first time in forever. Lot of fun, frustrating a few times, but overall I think I might want to go back and 100% this one. I think it’s getting some updates/DLC and I am looking forward to that. I was so happy I broke out the Sega Dreamcast and played some stuff on that:

  • Sonic Adventure 2 - still my favorite 3d sonic.

  • Cosmic Smash - really fun techno 3d squash arcade game.

  • Re-Volt - hard as hell totally meant to be quarter munching RC racing game with an absolutely banger soundtrack on my home theater system with a sub. Never would have expected that, guess it just didn’t come through on my CRT’s 2 inch speakers when I was a kid.

And I’m sure I forgot some others (IDK if I said last time I was doing Pokemon Scarlett and that’s the most fun I’ve ever had in Pokemon, finished now but thinking about going back to do some more challenges). This is what I’ve spent a lot of time with lately.


I guess it’s not really a game, but I found another one of those sims that’s a lot of fun to zone out on and make shitty drum samplers and synths with.

Also this is a lot of fun for a certain type of dork. I’m kind of hoping they add more than just the Arduino Nano but it’s a good start


I’ve played a few more the last month:

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: did you like Super Mario Odyssey? Great news, this plays kind of like that but with Kirby so things tend to be easier 99% of the time. Seriously, a fun 3D platformer more than capable of standing on its own merits, but the Nintendo family resemblance is there.

Hotwheels Unleashed: finished this in like 3 days. Was fun, but a bit too short for me (without paying extra for all the DLC).

The Witcher 3: if I’ve never talked about this one here, then suffice to say it’s one of my favorite games of all time, perhaps even desert island material for me. I’m taking the opportunity to replay this one as the next-gen update came out late last year and was a free upgrade for me on my PC. Unfortunately doesn’t run quite as well as it used to, but it also looks a lot better to me. It’s playable, though obviously unsmooth, which is not the end of the world as so many make it out to be. Having fun and am maybe 1/3 of the way through the game right now, will probably finish around May/June sometime.

Gran Turismo 4: my favorite driving game ever, I started a new file on this last week and have been putting time into it ever since. It’s not the most realistic simulation anymore by a long shot, but the AI is relentless, no babying or slowing down to match your speed. In that way, it stands head and shoulders above a lot of modern driving games that are more focused on trying to give a close race than an accurate one. Car too slow? You’ll notice the rest of the pack driving away from you. Not learning how to make the car go fast? You’re not going to pass the license tests and even be allowed to race. Brutal.

There’s a few more on the docket for coming weeks:
Metroid Prime Remastered (just got it today)
Atomic Heart
Yakuza 0


Supposedly this just got a sandbox mode. Those are usually my favorite places to dick around and prototype weird ideas instead of playing story mode

I might’ve mentioned this one a few account nukes ago but it’s pretty fun until you hit one of those brick walls. Definitely needs a sandbox mode for working out those mental kinks when nothing works, lol


Today I read in steam that their steam client will not run on windows 8.1 from January 1, 2024. Awesome!!! Sadly :disappointed_relieved:


Are any of the games Linux-compatible? If so, you could always dual-boot


Yeah, i thinked about dual boot too. But i’m not sure. Anyway i have some time before 2024.