Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Yeah, everything makes you curious about what’s happening and what will happen next, and voices & acting are gorgeous


I can’t wait for Elden Ring. Anyone here gonna be playing it on PC?


W3 was great. I remember reading Blood, sweat and pixel and there’s a section dedicated to W3 where they explained that every side quest HAD to somehow add to the story or the lore, it couldn’t be a simple fetch quest.
Another detail was about the content of the cupboards in the initial area, at a certain point they felt they had too much for a poor war-ravaged area so they had to ‘empty’ them. A small detail that makes it even more endearing.

I wish Cyberpunk had the same level of detail. Amazing game but if feels rushed a bit, especially when compared to W3.


My brother and I share a gaming rig and he’ll be playing it. I haven’t gotten into the soulsborne stuff yet, but my brother does make them look fun sometimes, so I might be playing it.


Yeah, I experienced that in the beginning, when I had to loot every single dead soldier and crate on a fresh battlefield, it felt real, I looted so many corpses, I didn’t count but that was a lot, and the area was very big. Then a letter, then an objective, I felt engaged and I’m really having fun playing this game and it didn’t happen for a long time with a RPG.

For Cyberpunk, I will wait a few more years, maybe the GOTY version, I need a better rig and also I don’t want to play the gamer in its current state (even if it seems waaayy better than on release day)



Root: Very slick system but I hate the card/crafting/deck building component. Its probably the most asymetrical game mechanics I’ve ever played outside of a computer. Overall its good fun but for me the card system is a big caveat.

Small World of Warcraft: Very fun variation on Small World. Just enough the same to understand how to play, just enough different to bring lots of flavour to it. I got the Ethereals and had a fantastic time messing up everyone else via Artifacts :smiley:


highly recommend DS3 and Sekiro, I think Elden Ring will be a good place to start for a lot of people though based on the reviews from closed beta
I haven’t been this excited about a game since Skyrim lol


My brother got that one last year. It’s fun, and that assymetry mostly works, but only if you have people who are willing to risk being on the losing side because they didn’t figure out their faction’s playstyle. What that evolved into in my family is my parents always want to play the same factions (Cats and Birds) because they know how they work already, and that leaves my brother and I stuck trading off the Racoons and Mice. So we have like half the game it feels like.

We got a lot of boardgames for each other at Christmas this year, and the surprise hits have been Survive and My City. Survive is pretty easy for everyone to grasp, and My City makes competitive tetris surprisingly fun.


I’ve been really into Hades the last month or so, so I’m getting used to practicing at a game and learning by dying to get better, etc. So I think I’ll give Elden Ring a shot and go from there. I’ve heard mixed things about Sekiro, but everyone seems to love Bloodborne, so maybe I’ll do that one if I like Elden Ring.

Or I might dive into more roguelikes and do stuff like FTL and Spelunky - both games I already own that I didn’t really get on with, but I might now.


Fuck Sekiro, really.
Bloodborne and Dark Souls offer you ways around Git Gud, you can grind or you can ask for other player’s help. In Sekiro you’re on your own period.
I’m not a great gamer yet I spent countless hours on both Bloodborne and the various Souls games, yet I never got as stuck as I got on Sekiro.

To me Demon’s Souls is the best one, I loved the original and I loved replaying it remastered. I think it’s also the easiest/more approachable in a way.

Hades is glorious, I played it a lot before switching on God Mode and even with God Mode you don’t feel like you’re cheating as it doesn’t get easier, it just gives you more health the more you die.

But the roguelike I played the most was Dead Cells. Outstanding.


Total War: Warhammer 3 looks to be exceedingly unstable. I’m unimpressed it was put out in this state. Its unplayable as is. Investigating settings to see if I can tweak it into being reliable. I’ll be surprised if there are not bugfixes out in the next few days.


Valid point, I haven’t beaten Sekiro yet because of this, but I’m ok with that. It’s a different experience. I’m ok with walking away from a game for a year and then coming back to it on a whim.

I think Elden Ring is supposed to be the most approachable based on reviews from the network test and based on things people who have gotten an early sneak peak have been saying though, so that’s really exciting. The player base is going to grow for these types of games quite a bit probably.


Root, this time with 4 of us playing.

Card system still bugs me but I’m gettting used to it. I do love the asymetry. Each faction is like playing a whole new game. Today I tried out the Vagabond and it was a hoot - all about fucking up other people’s shit. In the nicest possible way of course :smiley:


Seems to be 10/10’s across the board in the review-o-sphere for Eldin Ring. Reviews are usually highly biased due to advertising space on review sites and magazines. But 10/10 everywhere is pretty unprecedented. Eat your heart out Ubisoft.

Still trying not to watch review content and have only watched the announcement tailor from a few years back. I’ve never had the opportunity to play a Soul’s Game blind at launch. Trying to stay spoiler free.


I’ve only watched the official trailers so far and I can’t wait for my delivery sometimes tomorrow.
In my mind I’m already building a cleric build (mix of magic and melee like a did for Demon’s Souls) but I refused to read up anything about the game.

I’ll add you to PSN and maybe we’ll do some multiplayer down the line.


23 hours in and Elden Ring is fully living up to every bit of hype that surrounds it.

Best game I’ve played in ages, probably since Dark Souls 1. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way better than DS1 in many way. But nothing can ever beat a first run through of your first Souls game ever.


I pretty much put my life on hold.
This is amazing game.


Tried out 2 games yesterday evening I’ve owned a long time and not got around to:

Xcom Chimera Squad.

2KGames have put in a launcher that runs when you click on the game in Steam. The launcher doesn’t work. I reinstalled the game in case it was a hangover from my rebuild. Nope, Still broke. The only way around it is to go into wherever you’ve installed the game and launch it directly.
Played half of the tutorial. The game is shit.

WH40K Mechanicus:

It was quite late on when I got a shot of this. Beautiful graphics, amazing sound design… At least in the small amount I played. Crap voice acting, as a lot of others have commented. It looks very promising indeed.
Its like a WH40K version of Xcom. Lots of upgrade type stuff available.
The Cognitive Points game mechanic is fun. Basically your Tech Priests learn as the mission goes on and they work out how to do more stuff the more points you can gather from activities and objects. The logic falls down a bit in places, like working out how to use a gun they started the mission with, but in general its a very fun mechanic.
Although I’m nothing pro about aWH40K lore, this actually seems to be pretty faithful as well - Like they actually cared about what they were doing rather than just a company getting an IP they were guaranteed to get some return on.
Before you ask, its solo only sadly.


And to think the Emperor would send out such noobs…


My brother was complaining that he was almost out of hard drive space on his laptop a few months back. Took a look and he had 100+GB installs for all 3 of the new X-com games plus mods. I told him to be a man and pick one since they’re all the same game I hate (to me) - this after I gave him an extra 1TB SSD for the thing too. I haven’t seen Chimera Squad in a while so I believe that one didn’t make the cut.