Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Multiplayer WH40K:Gladius. Heaps of fun. My first go at the T’au. I was shite. I had a great time.


Combar arms


My brother got Hades and we steam-share our libraries to each other, and I spent all of last night and a lot of today playing that. I don’t normally go for stuff like rogue-likes, but this one does it for me. I get what people can dig about this kind of game now. Can’t wait to play some more, but not going to start this late at night or I’m done for.


It’s such a good game!
I started playing at normal difficulty, after a while I switched to God mode so I would see 1 ending, then I went back to normal.


Yeah… nice game. Like POE or Diablo


Way late to the game but I started up Horizon Zero Dawn on PC – what a killer title. Not always one to bite on open world stuff but this game just has such good world building and polish I can’t help but dive in.

Now if only I could get my hands on a PS5 for Horizon Forbidden West here next month… Hmmmm lol


Elden Ring will have a bad impact on my life and music.


Playing Slipgate at the recommendation of an online associate. Having a lot of fun with it. Definitely has the old Team Deathmatch feel from Q1, but with portals.


Agreed. I upgraded my Razer to the one w the OLED panel just in anticipation for this release. 60hz is fine for a title like this in favor of graphical fidelity.

Demon’s Souls PS5 pacifying me for the time being, although I’ve only been able to put a few sessions into it since firing it up in November. I think I’m at like 2:2 or something like that, maybe 2:3. Down deep in some caves near the end of that area, or something like that.

Problem is the TV is always occupied at my place. That’s why I’ll be playing Eldin Ring on the Blade so I can have unfettered access.


I loved Ghost as well. Was my game of the year, I’m still bitter everyone liked Last of Us II more.

I played Far Cry 5 in co-op with my brother. Game was stupid easy with two of us running around - mostly with my brother doing the heavy lifting, he’s way better at shooters than me and had already played through the game so he knew all the tricks. I do remember running out of ammo, but then you can just throw shovels at people and it’s almost always a one hit kill. But yeah, it is a shame to see Far Cry as a shadow of its former self - I would comfortably put Far Cry 3 in the running for game of the previous decade. Ubisoft unfortunately hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s been a decade and game design has advanced considerably.


Elden Ring could be a fuckin’ game changer. Really excited for that one.


Never played Far Cry 3 but finished Far Cry 4 and loved it. It was tons of fun. I have Far Cry 5, not started yet. I heard it was mostly a rehash of the 4th one, just in different settings…?


5 was like 4 turned up to 11. It was kind of ridiculous beyond all reason, but doesn’t go as far as Blood Dragon.


I’m going to love it then!


In the meantime my little game project keeps growing, slowing but somehow steadily, ready for Steam Greenlight in 5 years or so…


Well, definitely not playing this:



Well they found a way to make Dark Souls even more difficult to beat than it was

Defeat the game bosses while tackling a ransomware attack :laughing:


I did not play The Witcher 3 when it was released ; a few months ago the GOTY version was 10€ on GOG so I bought it. It is so worh it x) I didn’t think I’d like this game, but it is really sticking, the gameplay is really smooth and sincerely it is one of the best RPGs I ever played


Same, it looks gorgeous, I hope it will be worth the wait


Fuck yeah, I love W3 to death. Could easily sink 1-200 hours into that one, the world and writing really grips you once it gets moving along. Few games do side quests as engrossing as the Witcher series.