Gamers what games are you playing? :)


I lost to computer. :smiley::smiley::rofl:


SC AI is good though :slight_smile:


Finished Cyberpunk 2077 tonight. I either missed a big chunk of the game or it’s shorter than I expected. I did about 40 hours and got through a good amount of the side stories. Never really figured out the crafting systems, especially for hacks, I feel like I left a lot of potential there. Looking forward to playing it again and seeing if I DID miss something, but I’m going to need a palette cleanser first. I have some ideas for that…


Anybody give Inscryption a shot?


Nope. But i like Card games and Horror. Also if we talk about Card games i can recommend you to check Riot’s games * ##
Legends of Runeterra


Kritika Online


I’m playing it at the moment and it’s great, crashes quite often on Ps5 though.
I’m disappointed by 2 things:

  • no hairdressers anywhere
  • most clothing is ill fitting



Ah ya got the freebie on Epic? Fun game, love the environments. Story was pretty good too.


My name is in the credits on the original Prey…


Bojangles McCrayCray? I didn’t know.


Was it? No I actually bought that on PS4 a while back, never really had time to start it :slight_smile:


Ah that;'s right didnt you work on box art for games at one point?

I was a play tester for a Pac Man game about 9 years back, my name is in that one hehe


Yeah for one day only, maybe three days ago. They had all three newer Tomb Raider games for free yesterday.


downloading Halo Infinite right now. Just found out it was available on Steam for the PC for free so why not?


Ha! I did get those Tomb Raider games today - they’re up until Jan 5 or 6 for free! (although I already played 2 out of 3 on the PlayStation and have the 3rd one, just not started yet).

I am waiting on Steam’s handheld (SteamDeck) next year, so I can play the 100 or so games I got for free on the Epic Store, just because I’m a sucker for free shit :laughing:


Got Age of Wonders: Planetfall in the Steam Crimbo sale. Can’t hand on heart recommend it. You are basically a click bitch for a somewhat lacklustre combo of other games. Think Civ with XCOM lite combat. The tech tree is as generic A F, and given that is where a lot of flavour in these games comes from its a dreadful skip. It borrows heavily from Endless Legend and you’re almost better just going and playing that. I’ll try it some more and maybe my opinion will change.

WH40K Gladius, still loving it, got a few factions DLC over the sale and having heaps of fun with it. Still amazed I like this, its been an unexpected joy.


LOL. First of all, congratulations are in order for the PS5. I’m probably going to break down and pay a scalper after Gran Turismo 7 comes out.

I only had one or two crashes in 40-45 hours on PC. I haven’t started it again yet as my brother got me the new Pokemon for christmas and I’ve been super into that. And then the bastard went and got me Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on the Switch too. Between those two I’m playing my Switch 3-4 hours a day right now.

However, I have been digesting the story and the ending that I got and it all feels a little hollow to me. Bear with me here.

I think Johnny Silverhand makes for a great personification of a terminal disease, and the game could make a really good examination of what people do when diagnosed with such. I don’t have it so bad, but I have been Type1 Diabetic for 25 years. It’s almost killed me more than once and I’m not 30 yet, and I can say with near certainty that Diabetes or complications arising from it will be what kills me (which is still kind of a bummer but such is life).

However, at the same time, that disease has made me what I am today. I started school a year late because my parents needed to get a handle on treating me before I could go out into the world. So all my teachers, my friends, the years that I graduated, all of that was changed because of Diabetes. I can’t say what my life would have been like without it, it could be so completely different. It’s also made me more disciplined than the average person. It’s pretty easy to do stuff like your homework on time or workout every day when you literally start the day by taking a few shots. Everything after that is frickin’ easy.

So I personally am torn, on the one hand I hate what Diabetes has taken from me, and the things I don’t even know it’s taken yet. On the other, it has made me who I am today, and I’m pretty happy with my life (considering the pandemic and all). I’ve been dealing with this for 25 years and I don’t know how to feel about it. So along comes Johnny Silverhand, crashing into V’s life and changing everything - giving new knowledge and insight about the world but taking V’s life in exchange. Forgive me if I see some parallels with my situation there. And I was hoping for more… answers. I don’t think this is a question that has a single answer, but I was hoping for… something more than I’ve come up with. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it here, but I never thought this was the kind of thing that games would even get close to tackling, so props to CDProjekt for getting this far. For me, it wasn’t far enough, but I guess not that many people are in my situation all things considered.


I find it hard to get into games a lot of the time, but this one definitely speaks to that retarded / autistic part of my brain that just wants to connect shit to other shit


Kinda looks like the blueprints in Unreal Engine. huh.