Gamers what games are you playing? :)


Been reading more of the Alien splatbook and just laughed and laughed at how evil the design is.

Ignore the beer coasters on the right, those are the two types of dice you get for the game. Base dice are for basic rolls like shooting at someone or skill rolls. However the more stressed a character gets the more yellow dice you add. The genius is that the chance to succeed at something actually goes up but the chance of Something Very Bad happening starts to creep in and gets worse as the game goes on.

I really can’t wait to run this game :rofl:

Since you couldn’t ignore the beer coasters, they came with a Stormtrooper Ale beerglass :smiley:


Awesome list, I’ll see if I can add anything later but I don’t think so, maybe I’ll just rave on about P.T instead.
You missed Siren Blood Curse, it can be frustrating as there’s lots of sneaking to do, but great setting. Was this on PS3? I’m not sure…

Years ago I made a wanna be horror psychological thrill, pixel art game and just unceremoniously dropped it on itch io. Will post a few codes below later. Or maybe I’ll just make it free… Full disclosure: I started it way before P.T.

I agree on The Last Of Us not being on the list, also bonus points for not including Bloodborne. Which I love and if you dare say anything negative about it I’ll abuse my admin powers to bring swift and unfair punishment on your sorry ass.


I believe it’s possible to play P.T. if you hack your PS4, I saw something recently along the lines of it becoming much easier to do that. And then once you do that, you can use an app to install PT from like the console equivalent of a torrent or something. Modding consoles isn’t really my scene. I did my Wii so that I could boot games from an SD card instead of having to use discs all the time because I hate that disc drive. But yeah, modding consoles is a thing and it might make P.T. playable for you.


Nah fuck him, he will never be able to play it and we can just keep showing off our cool status…


Damn, modding is the first thing I do when I get something second-hand. I’m not collecting germy little CD’s from people who smoke inside their houses, if I’m ‘lucky’ enough to find things that people actually still want to play from a previous generation that skyrocketed in price.

I see a happy future for my wife’s PS4 when she gets tired of it :slight_smile:


More on-topic, I don’t really game much but I started THPS 1+2 and 100%'d it in less than 6 hours. I kind of wish there was more to it aside from stupid online achievements, because I figured it would keep me busier than that and I can never find games to get into. It’s really weird when remasters or remakes come out for games from a time when everything was insanely short, because they put a lot of effort into something that just doesn’t last very long for people who were really into them once upon a time.

With that said, I’d probably play a THPS3+THPS4 remake and 4 would definitely take a little longer to 100%


4 was the first one I played, and then I bought 3 because my cousin got me a bunch of cheats for it. I like both of them a lot. I do have the original for my Dreamcast, and I remember playing it and stuff, but I never remember loving it like everyone talks about.


I started with 4, then got back to 3, then THUG 1 & 2 and American Wasteland, then back to 1 & 2…

Then remastered but by then I realised I was a bit overskated and in my 40es I didn’t have the finger dexterity required.


I skipped the underground ones because my mom wouldn’t buy them for me because they had girls in bikinis on the cover and I was like twelve. True story.

I did get Project 8 if anybody remembers that one. The one where you were supposed to be able to control each leg independently if you jumped off a special ramp or something. That usually ended with the board slamming straight up into my digital junk. I still get that theme song stuck in my head sometimes.


Hi everyone. I like playing different online games. Right now I am playing EVE Online smile6



Over the last month, tried out Star Trek Legends on Apple Arcade while at the same time having a free trial of Apple Arcade itself. Nothing had previously interested me enough to pay a fiver a month but I figured this would be worth looking at.

Its a squad grinder a la freemium style games like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes or Marvel Strike Force, but without the freemium.

Its ok. Very buggy, not a lot to do and not massively engaging. Almost zero community interaction as there is no internal chat to the game. Alliance raids are a very basic affair.

The artwork is odd. Bobble-headed Star Trek characters with weirdly sized weapons and body parts that are out of proportion at times. Its a good analogy for the rest of the game - almost but not quite a good game.

Cancelled Arcade sub before the free trial ended, its not worth it for this game and the rest of Apple Arcade aside from a couple of things looks quite meh and not worth the cost.


A bit late to the party I know… But:


Holy fuck, what an awesome game, truly a masterpiece.


@Sencesor My brother just got that a few months ago. Plays hours every day now. Not my kind of game, but from the way he explains it I get the appeal. Unfortunately, I have patience in videogames that is so infinitesimally small it rounds down to zero.

Got Fallout 4 working recently with some mods, so I gave that one a second shot. It’s… all right. I don’t think it really pushes the Fallout/Bethesda series anywhere they weren’t already, never did much for me. But hey lock me up for a year and I guess my standards drop a bit.

I also got a retro pie up and running recently. So I’ve been throwing a few minutes at retro games now and then (lot of the atari stuff is nice and simple to pick up). I do want to dig into the original Zelda, see what all the fuss is about. I’ve never gotten into the later ones, except Breath of the Wild for a bit.

I got Star Wars Battlefront II on sale recently, and I forgot that one has a single player mode. My brother told me it’s not terrible, so I might give that a shot since I’m hopelessly outclassed in the multiplayer. It’s nice for a laugh with my friends, but not much fun to just sit down and play (though I feel that way about most multiplayer these days).

I might be replaying some more stuff if I have the time, but mostly waiting for the Mass Effect Legendary edition to not suck on PC before I pull the trigger on that, and then Pokemon later in the year. I didn’t enjoy Sword/Shield at all, but most of my frustration was the unskipable gigantimax animations and that I didn’t know any of the pokemon or the type advantages anymore - Forgot them all, and I didn’t feel like looking it up. So I struggled through it. But, the Diamond/Pearl remake should be better, Pearl was my first and last pokemon game I really got into. Still have my original save in it.


is that having issues? I almost picked it up. The steam reviews are pretty good, I hadn’t heard anything about PC problems.


My least favorite of all the souls games, not counting Sekero, but still one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played.

A friend is letting me borrow his PS5 for a week in June when my wife goes out of town. Finally going to get that Demon’s Souls play through I’ve been waiting for ever since the PS5 dropped.


Bloodborne instead was my favourite of the lot. Sekiro was way too hard, fuck that shit.

Speaking of difficult, I’m playing Returnal. After 1 and a half days of gameplay I made it past the second boss…


I’ve heard there was some major optimization/settings issues, like it runs half the framerate of consoles, no AA works, etc. I’m waiting for some full reviews to see what’s really going on. I imagine they will start hitting in the next week or two.

I have and modded the original games on PC, but if it runs as good as I hope, the legendary edition will look and play better without mods, so I am excited as long as it works on the basic level.


I’ve been playing a lot of valorant lately


Paradox publisher’s sale this weekend on Steam. I didn’t twig that they owned Harebrained Schemes, there’s like only one of their things I don’t own :smiley: