DnB/Jngl CHLLNG #2: Old School Jungle


Relic gadfly :100:

White noise and stealth…the drum pattern needs work also melody and bass should accent the beat or syncopate/cross with it.


Ill defo have a listen this evening yall.


Yes, I don’t really like the result either. But I still sent something. I still don’t understand how they cut these breaks.


You can do it right on the timeline of your DAW. It is typically done in a sampler that can set slices, then you sequence the slices. Also, often, artists adjust the tempo/pitch of the sample to the tempo they want to work in. I use my hardware sampler which can slice samples, if I were using my DAW I’d use the Imageline Slicex sampler.

I will still listen and comment. I apologize for being late on everything, adjusting to meds is a bitch.


What DAW are you in? If you’re in FL Studio, I think Slicex is included. You just drop the sample in there and it auto-detects and chops drum hits out of loops. I think the ableton equivalent is simpler:


Thank you. I use Reaper. I just don’t understand how they make such a moving rhythm. But I think I realized that it’s just necessary to cut the break loop and rearrange it.


A couple of free VST options reaper should be able to host. Note I haven’t used either of these, but just looking at them they look like they’d do fine.



I would go for Momentum first, it looks much more streamlined for slicing loops, but I’m sure TX16W can do it as well. TX16W has a bit of a reputation for being hard to learn, and it does a lot of other things that are overkill for just a slicer.


Nailed it! Chopping breaks is a “sweet science” but at its core that’s all it is, cutting up a break and rearranging it.


Happy vacation day @relic