DnB/Jngl CHLLNG #2: Old School Jungle


Officially now the DnB/Jngl CHLLNG!

This ~30 day period we are making “classic Jungle.” Sample based, lo-fi ish, chopped break percussion, bass heavy. The challenge here is to capture this vibe and sound. I understand getting the Rasta MC chats (vox) might be somewhat difficult (youtube is your friend) for some. This isn’t intended to be an “up for interpretation” challenge, so lets make some authentic Jungle : ) (chats/vox not needed for authenticity)

Feel free to post tips, tricks and ask for advice on how to get there in this thread.

Check out MC legend General Levy’s top 10 classic Jungle choon list: https://dmy.co/10-best/10-best-jungle-general-levy

I highly recommend the Blu Mar Ten Jungle 89-99 sample pack. If you need some classic lo fi ish on your samples find the Akaizer program for free online as well.

Let us call the due date 18 May 2023 in your time zone. I would also REALLY like to see more commenting on the tracks when they are finished, but frankly I am just stoked we got so many submissions.


Bump, bump, bump goes dah bass!


Hell yeah. This sounds like fun. I’m most likely too lazy to participate but since I’m getting into Renoise, this could be a fun experiment if I somehow break the cycle of not making music

I’d also recommend ‘All the breaks’, and ‘Declassified breaks’ (redditor-made packs) for breaks and “Gimme All Your Drums” volumes 1 and 2 for hits. Such good stuff exists in all of these

I’d also contribute some packs but I can’t find the spoiler tags to hide them from taking up all the real estate in this thread


Maybe just give us your like top five packs?

To get “that sound” for drums, its definitely going to be chopping breaks or chopping single hits out of breaks. That old school sound doesn’t really use layered drums. (just a random tip)


I was just going to toss up a few drum packs (there are probably like 3 in total) but the codes take up a lot of thread space and that’s annoying


Awesome! Can’t wait to start this.
Other than capturing the vibe of classic jungle, there are no other stipulations to the challenge?


That’s it. In the future as we are reaching for ideas, challenges with more stipulations are bound to happen. For now, I just want to explore the flavors of the genre and have fun.


Yoyoyo! Thanks for new competition.


im not sure if this qualifies as old school style…idk here…lol :slight_smile:


Alright folks, here’s my entry for the challenge. I tried sticking with the raw 90s jungle vibes as much as possible. I did add a sci-fi/space motif because…why not? It’s the early 90s and everything goes!




Very cool ya’ll. As per last time, I’ll make comments after the deadline : )


Hot one incoming. Mine ended up being a remix of a reggae vocal more or less. This one I may print right of the sampler and be done w it.


I’m already downloaded a bunch of dnb/jungle albums to listen so that i knew what to create.


Ooooh. I haven’t been cheering ya’ll on. I hope people who haven’t finished or announced themselves are still working : )

I took a break last week. Self-care, self improvement, work.


Alright. I am going to revert to the more simple mix down and stop trying to get all fancy with my track. Just going to leave it pretty raw as that is the spirit of the sound anyway. I’ll get mine uploaded today at some point hopefully.

Any requests for the next challenge? As far as I’m concerned we can do anything in the realm of “bass music.” If not doing "festival headliner summer banger tribute to “The Drop” sounded fun to me – songs that focus on having an epic build up/drop.


I’m not uploading anything because I’m a little sad. But I hope I’ll do something.


Also, does anyone want to add blind voting [quote=“st3aLth, post:18, topic:6458, full:true”]
I’m not uploading anything because I’m a little sad. But I hope I’ll do something.

Plenty of time yet. But I totally get it. Dont feel obligated. Ill keep doing the challenge a while yet as I am enjoying it!


How about like a bass heavy ambient dub track?
I’m thinking Basic Channel, Deadbeat, Deepchord, Monolake…something in that vein?
Just throwing it out there.


So like Dub Techno (that’s just what I’ve always considered Basic Channel et al, genre names don’t matter so much)? Hell yea, we can do that. I would also say, don’t feel obligated to do a four to the floor beat. I know somewhere online there is a cool playlist of Dub Techno with different beats.

Also, I swear I’m opening my DAW today and getting this current challenge track out lol.