DnB/Jngl CHLLNG #2: Old School Jungle


I broke my headphones today. But I bought them in advance already. So I have a pair of headphones. I will also write a track in 2 days, I think.


Alright, I am done with this for now!


It’s funny I meant Dub Techno, Idk where Ambient Dub came from! I guess they are sort of the same thing.

Deadbeat did a mix album with a ton of Dub Techno artists called Radio Rothko which is a good reference for anyone to check out.


Cool. Yea. We can do this for sure. That’ll be a nice change up. If you want to drop the link to that mix in my DMs or here I’ll migrate it to the new challenge thread.


I found this link on Youtube, has the entire album and already chopped up by track for easy navigation.


Very cool. Without getting ahead of myself. Looking forward to this next one.


Oh! Also, I will collect all the links and make a “play list post”. After the due date.

https://www.factmag.com/2014/05/21/the-25-best-dub-techno-tracks-of-all-time/ (leaving this here for myself)


No promises, but I started something a few nights ago and I’ve been making steady progress on it. I already have the jungle jungle sample pack you mentioned as it’s been popular in house circles recently, so I’m going to be spicing the project up with that and doing some FX/automation.


@relic Also you can find top jungle tracks of all times in the bottom of a page https://rateyourmusic.com/genre/jungle/


Dub techno you say…

Ok :+1:

Also those tracks sound a lot different than my dub tech house attempts…

I now have a better frame of reference.

Cause before i was just bassing around in the dark with dub techno…

I think ill try to make dub tribal techno. When the challenge is up.


I dont know what i’m doing but here it is UPDATED
I must say it’s heavy


Cool : ) I am re learning a lot of this stuff myself as I gave up on making DnB for years and years


Thank you for suggestion to make DnB/Jungle because it was really fun. And maybe i want to try make another tracks for myself in that genre


So, not really sure this is jungle. I avoided a 4/4 drum pattern and tried to integrate samples into the song. I think it turned out good, but I wish I had more time/patience to clean up how the samples work in the rhythm of the song, ducking drums and other parts around them for example. Other than that, lifted an old chord progression of mine out of another fast paced song and worked from there, so the writing was done in around half an hour, and the mix was another couple of hours once I chose all the sounds. For turning around so fast I’m happy with what I have here.


Yo @relic you got nice track !


Good news, I think I figured out the rhythm. Maybe I will upload new version soon.
It will be 100% DnB for sure i Think :grin:


I’m not very happy with the result, but this track is ok


Cool : ) I will make a play list post of all the links sometime after midnight EST 18 May


I’ll make the link list when I get to work. We will have a little cool down and I’ll post the next one (DnB/Jngl CHLLNG #3: Dub Techno) Monday. If you want to start early it will be a similar challenge to this–capture the spirit of the sound by any means necessary. There are some examples posted earlier up in this thread. Personally, I am already planning on NOT adhering to the standard four to the floor kick drum pattern for this, so feel free to experiment as well.