Dating experiences thread


In my going out escapades im just mindin my own business…and some rando woman accuses me of stalking her…

im just honestly minding my own business. Dafuq??..

If there are no shennaningans afoot and if someone feels uncomfortable or doesnt like you for whatever reason…dont engage or try to convince them to like you…it is a complete waste of energy.

If shennanngans are afoot stick up for yourself in an appropriate manner…


All the bullshit that went down because of the toxic imaginationship…

Mutual effort.

Glad we both walked away from each other. Its whats best for both of us.


Everyone evaluates everyone…comes with the territory…if you dont measure up or meet certain standards then you gotta work on yourself…until you are relationship material. But dont worry…a lot of people are half assing it…so dont get too butthurt.

If they are making you jump through hoops or are going through some stuff…either cut your losses and move on or give it some time…

Because time is an investment…

If you like them and they like you it should not be impossible and their actions would be more direct.

However a mutual effort must be made because effort shows that you care.


Hooked up with a thick women…

She was so thick. Omg.

Got a number from her…but it was a bogus one…but at least we hooked up. All is good.


Interesting conversation is subjective.

Increase your sherlock holmes esque powers of deduction to figure stuff out.


Exchanged numbers with some woman…

She was drunk.

When she stepped outside for a cig.

I asked the bartender to refill her drink with water. And left.

I didnt want to take advantage of her because she was drunk.


With all the stupid crap ive posted about gender politics…

Im just like that someones daughter
That is someones son…

Every woman has a father
Every man has a mother.

That is what comes to mind when i hear people bickering about this stuff.



I think i got a bad review…

It would explain certain things…

Im not mad…

Im just like why am i in a dumb and dumber movie.

All because of a gross misunderstanding.


Found out i was used as a misdirection to cover up some married womans affair with another man.

And then when she and the sidemen got caught in a lie she offered me as a political human sacrifice. Other people went along with it out of spite…and because they wanted a shot to date her.

This was the same person that was saying both to kill myself and that she loves me.

What a bunch of stupidity…im glad i said no to her.

Also glad that her and the husband she was cheating on are out of my life.

I do not want to be apart of that dumb drama.

Lastly…i want to say if either party is miserable and by miserable i mean mid life crises type miserable…

in their marriage…either be a fucking adult and make your shit work by working your shits out…or split…up permanently.

Word of advice…hold yourself accountable and stop playing the blame game where you blame someone else for everything.

And dont be a retard, grow the fuck up.


Went clubbing and danced with a super thick woman, she was like 40ish…and was tall…she was over 200lbs

I pulled a back muscle lifting her for a dance move…

Totally worth it.

I :heart: thick women



Still doing the self therapy thing…

Trying to change certain things…but the progress ive made is rendered moot because i revert back to old ways…

Basically trying to embrace real life more…instead of living in lala land.

And realistically…i have a lot of self work to do…

Trying to be less detached…and have more realistic expectations, and have more of a realistic outlook on relationships and sex…

instead of being delusional and gullible over stupid bullshit like believing in the lastest artificial beauty fads, redpillisms, obtuse moral shaming, or entertaining incorrect relative ethical ideas that result in amorality.

Basically that consists of me trying not to chase after the perfect momentary thick woman of my dreams…which sort of looks like the model sophie eloise hall…on ig

and live more in the real world.

Because realistically im just shooting myself in the foot…by living in la la land

Tl;dr even though i like thick women…i dont like how its an addiction…id rather be realistic…than constantly chase after something unrealistic like expecting my real life fantasy dream woman to exist.


Hooked up with another thick woman last night…

Was drunk…i dont like how i feel about it…

I know everyone has fucked a fatty and its not such a big deal…and big people need love too

But its like, i dont like how i feel about it.

Its not the person, its more like it wasnt an act of love. I feel like a dirty man slut.


Unpopular opinion

Reading romance books like the twilight series offers better dating advice than social media red pill philosophy.

Even though i dont like twilight books id rather read those than look at the rationalized misogyny that is part of the shit philosophy of pill umbrella.


I bought a romance novel that women read…

Im gonna read it…because i feel like i forgot how to romance.


Read a few pages…its an erotic fantasy novel… the book is called Neon Gods by katee robert…

I am only reading this book to level up.

Doing something that carl jungians call
“shadow work.”

Endgame here is to basically be a better person and to have better and healthier relationships


I read a few pages of neon gods…

I feel less like a dirty man slut…for liking thick women.


The stupidity i deal with.

Meaning the person and the tag alongs that were screaming both i love you and that i should kill myself at 230am in the morning in front of my house…probably have posted some garbage in one those social media group safe spaces to let the all women know via by them giving me their review of my character.

And apparently ive been arbitrarily judged over nonsense and because of spite.

I know women communally band together as a form of protection from the evils of men…and they should do so… because men can be dicks.

And me being all woe is me is dumb in of itself…

But still i gotta say the whole possible conspiracy/protest/psa, to blackball/avoid me, in the dating scene…because of that dumb shit…

i gotta say if you want to be sheep…be a dumb sheep for fucks sake.

Lastly thou who is without sin cast the first stone.


Since January I’ve been going on a few dates a month and now I think I’ve finally meet someone. Against all odds/being a trooper


Online dating sucks.
Networking through Social media apps sucks also.


Everything sucks but misanthropy is awesome