Dating experiences thread


Thread about dating experiences if you care to share

Why make this thread because personal growth…

Dont have go into heavy details and name names in your little black book of past relations

Also No one needs a manual of the kama sutra or a how to on how to pick up girls…

Please dont go into gender politics…your getting along in a relationship is totally dependant on you as a person…and has nothing to do with mens rights or conversely smashing the patriarchy…

Also I’ll go first as a sign of good faith…

Me personally I’m a very boring person…hence my current singletude…and my boringness is one of the causes of my past relationship failures

Edit:this thread will probably be a dumpster fire…if it goes south lock it up…


Married for 20 years. My old man brain doesn’t recall what dating is like, except that it was terrifying and miserable.

My only relationship advice is to stay away from inflexible thinkers and people with idealized views of ‘how things should be’. I don’t care who you are, at some point the relationship is going to change and you both need to be able to go with the flow, see the things you still like and enjoy, and ignore the shit you don’t. Remember, you’re a pain in the ass - there’s a whole bunch of crap they’re putting up with, too.


Ive been in the same relationship for like 11 years and we already decided that if we ever break up one of us will just move down the street and be friends w/o benefits and we will just not ever date anyone again because it seems absolutely awful now with all the apps etc.


So far heres what I’ve come across
Scam send me money
Scam puts out to easy
Scam requires dick pic
Scam broken English
Scam requires other social media
Scam gets phone number after 5 sec convo

And I’m just like yea ok next…


Best relationship advice ever.


One of my favorite dates resulting from an online dating service was a woman about 6 years younger than me which is just about limit for someone being younger. She was a hair dresser from the other side of the tracks. Everything was going well just having a few cocktails and doing trivia at a local watering hole.

She then launched into this 45 minute rant about her friends, a couple, that she was letting stay at her home. The first 30 minutes I was convinced this is the Mother Teresa who drinks Hennessy and smokes blunts I’ve been looking for. Then came 15 minutes of talk about the couples crack addiction and how she ended up just letting them smoke crack at her house and didn’t mind if they stole from her a little.

I can’t remember the details now, but this girl’s life (notice I said woman before lol) just started sounding more and more crazy. Eventually, I was able to pay both our tabs and bounce…and by bounce I told her I was going to the restroom and never came back.

I’ve only ever done that once but I honestly didn’t know what to say to her. Like…“Girl, you way to cra cra for me…”?


Reminded me of this solid advice:

Why I Stopped Online Dating and Started Fingering My Own Ass

Aside from that, married 14 years here, so dating is a distant memory. Not a good one much either.


Eh, I have issues with timing and interest that haven’t seen me on a date since sodas after highschool. No blaming apps or the like for me, I just haven’t had mutual interest in a partner at the same time since then. On the bright side, I’m now a lesser synth wizard, so that’s pretty sweet.


I’ve come across a few predators…

But hey it is what it is…


Can’t believe the dating apps are getting so much hate here. They’ve made meeting new people a lot easier.

The trick is to pay for the service so you don’t have to swipe through people but instead let them pile up over the week. Then you can pick the ones to talk to and take them on expensive dates. Then after a few months when your money runs out and your soul has withered away you can retract into your dwelling and eat a big bag of mushrooms to ruminate on your life. But then you actually ate too much and you end up spending the night feeling like an old balding lonely owl.

I also got what my doctor would describe as an aggressive mixture of a bacterial infection compounded by an initial herpes outbreak in my mouth from the dating apps. Soooooo, what I’m trying to say is that they helped me score. 10/10 would recommend.


However true this is, it made me laugh a lot. Thank you for your service.


I’ve been becoming more and more aware of how long I have been without any relationship (I’m very much a home body) and I’ve been thinking of doing something about this, because… gah damn. Losing touch with the female kind. And people, just generally. I mean, I’m cool with staying inside, I don’t mind not seeing people, but like… damn. I need to do something about this, Charlie. Starting to get mania from the lack of physical contact. Well, not like acutely (well maybe). Like, I’ve been fine for many years now, so what’s another few weeks, but like… I need to do something here.

The thirst is real. I need to bust out onto the town, see the people, the faces, hold the infant children, grab the ladies by the hip and gaze upon their bountiful bosoms. Then start a sex commune, with only me and hundreds of beautiful, single, clean, young women.


The worst thing you can experience from a dating app is the set up. Making profiles are meh. Besides that, chat up some peeps and go from there. “Oh you’re cute, what’s your profile say?” “Hi”

Makes being in anew town somewhat easier to meet someone and being an introvert easier to get some ice breakers out of the way.

Walking up to someone in public and asking for a number or even on a date, with no previous communication is more difficult than an app.

Paint by numbers, throw out a ton of introductions and move on.

I’m married because I took the plunge. Just do it.


If I got divorced I still wouldn’t go back to traditional dating. Fuck all of that.

Online dating is much better, imo. You can weed through a lot of bullshit well in advance of wasting shitloads of time and / or money on them. And for people like me with social anxiety, you can take a deep breath and just be honest about yourself. For some people, it’s easier to write things down than it is to come up with shit on the spot. Give me an edit button and I’m happy.

Now where’s the edit button on shit that I say to my wife? I haven’t found that one yet


Funny, the edit button, metaphorically speaking is why I hate online dating. I think it strings out the process of selection. In real life it only took me 1-2 actual dates to know if I was able to put up with someone even as a friend. Online it is way easier to not be yourself and feed people what they want to hear.

Maybe it is different now but back when I was doing it 2006-2009 people wanted to talk online or on the phone FOREVER before going out on an actual date. And I always suggested something easy and public for a first meet. The classic coffee shop or out for a drink. Like an hour tops kind deal.

I had to give a meet or I give up ultimatum to so many people that seemed cool but they just refused to meet even after months of talking. Like honestly I don’t even want to be your friend at that point because why? I’ve got online friends I wish I could hang out with IRL, I don’t need more of that.


Think it’s a bit different now. I went on two dates before I met my eventual wife. I did talk to a lot but like @xSANTAxDURSTx said, you weed through that bull shit pretty quick and many irons in the fire, so to speak.

There were some wasted efforts but got to some ladies that were actually interested in dates. I know more people in my older age that have met that way then not now, which is interesting to me…

My wife’s cousin uses it for getting meaningless shit too, which she always has stories about her endeavors. Which are pretty funny.


It’s been a very long time since I dated anyone.

I felt the urge to throw a joke in here but most of them were pretty inappropriate/cringey


One thing I will never forget is my 8th grade English teacher always told us “never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” I’ve found this to be some of the most sage advice I’ve ever received.

Not that you would know that from my behavior here over the years…lmao


Date? Not in my function.

Use dating sites to encounter females of possible interest. Yeah, mainly OKCupid for about ten years. Got a fair amount of trim, met some somewhat interesting women. Would not miss anything that happened after spring of '10…so about year’s worth of novelty, including the second (female) love of my adult life. Since spring last year I have retired from circumstances beyond the congenial with everyone outside my immediate family. I require simplicity - people need difficulty to keep them assured of life.

Things work differently for people. The issue with anything comes in how people conduct themselves.


Dating has been fun and not fun at the same time.

I had lots of dates/short relationships between my 15s and my 25s. It always stopped the same way. Me running away, ghosting, being late, not wanting to see each other.

So I stopped. Then I had longer relationships, which ended pretty much the same way.

This year I discover I have Asperger

Well, that explains pretty much everything xD

So, since a few months, I’m only dating for good sex and a bit of cuddling, which is everything I need besides making music, food, coffee and tobacco.

I would like to be with one girl, build a lovely and healthy relationship over time, live long and build a family. I’m also a piece of shit who do not care about people 80% of the year. But I also want a child.

So… Casual dating will do, the rest will be up to randomness.