Dating experiences thread


had to put up with a person that tried to get me in trouble because apparently we were in a said fictional relationship, when in actuality it was based entirely off of a complete fantasy and just a bunch of rumors/lies,

google psychological transference

i made the mistake of trying to reason with this person and even went as far to extend the olive branch in order to have a meeting of the minds…turned out to be a total waste of time.

i would go into further detail…but its the internet no one gives a fuck, and people would make false assumptions about the psychology of all parties involved, basically it would be a clusterfuck


Update…yeah I’m so not doing couples…it ain’t my business and I’m so not getting caught in between other peoples relationship troubles…so couples on tinder dont look at me to fix your relationship that shits on both of you. That being said good luck I genuinely hope that those couples are able to overcome certain obstacles and find happiness…that is if those couples are genuine and not con artists looking to steal my wallet afterwards…


Update thinking about going gay cause the ongoing war between uber feminists and uber pro manliness…ain’t ever gonna stop.

I mean I get the whole negative experience turning a person into a misandrist or misogynast.
But a lot of it to me is just a bunch of self serving garbage.

Just my view…also I was molested by an older male friend…when I was very young hence why I consider myself technically bisexual. No I dont expect any sympathy or anything from anybody. Cause it was years ago and getting all emo would just make me into a powerless victim that would continuously be taken advantage of in other ways…so fuck that noise. But also being that way could also lead to another Avenue of darkness…but such is life cause life is not a bunch of sunshine and rainbows.

Irony is that years later I experience some ridiculous tribal bullshit from a few female and Male morons too neurotic and too concerned about their reputation to see past their own bullshit to make their own relationships work.

If these select few idiots that I personally deal with had any noble character they’d be more self aware and wouldn’t be afraid of what they see in their own shadow.

Why this post…

Idk consider it an explanation for my past asshole posts about gender politics.


I just erased two posts that were too insensitive, so bear with me but uh…dude, TMI.


@moodorf Fair point.


Most of us on here have known one another for well over 10 years. People go through shit and often times have no one in real life to talk to about it. No such thing as TMI on here dude. Also your deleted posts are way more than insensitive. Probably something you should take a look at if your first inclination is to respond that way.



Tbh Ive probably offended or pissed a few people off in my years that I’ve been on here but I’ve learned to try my best in not letting negative experiences turn me into the worst version of myself.



Somebody is lying about their age


I just lie about my back hair.



Got something better.

It’s called the Dont fart ever and lysol the bathroom everytime after pooping system.

In short the D.F.E.L.B.A.P system.


I have been lucky, I met my wife on Gumtree ages ago…


Yeah I can be a dick sometimes, I apologize bfk.


Ok thanks. Dont worry about it. Going by some of my past posts I’m not surprised by certain type of reactions in regards to some subjects. Considering my posts. Reading that shit back makes me all like yeah so that’s why I get poop thrown at me sometimes.


Don’t beat yourself up over it. Maybe you could talk to a therapist or a counselor about being abused as a kid. A lot of people can find help that way, find some sort of resolution/ peace.

Again, sorry.

ahem moving on…

As for my dating experiences…haven’t had any lately but after having to move back home for several years after just…not making enough money I’m finally moving back out in a couple weeks. Time to go on okcupid and find someone willing to date a fatty :sunglasses:


Like Auto I thankfully havent had the need to date in quite some time and I don’t envy you single folk. Pandemic aside, shit seems real weitd these days.


Ugh, that feeling when you see your cousin on the same dating website as you.

I…I need a shower. :nauseated_face:


Fuck that, swipe right, make it interesting! :laughing: