Dating experiences thread


had to put up with a person that tried to get me in trouble because apparently we were in a said fictional relationship, when in actuality it was based entirely off of a complete fantasy and just a bunch of rumors/lies,

google psychological transference

i made the mistake of trying to reason with this person and even went as far to extend the olive branch in order to have a meeting of the minds…turned out to be a total waste of time.

i would go into further detail…but its the internet no one gives a fuck, and people would make false assumptions about the psychology of all parties involved, basically it would be a clusterfuck


Update…yeah I’m so not doing couples…it ain’t my business and I’m so not getting caught in between other peoples relationship troubles…so couples on tinder dont look at me to fix your relationship that shits on both of you. That being said good luck I genuinely hope that those couples are able to overcome certain obstacles and find happiness…that is if those couples are genuine and not con artists looking to steal my wallet afterwards…