Dating experiences thread


Also, with 75% of them the chat is so boring…like they refuse to actually discuss “get to know you” type stuff…its just like emojis and “awww I wish we could cuddle” like…yea…me too (but only maybe, because I know nothing about you except your 30 word profile)…but that is kind of impossible since you won’t even do a safe meet in public, so keep wishing…


Honestly though everyone has a hierarchy of who they would want to be with. Sometimes peoples hierarchies dont fit together.

Texting some randos online are like bottom tier…

Person you know in real life that your crushing hard on is a higher tier…

Then the instagram…cause ppl want what they cant have.


Spot on!

I am probably going to ditch the apps and join an adult spirts league or volunteer with my local Pride organization, something like that.


Oooh damn y’all. A former play partner of mine is back in town to teach for the semester…we reconnected this weekend…fun times ahead!


Well. Um. That play date went well.