Dating experiences thread


Dating provides an opportunity for individuals to learn how to relate to others and experience the joys and sorrows of developing a couple relationship and Women Relationship Advice


lol, no. Dating sucks balls


Been on a few datesā€¦

Get rid of the anxiety any which way you canā€¦

Insecurity, anxiety, and overthinking can cause a lot of problems.

A lot of problems.

Like a lot.

Being able to cold read and properly respond to social and emotional cues is the keyā€¦

But yeah also social media doesnt helpā€¦

Some advice out there suggests being dramatic and playing gamesā€¦

It is wrongā€¦all you are actually doing is just shooting yourself in the foot.


Ive seen broke dudes with nothing going for themā€¦and guys that dont wipe after they shit themselves pull more ass than wall street playersā€¦

Take from that what you will.


White knights, blah blah comes with territoryā€¦level upā€¦

blah blahā€¦also competing with f - boys so level upā€¦blah.


Leveling up is the solution to your problems.


I havenā€™t tried online dating since before smart phones (at least I didnā€™t have a smart phone then). It seems a bit like the Wild West but pretty similar to what I remember.


I canā€™t fucking win with the online datingā€¦Iā€™m either getting way too old creepers or people that could be my kidsā€¦


Iā€™ve totally forgotten how to flirt with people but going out solo to dance at my fav queer bar tonight.


Dont solely rely on dating appsā€¦

Multipronged approach by using dating appsā€¦
And venturing out into the wildernessā€¦

Dating apps keep you single because its good for their bottom line via not boosting your profileā€¦and shitty algorithms.

Also meeting strangers from the internetā€¦is like i could be talking to some 50 year old posing as a 30 year single modelā€¦

You have better odds approaching someone in person when venturing out into the wilderness.


Yea. That makes sense. You canā€™t trust an app and online has a lot of weirdness.

Thankfully, strictly speaking, Iā€™m not single. So this adventure is just (needed) icing on a wonderful cake Iā€™m going to marry. That might actually be a terrible analogy given the context of the conversation but Iā€™m sincerely trying to be at least PG 13 here lmao.

Iā€™m basically 40 and have never gone to a bar looking for attention until this past Friday. Luckily, Ive usually met people through mutual friends, group activities, and mutual interests.

I clearly went somewhere too young for me, but inquired and found a better place to check out. After some hetero drunk college chick spilled a drink on me I peaced out.


Been on a few datesā€¦apparently i had nothing to talk aboutā€¦i usually talk about philosophy and politicsā€¦total vibe kill.

Tv watching is not an appealing life experience, nor music making marathonsā€¦especially when ive only made $18.00 from musicā€¦total vibe kill.

From what i know
Get people to talk about themselvesā€¦
Keep it positiveā€¦
Dont talk about politics its a vibe kill.
Talk about each others life experiencesā€¦
Talking about work is a vibe kill.
Tv is a vibe kill.
Its a relationshipā€¦

They are supposed to relate to youā€¦know you, the whole purpose is being togetherā€¦being apart of each others lives, also being aware of how she treats you, and you aware of how you treat herā€¦

Guys its about personality and a variety of other factorsā€¦personality is the biggest part of itā€¦and also fulfilling her desires and meeting her needs. By needs i mean emotional needsā€¦fuck that sugar daddy shit. Lastly have self respect and they will respect you.

Also came across a few users that tried to stroke my ego to get something from me.

Some had a few red flags, like always the portraying themselves as the victim, or it was like pulling teeth to get them to talk, or they tried to emotionally manipulate me by stroking my egoā€¦

Beware of ā€œamber heardā€, gone girl ā€œamy dunneā€ and golddigger typesā€¦people who use people, manipulatorsā€¦etcā€¦

ALSO the users and manipulators arent an excuse to go down the rabbit hole of misogynyā€¦

Also saw a tiktok vid of a women saying that as a feminist she wanted/needed a real manā€¦lolā€¦this stuff is not a one size fits allā€¦different strokes for different folks.

I have the personality of stale bread. Lol.

Im gonna go listen to female rnb. Nowā€¦ lol


One thing I always try to do is ask questions about the other person, comment on their answer and then answer the question about myself. This works especially well if the other party is feeling a bit awkward and isnā€™t talkative.

I definitely avoid politics until I get up to the point of ā€œwe are officially dating.ā€ Sorry mot sorry I cant be with someone who has vastly different social and political beliefs than me


How to be a papi chuloā€¦

Be groomedā€¦

Have muscles.

Dress goodā€¦no food stains on shirts.

Trigger their imagination about you.

Value driven conversational content. When you talk make sure your words are valuable which helps you be genuinely interesting


Dont play with feelingsā€¦be sensitive enough to respond appropriatelyā€¦if you need safe spaces your doing sensitive wrong.

Have a life.



A platonic date is better than no date? Yes. It is.


Been going out, had a few women try to pick me upā€¦but i screwed up the opportunities.


Would you date you, would you want to be in a relationship with someone that is exactly like you?

If the answer is objectively noā€¦then youve got work to do.

Think of your most favorite person that you knowā€¦and think of the feelings that you experience being around them.

Basically the goal is being someones elses favorite personā€¦

To do this basically dont be boring, dont be an abusive asshole, but also dont get usedā€¦

Lastly dont be butthurt from getting rejected, and also dont be butthurt after trying out and not making the cut.

Game is basically social skills and being smart enough to not get usedā€¦

Figure it out for yourselfā€¦

Because a lot of people are just making it up as they go along and doing the scientific method when it comes to relationships.


Do the self workā€¦to be the best version of yourselfā€¦being your best self is the key.


Been out on a very few datesā€¦got flaked on a couple of timesā€¦and the others i just wasnt interested in

Dont logic your way to datingā€¦

Dating isnt logical.

Because people sometimes try to rationalize their basic animal behavior.


I just wish I could actually get someone from an app to meet me instead of just wanting to chat for 17 years first lol


Lol relic