Dating experiences thread


What isnt love:
Unconditional love LLC terms, conditions and licensing agreement.

What is love:
A mutual Prioritization of the significant others happiness.

Plays haddaway.


Update: my married female stalker is trying to manufacture some more drama…soap opera type shit…I could say more but I really couldn’t find any fucks, none were flying around…oh well i have no more fucks to give.


The redpill and the otherside…don’t bother…getting into deep into those religions…cause some of its nonsense.

A better way is to put yourself through the grinder and face all the rejection, folly, heartbreak, basically all the up and downs…people will bullshit you and play you but it’s apart of the process…the secret is to keep on trucking…and bettering yourself with experience.


The advice that I found to be most reasonable:

You are responsible for how other people feel about you.

Do not blame other people for the emotions you induce in them.

Also learn to differentiate between a fake and a genuine reaction.

You don’t have to people please but owning up to how you make others feel about you prevents Eliot Rodger syndrome.

Also a thought experiment:
Imagine yourself in a relationship…so that you can work on being a better person/becoming the right person.

Lastly don’t look at porn it screws up your expectations and it’s fake.


Been on a few dates…there was no spark.
Moving on.

Also rejected an opportunity to hook up because wasn’t attracted to her…also pretty sure it was fake…but also she wasn’t my type. She wasn’t thick.

Mama June thick that is disgusting.

My type is more Serena williams kinda thick.


“A man’s gotta put in overtime for me to get off”


Something that has helped me…

Let go of the fantasy of what if…


my married female stalker is married to a cop.

And im not a part of her life…i think she moved away or something not really sure.

She stopped chasing after me.

And Shes happy with her cop husband. Thank God.

Everything is good.


@my married stalker:



It’s time’s like this I miss the “you” tag, especially now that I can modify other people’s posts. Great fun could be had.


Make a you thread no?..



Ugh at the representations on social media.

How to be a man, be your own man.
How to be a woman, be your own woman.
Kinks doesnt equal interesting or acceptable you should be ashamed.
Sex positive isnt a free pass to be creepy or a prostitute.
Everyone finds different things attractive but have standards and some morality.

Good rule of thumb if it risks your partners physical spiritual and mental health it is not ok…and dont put anyone through what you wouldnt put yourself through.

And also…

Be yourself, be your best self, be a genuinely interesting person and not just a shiny facade. Work on yourself to be the best you you can be. Learn how to bring the romance and charm and have common courtesy. Have self esteem and self worth dont let people use you nor walk all over you nor put you down nor let them disrespect you nor let people treat you like disposable trash nor like a plaything nor use you to fulfill their own desires.

To each their own. Hope you all find have found or will find your own happiness.


Something ive learned.

Dont change yourself for another person if they are forcing you to. Your s.o. should love and accept you for who you are…they shouldnt use the promise of loving you more as a way of you forcing you to change yourself.

This Means dont do things like plastic surgery to make your s.o. love you more. If you gotta do plastic surgery to make them love you then that relationship is bad.

Would say more but that would be overthinking…and trying to scientifically examine on how love and relationships should work. Blah blah blah.


Even shorter:

Love is giving, not taking.


Went to a gay club…

Was at the club getting a drink at the bar and i noticed some dude eyefucking me…i finish my drink and go to the bathroom…and he follows me into the bathroom. He tries to give me a word salad…and keeps saying saying hey baby ill treat you right…i just tell him “no, i dont like you” and he backs off.

15 minutes later im getting another drink and a guy starts grinding on me…im just like “yo, stop, not interested”, he was like sorry i couldnt help myself.

I danced with a few women…and then made out with this guy john…and that was my night.



How to not pick up people…
Being a bully.

How to pick up people.
Hitting it off with Normal conversation and respectful teasing


The tricks/tactics a person uses to pick up people wont make the relationship last…

If you have to use tricks/tactics for getting a girlfriend or boyfriend good luck with that but dont surprised if relationship ends because you had to use tricks/tactics to make someone love you…

If a person has to use tricks/tactics to get a relationship then they should work on themselves more so that they genuinely become relationship material.

It doesnt matter if your rich, broke, have a foot long, have a micropenis, a stellar butt, nice boobs, are pretty or are fit…ok well yeah those things do sort of come into play…but when it comes down to it, most of the time the relationship depends upon you yourself…

Have good judgement when selecting who to be with in a relationship with and also genuinely be relationship material.


This really reminds me of this kid that worked for me at the motorcycle leather shop–and to clarify it reminds me of him because he is the person who has to use tricks and doesn’t value anything of substance.

He always complained about how boring his relationships were…in the bedroom and in all other aspects…and I finally told him I was sick of hearing about his relationship problems…I said, “Dude, you only date skinny chicks who have money or good jobs, those are your two primary criteria…if your only criteria are them being fit and with a fat checking account of course everything is going to be boring.” He wouldn’t hear it lol.

I asked him if he would ever date a curvy woman (not even an “overweight” woman) that had a good job/money and had a bunch of similar interests as him. He said no because “chemistry is too important.”

I’m like…so…you just gonna keep dating women based on this small-minded criteria and continually blame them because the relationship sucks. (He was also in his late twenties, living in his parents basement, wasting money failing classes, and working for my ass paying him $10 an hour, but he was fit).


Anorexics and obese arent attractive to me…not my cup of tea. Tbh…

My range is lady gaga to ashley graham/christina hendricks…

I think kate beckinsale is traditionally beautful but im not attracted to her.


I’ve deleted all my dating apps for now.

Gotta work on some other things in my life until I take on another headache :joy: