Dating experiences thread


Ghosting people is so shitty. How hard is it to say “hey, I’m not really feeling a connection” over chat. People have become such emotional cowards.


Happy valentines day.


A Married woman tries to entice me with love messages 80s style by screaming outside my house window saying things like “I love you”, “your an asshole, kill yourself”, back to “I love you”, basically she switches back and forth between the love and the fuck yous…

A Whole lots of nope.

Not getting involved in that shit.

Not interested because shes not my type…also shes married.
And because she is stalking me.
And her stalking me is making her friends jealous…so I get hate from those people too.

Im just like Good bye…block and ignore.


Hell yeah that’s tight


It’s annoying af…

It’s like how many times do I have to tell this woman to move the fuck on…shes already hitched…why the fuck is she coming after my cock for…

But also shes being stupid by listening to her so called friends when in fact they are really her frenemies…that would like to see her fail,

Also her husband is a real good guy…he is a keeper and he would walk through the fire…he would tell the fire to go fuck itself and the fire would fuck itself like a bitch…

The amount of stupidity I had to put up with is astonishing. It went on for a few years…hence some of my odd posts

But i hope/ it looks like she finally got the message…


You honestly might consider starting to document her stalking just in case you ever want to involve the cops.


I kid I kid.

I’ve actually had a similar issue, I have a guy staying on the property in a camper that’s the landlord’s friend (he’s leaving tomorrow I think thankfully)

His wife is making what seem to be advances at me and I have tried to just distance myself from her. This guy wrecks his truck, so in the morning if I head into town, I text HIM to offer him a ride to go grab what he needs, and every time he responds and says ok, but it’s mostly her coming out. The first time it happened, I figured she told him we were heading into town, which she did not. We come back and he’s standing outside, waiting. Came to my window and asked what we were doing, and I was confused because he had answered my text to his phone?

One night she comes to my door just wanting to hang out, I was just kinda like, “uhhhh ok.” assuming that he knew since they’re living there together. Instead he starts blowing her phone up and I have to tell her “hey look, you need to go home.” Another night I text him to clean the back of my head up after shaving it, he says yes. SHE shows up at the door and she’s wasted on something, tells me that he’s terrible at that and not to let him. She wants to do it. Sure, whatever but this is weird. She’s slurring her words and I’m nervous she’s gonna fuck it up, instead she just keeps rubbing the clippers on the same part of the back of my neck while saying “you’re a cutie” and “if I had single friends I would hook you up” and I’m just continuously saying oh cool thanks cool thanks again can you please move the fuckin clippers around a bit before my neck starts to bleed!

Then he comes over a week later or so. Says he wants to ask me a question, shows up with a 12 pack. Guess we are hanging out now, that’s such a trailer guy move. At some point while talking, he says, “I get uncomfortable when you guys are alone” to where I have to straight up say, “hey man, first of all, I wouldn’t ever do anything like that. Second, you guys come over here and I’m chill and everything, I don’t mind hanging out sometimes, but I kinda like to be by myself most of the time. Also it seems like you guys are having issues which is none of my business but, you’re complaining to me. Like you came over to my house, then you’re uncomfortable with me for no reason other than how SHE is acting, sounds like you guys should just stay over there, because my life didn’t have these issues before and I like it that way.”
Since then, it’s been better for the most part, they went to ubering into town and then grabbed a used car. Anyways, hope they’re gone tomorrow.


Liked because respecting other peoples relationships is a rare thing in my experience.

I give you props gomesr.


Tried to be understanding cause I thought she was confused but…that is so not the case.

Oh well…

So Blocking and ghosting this person cause shes not interested in reason…

Shes not crazy, nor psycho, shes just not interested in listening to reason…just being hardheaded.

It’s just two people not getting along…because the square block doesnt fit into the circle…in other words personalities dont fit together.

Basically the if there was a back and forth it would be this:

no you,
no u,

My arguement: moral relativism, hypocrisy.
why even bother in the first place…I just see myself as an irrelevant person.

Her arguement: ad hominem, hypocrisy, moral relativism. her unyielding interpretation of my intentions.

End result:
Two morons engaging in fail.



Long story short…imaginationships…

Bullshit is bullshit.


What isnt love:
Unconditional love LLC terms, conditions and licensing agreement.

What is love:
A mutual Prioritization of the significant others happiness.

Plays haddaway.


Update: my married female stalker is trying to manufacture some more drama…soap opera type shit…I could say more but I really couldn’t find any fucks, none were flying around…oh well i have no more fucks to give.


The redpill and the otherside…don’t bother…getting into deep into those religions…cause some of its nonsense.

A better way is to put yourself through the grinder and face all the rejection, folly, heartbreak, basically all the up and downs…people will bullshit you and play you but it’s apart of the process…the secret is to keep on trucking…and bettering yourself with experience.


The advice that I found to be most reasonable:

You are responsible for how other people feel about you.

Do not blame other people for the emotions you induce in them.

Also learn to differentiate between a fake and a genuine reaction.

You don’t have to people please but owning up to how you make others feel about you prevents Eliot Rodger syndrome.

Also a thought experiment:
Imagine yourself in a relationship…so that you can work on being a better person/becoming the right person.

Lastly don’t look at porn it screws up your expectations and it’s fake.


Been on a few dates…there was no spark.
Moving on.

Also rejected an opportunity to hook up because wasn’t attracted to her…also pretty sure it was fake…but also she wasn’t my type. She wasn’t thick.

Mama June thick that is disgusting.

My type is more Serena williams kinda thick.


“A man’s gotta put in overtime for me to get off”


Something that has helped me…

Let go of the fantasy of what if…


my married female stalker is married to a cop.

And im not a part of her life…i think she moved away or something not really sure.

She stopped chasing after me.

And Shes happy with her cop husband. Thank God.

Everything is good.


@my married stalker:



It’s time’s like this I miss the “you” tag, especially now that I can modify other people’s posts. Great fun could be had.