Dating experiences thread


I think this counts for a lot. My partner and I are about 7 years a part in age, me being younger. We hardly notice it most of the time. Sometimes I don’t remember things she does from when she was a kid. And seven years isn’t really a lot I suppose.

That still seems an unusual case that she couldn’t even talk, like, current events or something.

Maybe I will poll my students this semester and see if they know who the Stones and Beatles are lol


It’s not all that much, and I think the age itself may be a bigger deal than the difference in ages. Like when you’re 40, every 20 year old is a fucking idiot. Even if they’re smart. They’re just inexperienced and don’t know how things work or what the real world is like in relation to someone who’s done a bunch of stuff. There’s just no way around it. When you’re talking about someone in their 30s, that person has a pretty good grasp on how the world is and knows a bit about who they are in a way that younger people usually don’t.

Also (according to my wife who keeps up with this stuff), research is showing that human brains aren’t fully developed until around age 25 or so…that same ‘elasticity’ that makes Da Yoots so mercurial and able to change with the times also makes them less able to make rational decisions or get their heads together in the way older folks are. Part of the issue with age differences when you’re talking about 20-somethings probably has to do with the older one getting ‘set in their ways’ and the younger one not understanding it or thinking it’s totes lamer.

I have a great story about that…

My father was a college professor. He was also a huge music fan all his life, and he’d talk to his students about music (and whatever) after class. At one point, one of them rushes up to him after class and exclaims “did you know Paul McCartney had a band before Wings?!?” He was super excited to find this out. I guess the modern day analogy would be finding out that Dave Grohl played some drums before making it big in the Foo Fighters…


@Artificer yea, I think you are spot on about when age difference matters. I mean, I think it would be weird to have like 20 years between my partner and I…but it wouldn’t seem super weird for a 40 y/o and a 60 y/o to be together I guess. My thesis advisor in grad school was almost 20 years older than his wife and you kinda didn’t notice once you got to know them.

As for brain plasticity, yea…I feel myself getting more and more set in my ways on many levels and its kinda scary sometimes.

That is a really great story about your dad. That is the best part of teaching really, is the little moments outside of formal class time. I’ve had to update my pop culture references that I use in class at this point.


Now THAT’S a good person. God forbid you dont know classic dad rock. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And Nirvana’s Bleach? It’s good for karaoke sometimes… :grin:


The Beatles especially are so culturally ubiquitous it does feel a little odd she knows absolutely nothing of them.

On the other hand, that is just going to start to happen. The first time I referenced Leave it to Beaver in class and not one student out of 25 or so had any idea what I was talking about I was shocked. You think something is so iconic and suddenly there are people who never heard of it.


Yeah, it’s cool! I’m just getting a little smarmy (it’s snowing heavily right now).

Dude…Leave it to Beaver? At least go Futurama or Pokemon or BoJack Horseman. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not a big Beatles fan but they are good for karaoke. As is Led Zeppelin, etc.

Brown Sugar, why DO you taste so good? :grin:


(I’m going off on a tangent):

Music has about a fifteen year life cycle, right? You fellas know that autotune is making a comeback in certain circles, right?

Frickin’ Autotune…

I’ve heard some interesting music lately, I’ve used autotune before, I’ve used vocaloids, vocoders, etc. Just go with melodyne if you want to tweak your vocals.

Shit…now I sound old…


It’s less about enjoying it and more about just not being around enough to absorb the fact that it exists. Believe me, I’d rather live in a world where the Rolling Stones weren’t a cultural touchpoint, but they are, and people should know who they are, if only because I need someone to loathe their mediocrity with me.


Well, none of those were relevant to the discussion but I take your point.


Yeah, I feel like we’re splitting hairs at this point.

Classic rock is cool, but you shouldn’t hold it against people for not knowing that stuff. Maybe they grew up listening to jazz. Maybe they grew up listening to Insane Clown Posse. Perhaps they struck out on their own to discover music for themselves. Maybe they discovered the Hotline Miami OST, and that’s their jam.

I type this in good humor. Scout’s honor: I shall not derail this thread further. :grin:


Turns out a pre-op trans…person likes me on the dating website.

Sorry ladies. I’m off the market now!


^Get freaky!!

I was good friends with a trans before the pandemic hit and she moved out of town. We flirted the hell out of each other. Wonderful musician.

She had no trouble attracting the ladies, that’s for sure! Pretty interesting character.


everytime I wanna throw rotten vegetables at you, ya always drop something like this


^Ha! You have a collage of mine, you are legally obligated to NOT throw vegetables at me.

Also, laptop update: I got that pesky sticker on the lower right removed once and for all. It only took rubbing alcohol and an hour of my poor fingernails.

I thank you once again for the laptop, @nose.


I signed up for Bumble, this dating website.

It asks for my name and I think oh, ok. I’ll just use my stupid internet name and I enter “moodorf”

Then as I’m browsing through singles I notice something. They’re all listed by their first name; not some sort of made up sn’s like every other dating website.

So right now there’s probably some women browsing like “Hmmm, Steve…John…William…Moodorf?”

Oh yeah baby, my parents decided I could pick my own name right before they dropped me on my head. :wink:


that’s pretty funny man, you gonna get like all the over the top weirdo gothy cat ladies being like “Oohhhh is that his legal name? SEXY”


Hung out with this lass again in between jobs, and gonna hang out this weekend. Got to see her in some rare non-work clothes, and she’s a total fashionista! (I used to dress more fashionably, but I only ever attracted gay men).

Probably just good friends. Regardless, she’s the most interesting person I’ve met in a while. An instant rapport, as they say.


When did online dating become seeking arrangement…

The whole sugar baby and sugar daddy thing me thinks there is some logical disconnect going on here…


Still no luck with the online dating site. I had one girl message me seemingly interested in at least chatting and then inexplicably just stopped talking to me.

I’m about to give up on dating (again). I forgot about all the rejection/bullshit that apparently has to come with it.


^Ha! My sister is still hardcore into dating apps. She was asking me how to reply to some dude who’s been texting her a few hours ago. I still encourage her to GET A FUCKING DILDO! :joy:

I guess some guy’s been hitting her up on Tinder.

You might actually meet some cool people @moodorf who aren’t looking to bang. I only lasted fifteen minutes on Tinder years ago, but there was some gal’s profile that basically said “My sister made me do this,” and she was probably pretty cool. At the same time, I found some other local people’s Tinder profiles who I really didn’t want to know about. :stuck_out_tongue: That whole thing is weird as hell to me. I like dating, as I’ve stated, but it’s with people I’ve come to know in person.

Good luck. God speed. Buy a sex toy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: