Challenge # 6 Breakcore complex


After mixing last night, the song passed the small speaker test today. Still have to do some FX and automation, but we’re getting there.


As I upload this one, I want to thank all of you for the kind words with my first attempt. The response to that track really motivated me to work on this one, and it was nice to have that going into this. I’m still not sure it’s super breakcore, but it’s definitely closer. I mastered this to the same level as the other track, so if I have another idea I’ll do an EP and maybe even see if I can shop that around to some labels.


I like the track, its a bit of idm dnb,

its definitely a lot closer,

for future reference:

might want to change time signatures during a track instead of keeping it straight 4/4 throughout the track

real life drum solo

digital drum solo

also i feel like you could do this but with a snare sample

protip take a one shot of a snare and slice it up and trigger the different sliced sections of the one shot… to get a varied sound.



@everyone downloadable samples

original modified amen break:

convoluted reverb snare trick and odd sections of one shot sample

resulting 13-8 break 90 bpm


I’m going to have to agree with @bfk on this one again, since the palette is a bit consistent (vs erratic) and there aren’t a whole lot of front-row break chops, but I’ve also got to say that I’m digging your tracks a lot lately so you’re definitely doing something right / awesome regardless.

This track flows really well, too. I’ve already listened 3 times and it hasn’t gotten stale. This might even be a tier above breakcore, so at least there’s that :smiley:



Good job on the track… 7 out of 10.


All of the packs I use were Dogs on Acid / Reddit finds. If anyone needs some good ones, I can always hunt them down again because there are quite a few huge ones that really kick ass.

Does anyone remember the SampleRadar pack, though? They killed it off in recent years and I really wish I could find it again (all they have up are those stupid in-the-box-made ones). Nobody seems to be able to locate it, and the demand also seems low. I’m sure plenty of people have it chilling on their HDD but that’s probably the last of it.


I doubt I have it all, but I do have some at least. Only about 3.5 gigs. PM me and we’ll sort something out.

Also, on DOA some madman is running a monthly track challenge but this guy doesn’t know when to quit and has made and given away (for free) like 60 GIGS of samples (although there’s a lot of multi-format stuff there). Look for the Jiro Ono Challenge thread.


Hey, 7/10, I’ll take the C- (which is a pass) and move on to some Euclidean rhythms. This was way more fun than I expected, but I don’t think I’m going to hit critical breakcore mass.

I think my struggle is that I have a choice of two main tools for doing drums:

Algonaut Atlas, in which I can start with a random kit (and that random kit is actually more or less usable with a few replaced sounds) which gives me 16 unique sounds to work with quickly - but I can’t use any of FLs more advanced piano roll features with this one. Velocity only, no pan sequencing, no pitch sequencing, unless I pull out the samples into individual audio channels and sequence each one in it’s own piano roll. I did Butterfly Fries this way, and doing the full sequencing on 2 sounds outside of the main drum pattern, I could barely keep track of things and I actually had a few major mistakes get through an early render of the song.

The other way is to use Slicex to slice up a drum loop. The pro is I can do all the FL piano roll sequencing I want, BUT my sound source is a single drum loop, so the variety of sounds isn’t as great (unless I want to pull more sounds into individual audio channels and sequence them, but that’s difficult as I already mentioned). And for routing outputs it’s a pain, because I have to audition each loop, figure out what instrument I’m going to categorize it with, and put it to the correct output. For the 19 hits that made up the loop of Breakcore 2, that took like 45 minutes (out of 4 and a half hours of total work on the track). And then they present their own challenge for mixing (hihat bleed, stereo issues, etc).

I’m not sure how I’d do a 3rd track and try to resolve the issues with these two workflows. Maybe drag and drop a drum kit from Atlas to FPC?


I know the feel…i use slicex…
Go to the start aka sample offset tab and go to random&xy tab and draw whatever graph you want and then automate the xy parameters in edit events in piano roll. To get sample offset…

Also What i do…copy and paste phrases in the piano roll…

…and then add the variations i want…i also clone patterns and add the small variations…

Like one pattern has the snare on the 3 and 5 beat out of 8 beats…and another pattern has the snare roll on the 4 etc…

Tbh i just edit the individual note velocities…and link the other stuff the xy module…i dont play around with pitch

And i have quantization turned off…to do the micro edits…

I think that slicex can take up to 150 slices…for both decks

Other than the filter and volume and the sample offset parameters…i dont modulate much in slicex…also i dont route the sliced one shots to individual mixer channels and just use one master envelope…

Lastly i presequence drum breaks and eq before hand before i use them in a track…if i need extra umph…l layer one shots and mix them in with fx…

You also could also use the automatic arpeggiator tab…and set it random…and have it arpeggiate a scale or auto, and set the range to 2 or 3, and set the timing and then layer the snare and kick or whatever…also got this idea from white noise.

Also Reposting this because i deleted the video of me doing this.
| |

Other times i just use a sequenced drum break as a volume controller over modulated granular noise… by taking fls peak controller linking it to the volume of parameter of the limiter (A) …the automate the decay and tension of the peak controller…and add another limiter (B) to control the volume of the modulated granular noise…and i seperate the break acting as volume controller and the modulated granular noise into different mixer channels…but the sequenced break acting as a volume controller doesnt have a sound output, its usually muted, and the modulated granular noise becomes the drum break.

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Leaving this challenge open…no more deadline.

Anybody wanna do something new for the label?


i tried different time sigs in a track

the drums are and 8/5 and 11/6 juxtaposed to melody that is in 4/4

the sounds could be more complementary but at least the composition is ok…whatever lol


If you don’t have a lot of different tools, vst effects, know how to use the built in fx in a d.a.w., or how to use pedals to help with breaks for breakcore… give this a go for some quick and fun easy way to get a lot of variations quickly: