Challenge # 6 Breakcore complex


basically make some breakcore

what is breakcore?.

basically its electronically composed drum solos with the drum solos being the main element of a track with other sounds being a backdrop.

some breakcore is like dnb but with drum solos
and other breakcore has glitchy drum solos…

for reference

ruby my dear
i broke my robot

basic how to breakcore video

protip high tempos, accents, and cross rhythms.

good luck.


this will take a while hence the amount of time…

also to see whomever is interested in getting their chops.



Hell yeah. This is a job for Renoise, and possibly even Sonic Pi! My favorite toys

I came across the description “high-speed sample triggering” somewhere and I thought that was priceless


edit did some adjustments its finished


This was 100% renoise, so in proper breakcore spirit it’s very rough around the edges. lol

(I’ve also only been using it for a few hours over all, but I love this way of making things)




its loud af and in your face…those tracks have a lot potential :slight_smile:
less modular noise, and more modular sequencing combined with manual sequencing…

might want to leave a bit of sonic breathing room.

overall these tracks are good.


OK, coming off that DNB track I did, going to start on this now. I’m going to try and program it with just drums and ambience/reverb, see what I can come up with.


I lied there will be synths, the parts wrote themselves. Still kinda atonal though.


I’m not sure this is breakcore anymore, but I’m still posting it, favorite song I’ve worked on in a while for sure.

Also, hope you have a sub, I’m listening to last night’s render on my laptop right now and the bass is completely absent on here. I’ll check how low the fundamental is tonight, but holy moly it’s like the bass wizard just made it disappear on here. Still sounds good, so I’m not going to change that. I tried last night and everything I did that added harmonics also ate up all the headroom that makes the bass sound effortless in a way I like. Unless I can just add a sine an octave up or something, this will sound great on big speakers an a different kind of great on everything else.


I dont see anything…

Post it here…


Not done yet, I have more work to do tonight, just rendered a mix so I could check it on small speakers.


I decided on a name but haven’t done cover art yet, so this is a private upload. I’ll do a full release later on, maybe extend it some.


@White_Noise its a good downtempo track, needs more snare rushes and fills…the composition is great however, you could of used a higher tempo amen break…

for future reference this:

dont get me wrong its a good song, you got right idea in terms of composition, the drums though could be more vsnaresish for my taste :slight_smile:

tl:dr…i like it, but its not breakcore, its almost breakcore.

big respect for stepping outside your genre expertise


Yeah, I might try again. After I added the sub things probably got too synth-y and I didn’t pay enough attention to the drums (though there are 18 drum patterns firing off here, they are all really similar, built on just 3 basic variations). And yeah, I was thinking halftime dubstep based on the sounds I started with, so probably not the right mindset. I’ll try some genre research and see if I have time to do another before the 10th, this one went together in under a week so I think it will be doable.


Damn, this sounds so much like The Polish Ambassador. I agree with @bfk on the genre front because a lot of the breakcore elements seem to be pushed into the background, but this track is seriously vibin’. Would listen to a whole EP of stuff like this!


Nice tracks here, digging the breakcore stuff by XVF and Slime (I might add a track if I get around to doing something), but the downtempo/trip hop beat by White Noise is my fav here not considering the genre, super chilled stuff that’s just great to listen to, relaxed without getting boring. I agree with Slime, I would def listen to an EP with tracks like that, probably more often than once, would be great for working.


Thanks meta…

Looking forward to that possible breakcore track.


Attempt 2 is in progress. This one is faster and is using a chopped break (which is nice, since it’s all native FL plugins on the drum side I can do a lot more with just the piano roll without having to get too into automation or other FX) and there are synths as well as orchestral samples in this one. I tried to layer a live double bass with a synthetic bass but I wasn’t super happy with how it turned out. Decided to sleep on that for now, I’ll see how I feel next time I open the project later tonight.

Still need to do more drum variation, add FX, do the mixing, and finish the arrangement, but this is closer to the mark than before for sure.

EDIT: Oh, and there’s arturia V piano doing a chord progression, but it’s a bit too dynamic. Either needs to be pretty compressed or I might just swap the the M1 piano patch.


So tonight I swapped the piano to an M1. Just need it to cut through what has turned into a dense arrangement. Fixed the bass, it needed a rewrite to stay more audible/stable, and I got rid of the real bass layer. Added some real strings instead though. Did some light mixing, but I just mean I moved some levels and did the channel EQ in FL on a few tracks so it isn’t going way over zero.

Still needs more drum patterns, real mixing, FX, automation, and I have to finish the arrangement.