Beat Battle 102 I DARE YOU


You set the timer to 16 days, which I was confused by, and asked you about, but you didn’t reply.


I set it that long because I wanted everyone to have enough time, and also I played a show yesterday and was working on that set instead of doing the bb. I have it produced but not sequenced, and then I’s mix it a bit more, ir I can just not do that and y’all can vote now


It’s funny how the competition went from mega-event to 3 participants in just two rounds. But yeah, please post your own noodling as well. We promise not to vote for you :wink:



Yeah I can single-handedly kill the Beat Battles, have done it before lol. Next person can make a more accessible ruleset if they want.


We’re not dead yet!

I might be crazy, but I had fun trying to make something work for this :smile:

hmm… I like the mood in this one. Twin Peaks Trip Hop. The form you put in the rules is hard to make work, which also kind of shows here - but I like it. The layered/panned “soft electric piano” is especially nice.


It’s a fine line to walk, for sure. With the frequency of BBs, I think the rules do need to get weird and out there from time to time to keep this thing fresh. On the other hand, IDMf is currently a pretty small place. And the number of people participating in BBs is a tiny subset of that small number. So if it causes a drop in participation, that’s no fun either. I really liked the fact the rules were a little more out there this time around. And “In Defiance of Gravity” would’ve been all over that. But “a$$erbik” is completely lost in this minimal acid techno thing and didn’t have time for this complicated nonsense. So I happily noped out of this one to focus on squelchy shit.

Respect to all 5 of you for doing (and attempting to do) something within that space. Interesting submissions.


^^ Who is this guy?


I think it’s awesome to see some participating and making something out of this!

I will also say I’m reluctant to ever do the ‘hard rules’ ones because they are pretty restrictive. I think that’s possibly what leads to so few people finishing tracks for some of these; the hard rules might be interesting and fun for some, but for others (like me) it’s just a headache to fit everything into a certain structure.

As others have said though, it wouldn’t be fair for these diffucult ones to not exist, though. I just think fewer people will follow through.


I was also turned off by the rules. I like to invent and have fun with some caveats… that battles others creativity… not to otherwise fight the final boss of all personal production battles.

I didn’t even try for this one, with the rule set. :\


lmao… this guy who has it out for tsachi is killing me. probably is tsachi tbh. simplest explaination.


I didn’t mind the rules, I’ve been kinda taking a breather lately, revisiting things, trying to regain perspective.


What? I don’t see anyone having it out for anyone. Was something removed?

…unless you somehow read my comments as sarcastic, in which case I do apologise!

English is not my native language.

Tsachi is a good boy! …or at least I think he is.

I suppose I kind of picture him as a sexy muscular guy with a thin mustache and strong hands. In my mind he’s always wearing super tight pants and smart shoes, leaning against a classic sports car in the afternoon sun. But that’s just me, of course, dreaming sadly by the window - picturing the Tsachi, absent-mindedly smearing a Creme Brulee flavoured vaseline unto his soft gleaming lips as the sun sets.


lol yea it was removed… but he’s back at it again. definitely not you bro.


it would be hilarious if it turned out to be someone who has always seemed really nice like trebesch or 7asid or somebody lol.

PS. is voting over? shall I start another?


Yeah voting is over, you won. Congrats! Not sure why this other person is doing that but it doesn’t matter, it is mildly funny.


Isn’t that a completely NOT suspicious thing to say in this context… like “this other, completely different person”. JK ^^


yea… he obviously knows something lol.

alright, I’ma set something up


Is this cirric? by default any idmf troll should be assumed cirric until proven otherwise.


who dat


Whoever it is, they should just take part in the battles instead. If they want the competition to thrive, that’s the way to do it.

And congratulations mnkvolcno on a deserved win!