Beat Battle 102 I DARE YOU


man… if you watch that gif while listening to your post it’s a truly excellent experience. very nice work


Don’t use the grid to guide you! Do it by feel!! Don’t be inescapable!

And of course you can use a metronome. There is no rule that says you cant.


It’s just hard to ignore, cuz like, the time markers are always there.


close your eyes then


omg hilarious (bfk cat gif + track)

congrats on the win @Tsachi, very interesting ruleset, excited to beats


Here’s something:


Far out :grin:


How’s everyone’s beat coming?


it’s hard man
that ABACDABACADACAB structure isn’t the easiest for me, but it’s interesting work


I got the structure all ironed out gotta go back and make it gooder. Picked a slower bpm so it’s sitting at like 6 min rn lol


Hey there. I made a recording yesterday, and hope to upload sometime later today. It’s not excaclty a dancefloor killer, though :sweat_smile:


After fiddling around with a bunch of eccentric tools for too long I hereby forfeit this movement. I disliked every tactic I attempted. Here’s some gristle off the bottom of the pan.




i deleted my earlier post cause soundcloud was acting weird and i couldn’t get player to show up once I uploaded the new version shrug


Very nice!

I like the calm, soothing qualities of this, and it has some lovely detailed sound design - with authentic sounding IDM vibes as well.


SInce the deadline is formally behind us, I think I’ll just go a head and vote for this one :grin:


I’m voting for yours lol. But seriously I reallly like it. It’s got a great vibe to it, although I’m not quite hearing the convoluted song structure.

I guess tsachi’s rules were to hard for him.

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I admit the changes are minimal.

“A” has the flangered triplet high hat, “B” has the sharp off-beat high hat and a “clap/whip” like sound, “C” has organ noodles and “D” has the “siren” solo.

The “bassline” that goes on throughout the whole thing also has the form inherent in it.

I made 4 different very short “single oscillation waveform” samples to use as synth tones/oscillators, - and named them A, B, C and D - and then, for the bassline sound, I arranged those in the “A, B, A, C, A, B, D, C, A” configuration as a sort of slightly longer “complex waveform”.


hell yea man… good thinking.

By the way, I just reread my other post and I guess I was extra ADD today because when I said “I guess tsachi’s rules were to hard for him.” this half developed turd of a sentence was intended to be a troll @Tsachi for making the hard rules and not doing a submission :grimacing:


oh whoops I thought I made the deadline the 16th for some reason… I’ll upload mine today