Beat Battle 102 I DARE YOU


Hard panning? How about…

BINAURAL 9D AUDIO EXPERIENCE [HEADPHONES ONLY] that would induce vomiting and give headaches???


Sure or you could just do some really bad subs and call it a day.


I say do it.


I vote this for the beat battle hard coded header :slight_smile:


I guess you weren’t kidding :crazy_face:

So far I’m dead in the water with this one, anyway.

How are you guys doing?


I’m working on improving my slooper max patch for this one. I’m most likely doing a sort of avant- garde piece for this one.

I don’t have a real good sampler to load the samples into besides my daw lol


There’s a better sampler than a DAW?!

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Izotope Iris. Iris 2 is free this month if you buy anything from plugin boutique @IO_Madness . You can find a $5 sample pack and get Iris free, and that is a fantastic sampler. Leaps and bounds above anything I’ve ever used before.


jeez that’s quite a deal. gonna have to grab this.

I seem to recall that Iris is a additive synth that resynthesizes stuff and not a sampler, but I could be mistaken.


I hate pitch shifting samples manually, and without being able to quantize finer than a whole note the sample placement is gonna be a pain, and I’d feel like I’m cheating using the grid to place samples (without quantize).


Basically I want something to load the samples into that I can feed midi from my keyboard controller into, so I can play the samples. There is one in REAPER (which is what I use), but it’s a pretty simple sampler.


wow I wasn’t aware other daws would have this much trouble with sampling, not to mention grid… How the heck do other people even do beat battles without a decent sampler?!!


That would be harmor, which I also have. I read the manual on Iris and it didn’t say anything along those lines, just that it has the spectral filtering out of RX (from like 5 years ago but still very good). So I think it’s all subtractive. TBH for me the killer feature is the control you have over pitching and re-pitching your samples. You can easily set the base note and choose to have it either resample, use the proprietary fancy ri-pitcher, or use it at a static pitch. And that works polyphonically too. And you get 4 layers of that in a patch. And it just works.


Normally, I load a sample from which I either cut parts out of to make something else and/or process with FX to make nifty rhythms or sounds, then work those into different parts in the track, and from there work them into movements and try building a groove, adding changes and variation as I go, leading up to the entire song. Everything is edited using cut, copy and paste, and I sequence everything directly in the edit window with a mouse.

Many of my songs are done without any live inputs, mostly I edit and arrange completely with a mouse and keyboard, tho when I can incorporate my moog or other synths I normally do the tone changes live (filter, adsr, modulation).


Here’s an older video of me working on BB80 that kinda shows my process (I don’t start explaining what I’m doing until 6:45, so you may want to fast forward to that point):


ah ok. Well, no quantize or grid finer than one bar, do it by feel. Should be cool for some off-kilter grooves. And of course copy/paste by bars is allowed.


hmm… I do keep seeing the word resynthesis thrown around, which is by definition addutive synthesis, but Izotope is calling it a sampler in their literature. So it almost seems like they want you to think of it as a sampler for marketing reasons?

Regardless, what’s the difference between resynthesis and pulse code modualtion in a philisophial sense anyway? I mean… in both you’re using some convoluted mathematical process to reconstitute a piece of audio. Maybe they should just both allowed.

Also, thanks so much for drawing my attention to this deal… I havent bought a plugin in a while and I’m pretty excited to play with this one. Will be using it on more than just beat battles for sure.


Iris is a very basic sample player with a very unique spectral filter. It doesn’t do any form of resynthesis afaik. Maybe some people are confusing the spectral filter with additive synthesis?

Edit: in theory, the whole spectral filter thing might be based on some spectral resynthesis similar to photosounder though, not sure about this. But in any case, it works as a really basic sample player, you can’t even modulate the start and endpoints for sample playing, for instance. It’s kinda like a filter effect.


I understand the rule, I just feel placing them by hand will inescapably lead to me using the grid as a guide when making cuts and edit, which to me feels like cheating, thus my drive for finding a sampler I can feed MIDI into.


prize idea maybe…

because you can never be too prepared for getting old

if i do do this ill just use my laptop keyboard as a midi controller and record my playing the notes and stuff with fl’s edison


made by doing this litterally