Beat Battle 102 I DARE YOU

Eyy watup IDMf crew, I’m hosting the battle this time, so all you vets know what that means…


Yes, haha! It’s time once again for my famous extremely limited sample pack and wack rules!

And here they are now:

  1. Hard panning only. Center, left, and right. All stereo effects must follow suit.
  2. Song structure must be: A, B, A, C, A, B, D, C, A and iterations thereof. I’ll allow for intro/outro if desired.
  3. You simply cannot use the grid finer than one bar. Do it by hand+eye!


As per my usual restrictions, only the included samples can be used. That means no absynth, little timmy! Get those samplers revved up. Since we’re doing prizes now apparently, I’d appreciate some brainstorming on an appropriate one that is less than 5-10 dollars, or else you’ll be getting my original idea



I can probably make a trash can mix for this.

also if we do a prize, is there really any other option than this given this rule set?


What the F David Blaine.

I guess this means I’ll be punching out notes from my keyboard into samplers & hoping for the best.

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Nice quote.

Also I’m totally doing this Seefeel if I can get away with it.


Whoops. lol

RIP renoise users

(thanks forum features)


time to boot up that cracked ver- i mean, legitimately obtained, purchased and registered copy of ableton i got the other day! ha. ha. haaaaaa.

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wha tt the fuck is this joke of a fuckin post XDDDDD funny rule!!!1 funny pack!!!


Wait, why is the timer set to 16+ days?

And as for the no finer than 1 bar rule, does this mean we must use quantization?

This means you cannot use quantization except for sequencing clips in the arrangement.

I hadn’t actually thought of how tracker folk can do this one… But there have been past beat battles where one of the rules were to not use quantization. Anyone have any ideas?

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lol… damn this is what i call a beat battle.

but harder? nah, this gon be easier. Did you see that link about adult ADHD that vulpez posted in the bb101 thread? yea, that’s me to a comical degree so these limitations are a godsend.

also lmao at your arch nemesis who has apparently created a fake screen name to troll you on idmf. wth :joy: :joy: :joy:


maybe it’s the dude @st3aLth ? he was making a bunch of short non sensical posts like that…
regardless this could be the first legendary forum member of the new idmf. joining the ranks of cocaine audio and raidenbeats and the like. those guys were cool.


dude i was there before
yo you can search web archive for old forum i was there. i’m not a newbiee
and my posts seems stupid to you cuz english is not my native lang


Tracker folk can maybe use time stretch pitchshift or wierd clicks per beat or just resequence the thing in audacity

You can record midi into a pattern and it will record it unquantized. They’d have to record a midi keyboard in live, tho it may be possible to route that into a pattern. I’d have to check it out.

haha ok ok, i believe you. i wouldn’t say your posts seems stupid just a bit silly sometimes. And posting something silly is something i would never do (sarcasm).


So several fortnights ago, Mindsweeper posted this. I don’t know if she rendered it or just pulled it from another site, but I pay tribute to it every once in a while. Maybe this could be a BB theme.

So while there are many loopholes for rules #1 (eg identical stems hard panned left & right) & #3 I am going to attempt to keep the spirit of the ruleset so my track isn’t disqualified.


Alright guys got couple of questions, can I use synths (not absynth:DDD/romper/sample synth) just va/wt/fm synth and can I chop these samples? I guess that second one is obvious but still. Never seen this sort of rules:D got to be fun innit:DDD nice one Tsachi :wink:

Unless the host specifies otherwise, you cannot use any synths. The work around is to take a very short section of one of the samples and use it as an oscillator in your sampler, then treat your sampler like a synth. Or send the sample into an infinite delay loop and change the repeat time in the loop to re-pitch the sample. Or similarly modulate an infinite reverb. I’m sure there are other ways but I get plenty done with just using the sample as an oscillator.


Yeah, brb would do that with samples in some of the beat battles, that is taking short snippets of the waveform.


You can only use the sample pack. You can chop the living shit out of the samples. And yeah you can do sneaky things with duplicating the sounds for separate L/R processing, but it seems the spirit of rule 1 is understood as kind of an abbey road thing. Just imagine you’re short on channels on your console/tape machine, are you really gonna double every track to get certain pan positions? Or are you going to save fancy stereo effects for the most important elements of the song?