Beat Battle 102 I DARE YOU


nice job @mnkvolcno :slight_smile: excited to see what you set up!


whoever it is, I think they have a personality disorder lol.

thanks guys, I’m gonna set something up in the next couple of hours.


cirric was an original idmf mod clear back in the beginning. He was responsible for some of the biggest troll sessions I have ever witnessed. He did Silke & Keithy & quite possibly some others I was not present for.

BTW Tsachi, what is your avatar? I saw it recently used by someone else on another site.


yea… that avatar looks familiar to me also.


those subs sound neat. Serious praise for all three of you


a character from deltarune, the sequel to undertale. there’s one part where the character looks like this for only one line of dialogue, very funni haha