BB99 - Limp Bizkit Fever


Lol I totally made a serious effort I just suck lolv


I sang on my track. I never sing, and singing is not my strong point lol


Mine was very serious and in no way had to do with me working on something prior, checking out the guitar stuffs, drinking too much alcohol, and laughing at myself the entire time. Super serious. Serious. Music. :woozy_face:


@Auto-meh-geddon, you did a nice job with the MPC! Is that all self contained, i.e. sequencing/sounds/fx all on-board? Can you load different plugins into that, or did it come with the AIR plugins built in?


Yes, all self contained, it can sample, sequence,
has 3 built-in synths (nothing exceptional but usable and you can always resample) looper (never used though but The Internet agrees it’s quite limited), audio tracks and lots of built in effects, the Mpc one and the Air suite. You can’t add yours in standalone mode but in controller mode you can of course use all your vsts.
I really really enjoy it, to the point that I hardly use my laptop, which was the point of a saltandalone unit, but it is not without flaws.
No automation editing in standalone mode, midi in always plays on the selected channel and no pitch envelopes.
But, getting a groove going is super fast, the built in library is really good, Splice integration is nice (I doubt I will renew the trial account though as I don’t use it that much) and the autosampler is cool, take a patch on a hardware synths or vst, and within limits you can automatically sample it and make it an Mpc instrument.

Rant over, back on topic, not sure who to vote.


I guess, with two votes, the win goes to @aSSerbik! However, as we’re doing BB100 next which is working differently, you get this cool picture of a trophy (we couldn’t afford the actual trophy):


Wow, half the people didn’t even bother to vote. WTF? Since there’s no rush due to BB100, I demand a recount. Something something Russia/Florida/fake news.


Shit guys, I dropped the ball on voting. Totally spaced it while I was out of town.

My vote is gonna go for @aSSerbik, that track slayed. @_ms is my close runner up.

Hard choices, I think I just stalled out from too much durst-quality. lol


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@xSANTAxDURSTx @bbb @Auto-meh-geddon



It’s been 5 days so I’m just bumping this out of principal. I know BB100 started, but come on…

if nosetrimmer can vote, you guys can :wink:


imma just leave this here




I’m still finishing up my BB98 sub, can’t be bothered to vote on BB99

BB100? I’ll check that out in a few months, sounds gr8 m8


I’m changing my vote to Taylor Swift. Even though she broke half the rules, I can’t be irritated at her for just being herself, omg!


Sure, @aSSerbik gets my vote.

They were all equally terrible, but his just that little bit less.

I feel like bleaching my hair and getting a Yankees hat now…

Are you not entertained? Is this what you wanted? I did it all for Britney Spears.


Hi there, found this yesterday morning and did this with it hope you enjoy. Open for any comment. Anyway isnt this just some sort of joke? Nice riffs tho made me thinking about dusting of my guitar and start learning;)

And yeah I know it’s late :DDD


@Cray23, why not catch the next battle BB102 which should be up in a few days? Watch here:

Also, feel free to stop in BB101 to vote on the submissions (entries are closed): BB101 - Acidhead's Delight


Thanks for tip, will definitely listen those tracks tomorrow when I get home on proper speakers and vote! And might even try that contest;)


Let’s turn those basic nu-metal riffs into a killer track. We can explore different styles - maybe a mix of hard rock and electronic elements? I’ll get started on the foundation, and we can build it up from there. Looking forward to crafting something epic with you, man!


NGL, I kind of like this bot now. Good nostalgia bump :smiley:

I don’t make much actual music these days but I’d be down for a revival in the future for something like this, complete with another stem kit if anyone else wants to do another one. If I get a handful of human votes, it’ll definitely happen