BB99 - Limp Bizkit Fever


Fred Durst (the real one) is in trouble and he needs your help!

“OK, guys, here’s the deal. My band is a lazy pile of shit who doesn’t seem to want to make new music. In fact, the last album we ‘put out’ was just me leaking it on the internet because nobody else cared to do it” says Fred Durst, Limp Bizkit frontman and all-around good guy. “So basically, I’m coming up with new material on my own now, but it’s not as easy as it sounds”.

“I learned how to play EXTREMELY BASIC nu-metal riffs, in the style of my band (without the help fro LezBoredland, fuck that guy) but that’s all I have so far. No drummer, no bassist, NOTHING ELSE. I need to cut a single now so I can send it to BET and maybe get played on their channel like old times”.

Fred continues: “I need you to build a song around my guitars. ANY STYLE WILL DO. PLEASE HELP ME! Also, I’ll do vocals later but let’s not even worry about that part. I need a SONG and a SOUND!”


  • Fred’s guitars have to be a major part of the sound. Fred has a bit of an ego problem, so he really wants to hear himself in the mix. Otherwise, you can use all the creative freedom to warp, stretch, or de-genrefy the song entirely, adding literally anything else to the song. “Just make me sound good, don’t make me sound gay” he says. Not every stem needs to be used, either.

  • The track needs to be a standard 3-5 minute affair. “How else do you expect me to get played on BET?” asks our retarded friend FD, who is seemingly losing touch with reality.

  • Use the ‘Readme’ file to slect your difficulty. There’s no wrong way to use this pack, but for those who want to go deeper into re-amping, it’s all yours. “Alright, enough of all this nerd talk” says Durst.

(Rule 3 is more a of a tip; all resources are here so you can go as deep as you want)

The pack:

Submissions are now due whenever. I’m letting somebody else decide because I don’t care.

IdmfImdb The thread formerly known as that thread

here you go…drums i got off of freesound


i may have drank too much. . . . I might also be the only one that find this funny.

EDiT - I actually like the guitar stuffs you did @xSANTAxDURSTx


Did I win?

For @Auto-meh-geddon

EDIT - So if anyone that likes hardware is interested, I did record stuff from my DFAM, which you can hear as the odd stuff in the intro. I did a kick drum too but ended up using a kit for the main kick/snare.


Genuinely giggled at OP description. Best of luck to all going full red hat for this.


The fuck’s going on with those drums?


Let me understand, are you guys starting a thread just to annoy the shit out of the only mod without any sense of humour?

I approve in a nihilistic sort of way and if I was still involved with the netlabel I would fight for this to become a thing.

Alas I’m not, so I’ll ban you all.


@bbb: I really giggled hard at this.
@xSANTAxDURSTx: I might have to give you your nick back. YOU EARNED IT.


Don’t vote, selfies don’t count

Fred durst found a ragtag group of craigslist musicians to make a rendition, however Fred hates the way it sounds and still needs to find a better sound. Fred’s saga continues


I better make the most gnarliest and heaviest slam-tech so mr. durst could lose all of his hair (again).


This competition is insane.



Yeah, you do that. But I talked to Fred and he told he me heard all the scene kids are into dj0ntz these days. He told me to put more chinas and 11 string guitars in there and write in odd time signatures, like 2 or 6 (though he’s not really into all the maths and he failed arithmetic in grade school and it’s a painful subject altogether). He’s already busy writing lyrics about space and dodecahedrons and shit. He tried to squeeze into some skinny jeans, but his fat ass split them right down the middle. So he’ll stick with sweatpants and jerseys for now, but make them classy with a red fedora. He will also be changing his name to Fred Djurst for some currently legit cred.

It’s on, broseph.


I want to apologise to the whole forum for the existence of this thread. I feel this was all a consequence of certain posts I made and now utterly regret.


You’re apologizing for spawning the best thing that has happened to the forum since its resurrection. That’s how much you secretly hate this space, which we’ve always suspected, but can obviously confirm now.

p.s. and you didn’t even spawn it for the nookie.


But auto, I wouldn’t have busted out my trusty SoundCloud record option from my phone. You wear this thread with pride. And vote your favorite, when they’re all done. :crazy_face:


this is beat-battle-ground so submit something @Auto-meh-geddon or just ban yourself.


i hope fried durst from lamb biscuit won’t notice i used his older acapella


Goddammit, you bastard. Stole all my acapellas. Fuck it, I’m not taking them out. Great minds and all that.


that fact that this download was a .rar AND on mediafire makes me really excited

straightens hat bill and pulls up jean-co’s while kickflip-failing


Wes Borland enters the alley

Ay yo lil’ biscuits. Ya see i’ve been in-cahoots with the homies at Cash Money Recs, I’ve got my own deal goin down. I don’t need any of that wheely-board bullshit flatbill stuff anymore i’ve got my masks n’ sick jams. The fever’s left and i’m hittin the progression with aggression, keep ya hotdogs and water. I’m out on my own prowl. chekket

(yes the mastering/mixing sucks, what did you expect I had 3 hours and a bad make up job)