BB99 - Limp Bizkit Fever


Just normie beat slicing at a high bpm with the snap turned off sauteed with a touch of sample looping and baked via a limiter


I vote for the deadline to be pushed up to the 26th. Looks like everyone who downloaded the pack are already done. Plus, I talked with Fred and he said he’s really feeling the slam flava’ and that _ms pretty much nailed it. He even reached around to Frankie from Emmure and it was instant bromance and everyone was aboard the brojob train soon enough. Cho cho. He told me not to bother with my submission, unless I made it more slammy. I’m really conflicted, since on one hand I feel that my artistic integrity is not being respected here. But then again, it’s fucking Fred fucking Durst and if he asks to jump you ask ‘how horizontally’. To which he’ll say “do that thing that Frankie did at that one show in Moscow”.

So, yeah, this Sunday?


Little known fact: I hired Fred Durst to ghost-broduce that track for me so at the end he made it all by himself for himself. Crazy stuff, can’t believe I found him in my local park. I took him home, gave him a bath in return if he plays and sings his best sangs for me. When he started his somewhat live improvisation act (I asked to play and sing Break Stuff) I just pressed record button on my computer. The rest is history. Durst won this without even knowing he’s participating. Sometimes you just can’t recreate that Limp Bizkit magic (not like any other members in band exist, never heard of them). There’s only one FRED DURST and it’s THE REAL ONE.

edit: forgot to mention that he broke my couch in half with his knee and nearly crowd-killed some neighbour’s kid.


Deadline has been pushed up. Last chance to get Dursty!

“Are you down with his thickness?” -Korn




Due to the BB100 plans, I guess there’s no reason to hurry anymore. There’s been more downloads of the pack. Is anyone else still working on theirs?

Fred is pretty pleased with my progress. He thinks if I get the mix right, we’ll have a pretty good chance of getting an Honorary second place in the Short Bus category at the BET Teen Choice Awards. So he thinks I need to take my time with this one. Fucking rock-stars, flip-floping on deadlines and shit.

So, yeah, next Sunday?


Deadline should be same as the new Limp Bizkit album release date so 2020/20/20


I’ll take that as a no

Deadline is tomorrow at midnight, then 100 can start as early as the cum’unity decides and I can be done with this shiz

“Just think about it” - Fred Durst


Dude, BB100 must be special so leave it be till some of team members contact you about the next round. Nobody should host BB100 imo, it’s just too special. Make the deadline last much longer so we could get more submissions. Please guys, it’s not as hard as you think!


I guess the netlabel team/mods can send out a mass forum wide PM as a reminder to the regular bb participants to see if they are still interested and wanna contribute to bb100 release…


We will be posting an announcement when the time comes to launch BB100, after everyone who’s curious drops their opinions and we come up with a cool plan :slight_smile:

I would say there isn’t an issue keeping this open for at least @aSSerbik to post his submission. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’s the last one to drop a line saying he wanted to kick Fred in the strings.


Also that’s just my opinion, this isn’t my BB so really @xSANTAxDURSTx call it however you want broman :slight_smile:


I thought I was done with this shit. But then Fred went on this huge Enya kick. He got way into it and just started layering all these fucking synth layers. Just piling shit on top of shit. He’s all happy to be geeking out like this, but I need to mix this mess. FML!


I really want to know how this bb came about lol but i am pleased by this theme.


@IO_Madness fiddy made a thread of which the title has been changed and edited many times, I made a few limp bizkit shitposts because of that, auto said hey that’s not funny, and xnoisex was nominated by Ms and indefiance of gravity to host a bb because he has band and created this bb using some of my off the cuff limp bizkit shitposts as a theme…


Once again blamed without any evidence or proof.

This is the problem with you nu metal kids, you are just to eager to jump on the latest bandwagon and we end up here, discussing nookie on IDMf.


Um you even said that you’d start banning ppl because the limp bizkit references…hey wait a minute I c what you did there…and I’m not blaming you, im taking responsibility for causing ppl to shitpost…

Also no one has created the idmf let’s talk about our love life thread yet…


I’m sure you convinced some other mod to edit my post…


So deadline is end of day today, GMT right?


Here is my entry, I followed all rules except the one about the lenght as it’s Sunday morning an I can’t be arsed.
All sounds come from the samples uploaded, so Fred’s guitar plays the biggest and only role in the track.

I sincerely hope that this won’t be too hard on your delicate eardrums.

For the nerds this is MPC only, and as I live dangerously I didn’t save until after I exported the track.