BB99 - Limp Bizkit Fever


Interesting and fun stuff in here, nice work guys!


it’s just one of those days


“You guys can do whatever, I’m out of here” -Fred

(in response to the date, neither way matters to fred)


@aSSerbik your track up to Freds standard yet? :slight_smile:


Of course not. But I was able to convince him to let it go because I knew it would turn into his ‘Chinese Democracy’ otherwise.

Anyway, this was a very important record for Fred for multiple reasons. After years of therapy, he was finally able to count to TWO, like with other people present. Into a microphone. Finally, he can put that unfortunate grade school incident behind him. In addition, he’s been reading a ton of Kierkegaard and he’s been able to to channel his feelings on the recollection and repetition of dichotomy, the infinite qualitative distinction, and subjective and objective truths. He is certain it’s his best lyrical work. By far.

But it doesn’t stop there. I brought up that famous solo he did that one time live. I’m sure y’all thought it was a fluke. That he must’ve been on PCP to be shredding like that. But that crazy motherfucker grabbed my Silvertone guitar off the wall and just fucking nailed that solo in one take. Note for motherfucking note. It blew my mind.

Without further adieu, here’s Fred, in all his Enya-loving glory. BET Teen Choice Awards, here we come!


Holy fuck, if I could like this twice I would. Shiiiiit!


Sounds and melodies inspired by Fred Durst. Allow his unique vision, as one who, without a doubt, did it ALL for the nookie, as no other could have done so for the nookie, to shed light on life in the post-modern world, globalization, and provide his own perspective, in his own words.


I actually threw vocals in on this one (kinda), which is something I never do. Only because I was kinda having fun with the distortion lol.

EDIT: Yes, it is kinda silly.


The tracks:











My vote goes to _ms again. Shit is slamalicious.


I would like to add that I did the “Expert Level”.


DURST BUILD!!! I feel the Durstness combining into its true form. Fred Durst rises!

What kind of synth did you use in the beginning for the cool weird water dropping weirdness part? I’m digging it.

No 3 minutes? Denied! Weird vocally effects.

o mah gawd the nonstop drumming solo lmao yessss! I’m really happy, I felt kind of silly after putting up my track but after listening to these entries I don’t feel bad at all lol how did you do these drums tho lololol this is awesome

Liking this, cool kinda groove reminds me of Gary Numan sorta (I used to play drums in a surf punk band and we did a lot of Dick Dale covers and stuff, pretty cool stuff.

Liking the in-your-face guitars. Whatever that crazy synth (guitar?) around 1:37 is, that’s freaking awesome. Liking the vocal cutting. What are the vocal samples from too? lol butt cheeks. This is freaking awesome man lol. lol the “dangerous” with the lfo lol. This reminds me a bit of Stunt Rock lol if you’ve ever heard of him lol.
I’m really getting into this lol. Exactly what I look for in a track, guitars, samples, general weirdness… this hits all the right tick marks in my mind.

I once played as a drummer in a surf punk band, and briefly I actually had a double bass pedal that I asked my parents to get for my birthday or for Christmas, one of the two. I didn’t really actually get it down, but your track made me think of that and of how cool it would be if I had got it down lol.

The man (woman? …gotta be gender neutral here.) with the original samples!! I think it really fits that
you have added possibly the original version of this. Cool stuff, I’m digging it. Sweet.

As for my vote.

My vote, is going to @aSSerbik. This track had everything I look for in a track. Cool samples, vocal edits, guitars (courtesy of xFREDxDURST), weirdness… everything was just right. I may have to add this to my library honestly lol good work sir.

Awesome with the number of entries! hopefully this is a sign for BB100!!!


If I understand what you mean correctly, that is Fred’s shredding:

There’s also a bunch of DFAM sprinkled around and it’s definitely playing around 1:37, so maybe it’s that.

There are a bunch of isolated vocal tracks up on YT, so I took some snippets from those. Then there’s this masterpiece of post-modernistic poetry:


No synths used, just samples from the pack…


At :18? What did you do to them?!?!


Incoming video with shaky cam.
The lion share was done by LFO on a resonant lp filter and AIR filter gate .Some distortion, transient shaper to add attack and then it is used to trigger the side chain on every thing else. which is one of the standalone effects on the mpc.


I doubled the bpm for the drums after analyzing the guitar samples, the drum samples I got off of free sound a long time ago, filtered some of the hits and made a preset break, then the rest was just sequencing randomly and going by ear with the snap turned off, I do have sample looping turned on in slicex through, I also slammed it through a limiter so that the drums are loud and in your face and so that all the drum hits have equal volume, after trial and error I took some happy accidents and made a main beat with fills and stuff and layered some sections against another sequence to get a weird type of cross rhythm

My vote goes to @nose


i vote for @aSSerbik because it sounds like nu-nu-metal 2010 edition


I’m not sure I’m really qualified to vote on this. Some of the entries are very well made, with some mad production skills on display. My favourite of the bunch is still BFK’s “math-rock”, though. Sarcastically parodic (I hope), It sounds very much like a real life crap sound metal show after drinking too much. Weird comppresion, faulty speaker delays and all. I hope #100 will have some funny shit like this too! Thanks:)


No qualifications needed, dear Balafonman. Nothing but an informal bunch of making silly noise in DAW’s here, cast your vote anyway you please.