BB96: Derptown


I apparently giggle haha a lot. Maybe that’s because I’m nervous, maybe because shitposting, or maybe genuine, and it’s wednesday?

the plot thickens


I have something, will upload late tonight.


Das cool. I don’t think @lug or @nostromer will mind.


I welcome another sub! <3



The ending kinda got thrown together and the mixing is kinda meh but:


I vote for Nostromer


thats some SPOOKY acid awesomeness IO, I vote for this track :slight_smile:


I’ll go with nostromer as well. All of the tracks were greatly different from one another, so that was neat to hear.


All *two tracks lol


No, lug did one up above. Before he left for America.
3 total.


yeah, I really would like to get the ending a bit more structured, and get everything a bit more tight on this one, I kinda rushed it all to get it posted, but I love messing with delay and feedback.


Well you can always keep working on it. I never really felt these things needed to be finished.


Oh snap, I missed that one!!


Hey Nostromer, how did you link your soundcloud track in your post? I was gonna make a quick listing of the entries, but I can’t find a link to your track lol

EDIT: Also, yeah, the acid line I did on my TB-03, with some parts edited by hand.


That drum line was hard to work with lol that damn reverb bouncing back right on the offbeat. Tried eqing it out, didn’t really work, i ended up just cutting out the kick and snare and making a little beat, which turned into more of a drone (it’s the main, low kinda thumping line that plays through most of the song (which I did by adding lots of delay and reverb and a filter).


Could try sidechaining the reverb to duck with the kick and snare. Maybe help them a bit.


Well like, there was reverb burned into the drum sample, that’s the reverb I mean.


Ahhhhh, then maybe some adsr and filtering action. Or just some new samples. :hugs:


lol my first attempt at it I just distorted the hell out of it