BB96: Derptown

Ok, so if I actually thought I would win, I would have spent more time on this. I started a project tonight really quick. Some drums, a bass, some keys, and pad.

There are 3 actual rules to this project/comp:

  1. You must use all samples given, in one way or another. However, you do not only have to use them to build your project.

  2. I’m a big fan of using samples to start projects. However, I love to then go nuts with my own midi play and instruments. So, you can do whatever you need to make a full track(Add on to rule 3). BUT, again…you must use every track given, in one way or another.

  3. The last rule is, you’re not allowed to use any drum samples, other than what is given. If you’re going to layer in your own drums and patterns, they must be from the given samples or built by hand. No drum kits outside of tweaking the current drum loop.

So, use all samples given. You can use your own synths, but any drums outside of the main sample, must be built by hand. No sampled kits beyond the given stuffs.

I don’t want to limit anyone, outside of that. So have fun. 4/1/19 Is the last day, 12:00 am is the deadline. That’s a week +.

K…GO Make a beat or a track. Whatever you’re into.


Yessss viva los beat battles


I fully expect at least 3 or 4 beats/tracks by deadline. I see those clicks. :blush:. And by 3, I mean I may have clicked once.

Doooit my dudes! No expectation of a full body of work. Could be just an awesome beat!

Edit - if the non-sampled beat, besides drums given, becomes an issue, speak up. That can be amended. Need a 2nd for the over-rule.


I had 14 downloads, 2 entries. Hope yours goes better than what my BB went! :joy:

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there’s plenty to work with
I’ll be cooking up something in the next days :-{)

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How much can we change the samples, should they still be recognisable? Can we sample single notes etc

of course man, do whatever you want with the samples. We had had a debate in previous beat battles about people using the samples to basically extract a saw wave and make a synth out of that. Maybe don’t go that far, but use single notes as much as you want. If the host wanted the samples to be recognisable, I guess it could be one of his rules for the round.

Oooh, I do love a good sample challenge. Gonna download this pack and check it out later :slight_smile: Might be able to whip up something decent!

Thanks for hosting bbb :slight_smile:

Yea, the rules are the importance. You just have to use them all. Go nuts in whatever way you want.

And the winner is no one! Congrats to no one!

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I guess we could extend it a couple days. Normally Beat Battles give 11 days for making the track.

Is there any need to ? Was anyone actually attempting to finish something?

fair point. Is there anyone who would like to extend the deadline and submit something?

Shit I was way too eaten up in doing date night shit, but now that it’s all finished, I have a little bit of time tonight - I can try to whip something up. No guarantees but…

…if there’s a two day extension i’ll at least get SOMETHING to show.

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sorry guys I’m leaving tomorrow for the US and I didn’t manage to finish my shit this weekend so here’s the unpolished little thingy I put together


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I think i’m g-drive-tarded. I can’t get any file to download, not sure why. It just says downloading and disappears. Wtf. lol.

There is the link again. Should just work. I didn’t zip them so maybe try going into the folder and just dragging to your desktop or something? No idea.

Yeah drag and drop doesn’t work. I can ZIP the entire thing, but it goes nowhere. I’m thinking it might be some issue with my gdrive. Still exploring. If it’s not too much trouble, any chance you could zip it and send another way? I was all into doing something for this hehe. although after this many hours of troubleshooting, might not be able to make a concept until tomorrow evening.

no biggie if not, thanks bbb <3

I think I had that issue too, actually. Make sure your browser is allowing pop ups from the page and/or downloads, cuz I think I had that issue in Chrome. I did download a copy, I may be able to post it to the archive real quick.

OH shit, you might be right. I haven’t looked at chrome settings. Thanks for the heads up bro! I’ll try it out. I have some cool ideas with how all of these stems sound