BB96: Derptown


Wait, do I have to be using the same gdrive account as I use for a user on this site? I think that might be what is causing it. Because I tried to download the .wav files on my pixel 2, and it’d do the same thing - just show up the “downloading” icon for a split second and disappear with nothing happening.

I tried it with my actual idmf email and it says “You don’t have authorization to view this page.”.

Fuck, haha.


this is literally derptown IRL now


uploaded here:
(remember to hit “proceed anyway” when it says that the certificate isn’t “trusted”)


:persevere: no idea why it wouldn’t be working.

I guess we will extend it until Friday 5th, at midnight.


If you use bbb’s google drive link, after you hit “download”, it should show a little box at the bottom of the window that says, “preparing download”, then when it’s ready, it’ll ask you if you want to navigate away from the site. If you click “yes”, a file browser window should open, letting you specify where to place it.

Or use my link, which is the BB archive. Click on it, it’ll probably say, “there’s a problem with this site’s security certificate”. You may need to click “advanced” if you’re on Chrome, but you’ll get an option to “proceed anyway”. Then you’ll be right in the BB archive. Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see BB96.7z.


Yeah that was the issue, the box pops up for a split second and immediately disappears. If I zip it, it loads up, then disappears with nothing going anywhere. It does this on my phone as well so I think it might be my account permissions or something.

But thanks for your input and help IO, I’ll snag them by your link and get cracking on this later this evening.

Cheers everyone


from IO’s tinyurl. This shit just wasn’t meant to happen. Fuck.


He said it would have a certificate issue. Just click through it.


Try going chrome settings for pop ups. Has to be the issue. You can I unset/reset if need be. Beyond that, no worries.


Ok, I think i’ve gotten through it. Shit.

Sorry guys, lol. Fuckin’ amateur hour over here. I should be able to get these and make something fun. I really like the samples you provided bbb <3

edit - I have them. it’s on :slight_smile: loading them into the DAW as we speak.Thanks again IO


I don’t, but thanks. :blush:

I literally didn’t prepare to win and just made some drums in the Digitakt and played some piano with a bass from Monark.

Remember, no sampling of other drum hits, must synth yourself. But you can use other synths to build your project. Must use all samples in one shape or another. Beyond that, just make a beat or a track is fine too.


I’m going to actually try first to use -only- the samples provided. I might add another synth of my own, but I feel that’d just wash over it since I have too much other melody at my disposal.

I like the battle you set up here, use it all. I’m going to try to work with what I have. Already on a bit of a conceptual start. :slight_smile:

thanks for your quick responses and hosting this dude. :beers:


No worries. Can’t wait to hear because obviously my quick mindset was just putting the tracks together and hitting play. Simple start to something.

Always interesting to hear a version of your thing, or make a version of someone’s.


Agreed, it’s what makes collabs pretty awesome.

Shit I’m cruising along this one. It’s actually sounding pretty slick. Doing a kind of dreamy-glitch breakcore version of it all. Not sure I’ll need until friday but I’ll keep you updated. I might actually be able to get this bitch done tonight, woooooot


rock on


Shit , I feel really bad. At least I’ll make the deadline. I really only had 3 hours to work on this. Here it is, don’t judge too much… this was a fun creative rush job. I loved it.

also, I used ONLY the stems provided, no additional stuff added. Although I really wanted to add some custom melodies and synths… I knew I’d probably get carried away. Was a great exercise in working with what you have. Had a great time with these loops this evening :slight_smile:

edit yeah listening again there’s some serious mixing issues. IDK. This was fun as fuck so that’s what matters. my first BB submission to date! I must do more of these. I’m just not very good with some of the advanced theory and rules some of these have. I can splice though!


3 hour production DAW screenshot, lol. Fuck. I was editing quick on this one. I even typo’d most of my layers. fuck it. This was awesome. Thanks again bbb.

good shit :slight_smile: :beers:


lol bass boost to maximum!!


whoa, you use your start menu on the LEFT SIDE?!?!?


Haha I like to make my EQs a little psycho, it’s how I sculpt my clay. It’s unconventional, for sure, but I just roll with it and balance on it’s mixer track.

I only use the start menu on left because I use 3 monitors, haha, having 5760x1080 resolution doesn’t even do much for the bar on the bottom. It took some adjusting… honestly it’s because EVE Online (the MMO) had a side bar menu… it kind of converted me…