BB96: Derptown


here it is! :slight_smile: I pulled it from the little “share” option on a private link that gives you the tagged URL.

(mind the spaces :P, stopping it from embedding)

https:// soundcloud .com/city-at-worlds-end/city-at-worlds-end-idmf-bb96-for-bbb-lowerworld-phase/s-FW0ta


The tracks (the thing):





With that, I think Nostromer has the win with two votes.


Oh snap, are we gonna call the vote now or let it roll? I haven’t seen anyone else chime in.

That being said I’m happy to host a beat battle, never done it before and I have all sorts of vile samples ready to pack up and send to the feeding trough


It’s whatever. We can wait a day or two.


Not many subs in this round
Go ahead nostromer I vote you put up the next battle

I’ll be doing some sampling while I’m abroad and get ready in case I win one this summer


Sweet, yeah, if @bbb is down with the idea, I’ll start prepping and getting some shit together for the next BB. I have some ideas kicking around and a massive library of pre-recorded stuff to harvest from.


That works for me.


take it away


Gosh it’s sad that the BBs are so ill attended at the moment. I will really make it a priority to participate. I hope we can restore it to its former glory. Dunno if the old crew is still poking around here.

Regardless, long live the beat battles.

I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to these subs but I will


I made something


Lol oh no he didnt


Cool bud. You can upload it in here but this one is over. The next one should be up as soon as @nostromer has time to put samples and rules together.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to what you cooked up.


here it is lol


Nice one @Tsachi ! Better late than never :slight_smile: I dig that, too. Nice.

Also, I have already posted the new BB. Get in there!


dammmmn tsach. killer freakin synth shredding