BB91 - the future

BB91 - The future

It’s 2019 a new year, so its time to look forward into the future and to take these samples and use them to create something new and unheard of…

here are the samples to be used

Start Date: 07:00 UTC - Jan. 3,2019
End of entry window/Voting starts: 07:00 UTC - Jan. 16, 2019
Voting Ends/Winner prepares next battle: 07:00 UTC - jan. 17, 2019
Next Battle Begins: 07:00 UTC - Jan.18-19, 2019


For this battle,

1). must use granular synthesis and/or granular effects

2). must utilize the theremin glitch or a variation of it, being somewhat similar to what is shown in this video

And this as well How to make a standard drum sound speed up into a blur

3). the track must progressively evolve in some way.

Beat Battle General Rules:

Beat Battles take place over the course of two weeks. The first ten days users will have to arrange, upload, and post their track to this forum. After this, the next three days users cast their votes for their favorite track. At the end of this, the winner will be announced, and they will then become the next Beat Battle host, and will have one day to construct a battle pack and begin the next Beat Battle.

Unless otherwise stated, the only sample/audio sources you may use for your song must come from the battle pack.

In the event of a tie, the battle host will decide the winner.

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But that’s four rules!!1!1!!1

Can you clarify rule 3 please

For rule three its basically like rule two but it allows you to use your synthesizer to automatically do the theremin glitch instead doing manually using over 500bpm and a sampler…

If its too confusing for everyone then I’ll omit the using synthesizer as a sampler rule…

is it alright if when we use the theremin glitch technique that it doesn’t sound anything like a theremin?

its okay the rule is more about incorporating a new sound design/resampling technique more than anything

i.e. you could theremin glitch something and then sample it, add some granular effects to it/ or run the theremin glitch sample through a granular synthesizer…

I’m just saying because I’m definitely not getting the result the guy in the video got lol

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It’s a bit hard to do. But one thing I feel like he didn’t touch on enough was the importance of either modulation v.i.a pitch or envelope alteration.

Out of curiosity can we share our w.i.p. on the listening booth for feedback? :confused:

You don’t have to replicate the exact sound just use the technique and add whatever modulation you want to it to create something weird that you can resample as far as posting wips I would wait until the battle is finished to create a thread in the lb cause it kinda defeats the purpose of voting for the winner imo…

good point

I mean, I didn’t have any problem following the directions, I’m just saying I think the exact effect this guy gets may be limited to FL Studio, which I am not using. Different sound engines/event handling will produce different results, so if our intention is to create a theremin sound, well… let’s just say I’ve never encountered a theremin quite like this one lol


:laughing: same

Don’t have to recreate the exact theremin sound, do the best you can with what you got just use a really fast retrigger to get a weird sound you can also timestretch or pitchshift the retriggered sample clip edit the note velocities if you want can filter it too, use the technique as base and go wild with it…check this thread How to make a standard drum sound speed up into a blur

to be clear, you can’t use any actual synthesizers right? The wording of the 3rd rule is pretty out there.

Only granular, I deleted the confusing synthesizer as a sampler rule to make it simpler

I’'m happy with what i have, but wish that rule was clear from the start! haha

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Argh, was hoping to use my granular sample thingy I made in Max/MSP, but hadn’t opened Max in a while, and now it’s crashing when I open it… I may have to try something else.

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I think this particular BB might be a little over my head or out of my production zone as I’ve never used any of the mentioned techniques (I dont think)… but might consider doing some research and giving it a whirl

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It’s not some high level canon of electronic music or anything, it’s literally some neat/weird thing a guy on YouTube found. Calling it a “technique” really is misleading. It’s just some weird thing you can do in a DAW.

Watch the video, its super simple. Really the only hard part is creatively finding a sound you like and can use in your song.

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Umm guess we are 10 days in:

I used the samples provided, and created this early on just using granular sampling, and granular effects.

Big up!