BB91 - the future


dude, that is FILTHY <3 @Tsachi


This is like a super haunting glitchmare from the tape dimension, killer work bro! major props.



alright, so I didn’t get the granular stuff in there but I wanted to post something before the deadline.


interesting use of the samples :slight_smile:


Really excellent work from everyone this time around! Reminds me of old BB’s where everyone bought their A game, perhaps because they wanted to win haha! I think I’ll vote for 7asid this time 'round.


I’m voting for IO. Actually sounds quite similar to what I was working on but didn’t really have the time to string it all together.


My vote goes to 7asid


Man, all these are really dope. Good job peeps. My vote goes to @Tsachi for his evil pencil sharpening monster.


IO gets my vote


yeah jeez, great subs guys! I vote Tsachi


My vote goes to @TvMcC


triple tie!


@bfk must decide!


7asid wins the battle, but tsachi also deserves honorable mention because it sounds like vaetexh

@7asid remember to hold onto your track and make them downloadable so that they can be archived and be considered for the best of the beat battles somewhere down the line


I only want to have them be downloadable for a short period of time, so feel free to contact me on here if something should be made available and I can make that happen. Does that sound ok?

I’ll get the next bb up asap!