BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


yeah, i even forgot to add a bang in my track and i ran the battle!

EDIT: My bang is my slow synth part.




To quote tad Donley “i paid big bucks and I couldn’t get the boom”


Sorry about my big mouth. Went back and gave it another go.


The melodic parts are generally ornamental in character (as opposed to them carrying a characteristic/memorable melodic theme). To me, this makes the track feel more like a comping/improvisation-exercise than like a finished composition. Everything is loud, but it’s like nothing of importance is being said.

This effect/impression is enhanced by the way all instruments are quantized and play at constant velocities/volumes, - which results in an overall “robot-like” monotony, similar to built in demos on some toy instruments (synths without velocity). This also tends to work against the groove, making it feel machine-like or “stiff”. If everything sticks out, nothing sticks out. And as a result, I end up hearing the track like a constant noise, instead of hearing it like a piece of music.

Please note that this is all just subjective ranting on my behalf, and not something intended to spell out some kind of universal truth about “How to make music”, or anything like that. I hope to hear more music from you in the battles to come!



thank you balafonman for your critique , i will keep these in mind for next time. i understand the quantization / dynamic resulting in a robotic feel; however, personally, i do not agree with the comping/improvisation portion of your critique. albeit their ornamental nature, there is a theme that has been made apparent - perhaps buried by the lack of dynamics in my track. a less-rapid development of this theme would also probably do well in helping it not get lost in all the ornamentation. again, thank you for your time in offering your critique - all for the better.


Here’s my write up, in no real particular order:

theusername24/Joshua Kim
bb100 - sonometer

I like the drum line you worked out with the drum samples. Nice melodies, very
remniscent of some of AFX’s stuff. Cool pads and all going on, nice sound.
Dig it.

BB100 The Ficklenana

Nice chill sound, glitchy noises, cool pads. I love the suspense and
unease the plucky sample creates. Love the delay around 2:59. Nice ambient
feel to it, very open and airy, I like.
Very visual, which is what I love… hearing.

_ms/sole massif

Big BASS! Liking already. Loving the industrial tone and the sharp feedback
delay. Dahhhh love these drums! Mean! That feedback/delay at the edges of
its delay, just biting in like razors GAAAAHHHHH FREAKIN’ A
hells to the yeah.

White_Noise/James Pingel
BB100 - Space in Place

I like the melodic feel, I get a bit of Orbital, and you nailed a Polygon
Window hi hat @1:00 from If It Really Is Me. Nice drums.

Balafonman/Balafon Man
BB100 Balafonman - Space Eggs

Cool weirdness in the opening. A lot of people seemed to go for the drum
one shots, and so far, like this, it’s sounded good! The peculiarity of this
track makes me smile ehheh. Cool arpeggio synth.

Bb100 Submission Xvf - And It Is No More

I like the reverse delay going on in the main melody. Cool gritty percussion.
Very dreamy, kind of like Boards of Canada from Campfire Headphase.


I like the cool build up at the beginning. Love that sustaining low bass.
Ahh you’ve definitely got your Orbital style going with the awesome melody
and pads. Nice break @2:45. Love the strings. Cool guitar parts/guitar-
sound synth. Like the haunting, futuristic vibe.
Hells yeah, Vulpes. What did you do your track in (program)?

Greener Fields

I like the slow, laying in fields in summer watching the sky kinda feel with
the guitar. Like the change up around 3:15. Very smooth transition. mmm
liking the drums coming in. Ends on a bang!

Trans-Neptunian Express Jam Session

I like the use of the BellBlocks sample with the pads. The melody/lead
around 2:35 is nice too. Very groovy, indian vibes, very cool. Smooth
track, nice transitions. Like the end-duck lol.

It’s Only Smellz in Outer Space

I like the arpeggiated synth. Nice. Loving the guitar breakdown at the end!!
… so much hells yeah! The bang is fantastic. Epic track, love the different
parts and sections. Cool you managed to use all the samples as well.


groovy “mmm” fading away. i like the weird chord changes. And yet it ties
together, and its sweet. I’m loving the sound of that kinda hollow tone
dancing around, kind of an organ sound. Loving the break down. it’s all so
weird and still works. Great track.

Model 100

I like the rising chords. cool t-rex stomping. now ufo destruction. i like
the heavy, kinda industrial sound. Can definitely see it to some kind of
monster attack flick. Dig it.


Great job, everyone. Choosing a favorite was pretty difficult


Man, I gotta get my ass in gear and listen to the tracks one more time…no obvious choice in there, so many are so good…


phew ok… I voted. That was difficult but I feel secure in my choice.

Great work everyone and thanks for the feedback to those who gave it.


Alright, so after looking more closely, I have made a discovery in the vote tally, as people were asking if we could see who voted for whom after voting closes. Due to not testing the poll, the results after voting closes will not show the voters and their vote. In effect, it will remain anonymous.

I’m thinking that those who would like to declare who they voted for, to wait until voting has closed to do so, in order to keep voting unbiased.


I voted for Triangulation :smirk:


@Tsachi, AFTER voting has closed, in 6 days,

EDIT: god dammit Tsachi :sunglasses:



Hey guys, I pinned this for better visibility. Your welcome.

Also, the cover art thread is up here


Awesome comments and totally fitting, glad my mental approach being portrayed in the track is just ‘spot on’. Chuffed! Thank you :blush:


Can I suggest the entries and voting get pinned as first post. Is this feasible and doable? Just thinking it would help peeps navigate.


Just a reminder to folks, if you are wanting to be considered for the compilation, be sure to have a downloadable version of your track, -6dB headroom and no processing on master channel, in a lossless, preferably wav file format, or if you are opting out, please state. @MFXxx @mnkvolcno @Creepr @_ms

Also, if you have made any changes to your track, make sure your current download represents that (please let me know if it does not), as I know a couple people made some changes @bfk.


@IO_Madness yea you should have the final version


ok I will post one! I forgot about the compo.


I’ll opt out because I want to take that track back and smash it to pieces then recycle ideas for later.