BB100 Album Art - Submissions are open!


Hey folks, you know the drill. Drop your best designs here for consideration for the cover of the upcoming BB100 compilation. I want to put this one up to a vote too, so make it snappy! (like, we would prefer to have the covers ready for voting in 2 weeks from now)

Album art for bb100
BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


an art idea i had for this, fyi i really don’t expect this image to be seriously considered for artwork…

just posting to give others ideas…





god no lol


I was kinda working on this:


Holy pixelation Batman! :wink: honestly tho I like that style. needs to be an equal ratio WxH (and preferably 900 or more pixels per side iirc) and that will be a nice choice!


nah yeah, those freakin’ letters were all messed up on the sides.


was bored


Keep in mind BB100’s theme is interstellar travel. Not that my cover had any interstellar travel themes.


Also, I was thinking we’d call it “Beat Battle Royale”, rather than BB100, cuz it’s more of a release representing the beat battles in their entirety, rather than just one particular battle.



Not sure how many subs are acceptable, but here’s another to throw in the pot


ooo that’s cool


wow, just wow. I spent 3 weeks working on it and this is how you treat me??? sir, you have no taste.


lolol it’s very very cool.


So folks, any one else planning on submitting something here? We can start up a vote on these any old time, but I don’t want to leave anyone out.


This is great @xFREDxDURST. Needs some IDMf059 label on it tho. As for the number of subs per person, there are no rules on that, just don’t be obnoxious.


More subs plz