BB100 Album Art - Submissions are open!


Heads up! :slight_smile:
Just a reminder; we’re going to be cutting off art submissions on the Aug. 9th to open up voting.



Who’s @Jayson?


Part of the netlabel.
Primary role: admin & marketing
Which means timeline, scheduling, and logistics land on my plate. :slight_smile:



Used to come around as thestumps before the great crash.


Oh sweet, glad to meet you!


Hail Skroob!



So, uh… yeah.

i like @xFREDxDURST’s cover, I suppose. If it said IDMf 059 it’d have everything.


+1 for Freds 2nd cover, the kaliedoscope one.


I can put a poll up, but if people just want to vote by post, that is cool.


Hey guys, we are not getting much action on this and we need a decision very shortly to keep up with our release schedule, so at this time, unless we get a some voices in here saying otherwise, we are going to go with @xFREDxDURST’s kaleidoscope cover. Fred, can you put “IDMf059” on there for us, or should we take care of it?

P.S. sorry if I have not been pimping as hard on this one, I am on vacation currently. I am not on a beach somewhere, just at home, but my folks are here, the kids want to do stuff etc. So I am around if anyone needs anything, just not actively checking all threads as much for the next few weeks. This will not affect the release at all, that is all planned in.



this has my vote enjoy the rest and make the most out of your summer everyone, cheers


Perfect! Thanks.