BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


lmao… trying to remember the dudes name who asked if he could vote for himself. He was actually kind of cool I just think he was living in satire a bit.


good god… listening to mine now the bass is comically loud… oops . be careful don’t blow your woofers. wtf happened shrug


Yeah, but given this is anonymous voting until it closes and there’s something a little sweeter at stake I can see someone trying to avoid missing out on an obvious strategic edge if thats how they wanna look at it. Either way i thought itd be good to point out.


OK, amp temporarily working (as long as I keep the circuitry exposed) & I’ve had a listen to all your tunes & think I have a pretty good idea who schooled us all (by us all I mean me, “the royal … we”) but before I vote on that which shook me the hardest, I should sleep on it a couple days.


I believe the host will be able to see who voted for who in such pole (or is he?). I trust I/O who’s now also our cyber-security chief in here to inspect final results and publish data of those dirty individuals who commit any fraud so we could lock them all up in a tiny cage and poke them with bamboo sticks (while obviously sampling entire process for future BBs).



Well since I’m guest judge number 1, I get to vote twice.


Perhaps I’m too cynical, but the way the voting system is set up makes it possible for anyone to create a limitless number of new accounts (using throw-away email accounts) - and vote for himself as many times as he wants

It might look strange, of course, but no one would be able to prove that he did it himself, and the votes would count (since anyone with a profile can vote).

What’s perhaps worse:

If someone accused the winner of doing this (using new accounts to steal the win) he would have no way of defending himself against the accusation, - potentially ending up with a bad reputation here.

For these reasons, I suggest having everyone announce their vote in thread replies. And that we ignore or remove the result of the built in voting function system/thing. This would at least make it possible to filter out brand new accounts.


who would do such a thing? :frowning: probably Tsachi which is why he requested to not be included in the voting I reckon.

edit: in all seriousness though, we have always said who we voted for in the comments, but I wonder if that would inevitably influence the vote? Like if it’s winding down and you know you haven’t voted yet, it would probably cause you to focus more on the effect of your vote and a little less on purely which song you prefer.

Personally I wouldn’t vote for me even if I was someone else.


@IO_Madness can see all the votes i’m pretty sure, and I’d assume any accounts related to votes would be either known or hit up. You can see anyone’s post history here and with his background with the BB’s, I have faith in the honesty of this poll.

Not positive at all, but at the end of the vote, it all becomes public so we will all see any voting accounts and be able to judge for ourselves, also.

Good to be aware, nonetheless. :slight_smile:


I don’t think we’re gonna have to worry about that happening. If someone really wants to go out of there way to be a jerk for a small $55 pocket operator, have at it. But I’m not terribly worried about it. It’s not a perfect system, but we’re not giving away a large prize by any means, and we don’t get THAT much traffic, so, I feel the rule of “don’t be a dick”, and “don’t shit where you eat”, is kinda the main thing here.

I don’t think anyone’s going to throw accusations or anything. Whoever wins, wins. And we’re back to the normal battles. The compilation is a completely separate thing… I mean. If anyone were to do that, for such a small thing, well, they’re a dick, and that’s that. It’s not like anyone’s making money doing this.


If, by some random out of left field turn out, bizarre, exceptional situation there’s some suspected scheme behind the votes, well, we’ll be able to see who voted for what, and if there’s a bunch of new accounts strangely all voting for one person, then, we’ll have a look at it and go from there. But seriously, the prize is so small, and there’s really not a lot of people participating, it hardly would be worth the trouble.

I’m not worried about it.


i think you’ve got the right read it on it all



speaking purely as a non-team member here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m excited to get back to the regular beat battle routines. I’m fuckin’ amazed we pulled together so many subs for this, and like… seriously guys… we came together to donate MONEY for a PRIZE? WTF?

Nevertheless… i’m excited to get back to the BB routine. Shit is so good these days.


All right. In that case I’m sure it won’t be a problem.



Word. The whole reason I started participating in these is to take a break from my regular over-bloated tracks and just knock something out quick and fun in a week. So it’s kind of ironic I ended up in the same spot I was trying to get away from (trying to mix 140 channels - FML!). Never again (until BB200, perhaps).

Btw, do I get any bonus points for 100% sample coverage? Managed to bury every single sample somewhere in that mess of a track.


Nice, that’s impressive!


lol… feels. same exact reason i love beat battles. On bb100 i stayed true to throwing a bunch of bullshit at the walls and then I heard your track and was like “oops”… but I have no regrets

viva la beat battles


Incoming wall of text.

I’ve been listening to the tracks multiple time, taking notes along the way – and thought I’d share them with y’all. Please note: these are (of course) all terribly subjective/personal opinions, and should therefore also be taken with grains of salt. I apologise in advance for my general lack of class and overall stupidity.

All right then, - here goes:

_ms/sole massif: Some very cool industrial/alien sound design here. The slightly strange “limping” poly-rhythmic feel of the beat (quintuplets?) really adds to the thick mood of the track. Very convincing mixing and production skills on display and a commendable willingness to submit a pretty experimental groove. Impressive stuff!

7asid: This feels almost nostalgic, - closer to late 70s rock productions than to IDM (Bowie singing a few cryptic lines about space would fit right in here). I like it. The mood works. For a beat battle, the drum-programming is arguably too minimalistic to secure a winning position, - but perhaps I’m over-focusing on that. The shift at the end is very cool, - although I’m pretty sure a real implosion would sound far less impressive;)

bfk/XVF: Despite re-editing it, it still sounds very quickly made. I like the straightforward quality of this approach, though, - giving it a certain lightness none of the other submissions here have (an important quality for spaceships as well). I like the subtle drum programming, but would have liked to hear more variations.

Creepr: Some nice percussion and summery dance vibes here:) Turns into something almost like country and western music, which surprised me, - although not necessarily in a bad way. I suppose it must be an American thing. I would have liked for the percussion sneak into more latin pattern, perhaps, - but it’s a very well made track, and quite stylish. Nice explosion there at the end as well;) ha ha! I could definitely dance to this – preferably with an umbrella drink in both hands.

In defiance of gravity: I’m especially digging the rubber/latex squirgyness in the beginning, and how it goes unashamedly into old-school “cracker demo” territory…only to turn into a full on alternative rock epic. Hmm… It feels like I just heard a full EP worth of stuff. Truly an amazing submission, but also hard to fathom in its complexity. Despite being a very impressive display, it’s on the verge of feeling more like a “show reel” than a focused battle entry, - but I’m not even sure that’s a fair criticism. It’s obviously very well made (you absolute madman).

IO_madness: I like the minimal and patient approach of this. Feels a lot like classic electronic weird sci-fi soundtrack music. Spooky and meticulously crafted. I could listen to more of it. Very nice:)

MFXxx: Some bad-ass experimental beat programming here. The grooves work really well throughout, and the whole vibe of the track is just awesome! More than any of the other submissions, this feels like a battle track to me. You’re showing a real feel for the mix as well, even though the style is outside any fixed genre (that I know of - anyway).

Mnkvolcno: Some sexy goodness here. The mixing is top notch - some fat jazz chops here four sure. Feels a bit meandering/unfocused throughout, perhaps, but pays off with some mice melodic work and matching syncopated drum accompaniment. You make it sound deceptively easy. It’s very nice stuff! Makes me glad we didn’t have to ship out that torture device after all;)

theusername24: I’m not sure about this one. It feels strangely generic and un-personal to me. Everything in the mix is over-compressed and I get a sense of listening-fatigue after about a minute of listening to it. It’s possible I just don’t get it. I remember you originally posted something more original, but then decided to withdraw it. That was probably a mistake.

Tsachi: Back into experimental stuff. Some nice (too brief?) jungle breaks before the dub-step feel kicks in. An impressive lot of unreleased tension in this, - but the overall composition feels unfinished to me , perhaps even (for you) a bit lazy. From someone who isn’t even taking part in the competition, it’s obviously pretty damn good, though:)

Vulpes: Some nice special effects type sound on the intro. I really like the composition and melodic work. Occasionally a bit heavy on the arpeggios perhaps, but its a valid style-choice. Some nice subtle drum programming skills on display here as well. The mix feels a bit off here anfd there, though. Hopefully whoever does the label mastering will be able to smooth it out a bit.

White_Noise/Mr. Pingel: Nice and straightforward. Hard not to like the happy in-your-face attitude on this:). The synth work has a real home-made quality that I find endearing. Some of the synths are perhaps drowning out the drum programming for a bit, but it’s a lot of fun. One of my favorites.

Compared to all this, my own submission feels like a fart in a bag. It’s a humbling collection of weirdness, for sure - and it makes me look forward to the battles to come!

My best wishes and thank yous to everyone :hearts:


i appreciate the critique.

what about it did you feel was strangely generic and un-personal ? you hadn’t ventured much in-depth about the composition itself - maybe it was the fatigue , there was a -6db before maximization on the master which i did for the sake of “loudness”.

personally - i felt as though it were no mistake.


‘End the track with a BANG’ was one of the rules, wasn’t it (which a lot of submissions ignored completely)? So that middle rockish “chorus” was initially going to be my bang. That section and the one before it was something I came up with right away, during my very first session with the sample pack. I didn’t want to end the track there, so I figured I’d add another small section after that and then repeat the “chorus”, but try to crank the intensity up a bit. I wasn’t really planning on going full on metal, but… it just sort of happened. I don’t try to argue with such developments. If that’s where the track wants to go, I have no choice but to follow. I know most people tend to pick an idea and ride it for a few minutes (nothing wrong with that). But I really love tracks that start in one place and end somewhere else completely, while taking a bunch of left turns in the middle. Some of my favorite bands are Mr. Bungle and Between the Buried and Me, so compared to those, my measly 6.5 sections or whatever are pretty tame.

Appreciate the feedback!