BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


Welcome to the 100th Beat Battle competition!

The Beat Battles have reached their 100th battle on IDMf.

As a community driven side project, moreso an excuse to share and play with new sounds and sound sources, the battles have been around for a number of years, and on this 100th beat battle, we decided to do something special.

For this 100th battle, the samples included in this pack have been specially picked and organized by yours truly from packs spanning the last 99 battles.

In addition to the standard battle, all submissions to this battle will be considered for release on the Beat Battles compilation, on the IDMf netlabel.

Finally, as an added bonus, the top track as voted by participants for this beat battle will receive a Pocket Operator from Teenage Engineering, shipped to their door!


note, we are also accepting any donations to be put towards this prize, see details here: Fundraiser by Levi Wilbert : Prize for IDMf Beat Battle 100!!!!
we are but poor musicians

PM IO_Madness for further details.

BB100 - Beat Battle Royale
The theme is interstellar travel.

Hurling through space on a half molten ball of dirt surround by orbs for fire and black holes form which not even light can escape! Objects so vast and gigantic it takes billions of years to cross them. The universe is home to a possibly innumerable number of worlds, but how does one visit them when they’re so far away? Will we live to visit a neighboring galaxy? When at the fastest speed possible, time is still an obstacle with parts of the universe that neither have nor will see each other, how do we expect to explore and learn from the universe we live in?

You are asked to create the interstellar vehicle to traverse these worlds.

You will receive one toolkit:
dropbox (mirror): Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life
direct download:

Use this toolkit to build the vehicle upon which humanity will travel across the cosmos, to the farthest of worlds, beyond anything and everything humanity has ever known!!

1). Use a reversed sound
2). Explain how your vehicle works in your post
3). End the track with a BANG


Duration: 5 weeks
Begin date: June 5th, 2019
Submission window ends/voting begins: July 17th @ 6am UTC
Voting Ends: July 24th, 2019

Entrants should download the included sample pack, and utilize these samples as the basis for a new track, which they will submit to this thread. Additional instruments, synthesizers, and such may be used to complement the samples. There are no genre restrictions.

There may be only ONE submission per user, so put everything you have into it!

For inclusion on the Beat Battle album release, a lossless copy of your submission (track) with -6 dB headroom and no FX, limiters, EQ, or any such processing on the master channel (to provide flexibility in the mastering stage) must be made available for download from an online file share service.

Track postings to this thread may waive these requirements.

Note: if you wish to opt out of inclusion of the compilation, state something to the extent of “I wish to opt out of the compilation” with your track.

After all tracks are submitted, which tracks will be included on the release will be decided by the community in the Beat Battle Discussion Thread.

Good luck!


5 weeks? Jesus, I might be dead by then. Better get cracking

Also, can we opt out of the compilation inclusion?

Thanks for taking the lead on this.

But are you sure that all of these are copyright free/creative commons? I doubt the Baraka sample is. 25 samples is a lot. With lax rules and so many samples, I’d be surprised if the submitted tracks will have a whole lot in common.

So is Interstellar Travel the theme of this? Can we make that more explicit? At least if this is emphasized, maybe the tracks will at least have a similar vibe.

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I wasn’t going for a theme. The “theme” is there have been 100 beat battles, so hell yeah, let’s make music. There was never supposed to be a "theme’. The theme is the samples. The samples create the theme. Embrace the eclectic. And it’s not that many samples. Half of them are just one shots. Most of everything is rhythm. Relax, yo.

I didn’t hear you volunteering to go through the sample packs, so why don’t you take the samples and try to put something together with them, and let me work worry about copyright?

Also, since you were so concerned about the Baraka sample, I removed it and replaced it with another vocal sample.


@xSANTAxDURSTx, that’s assuming we wanted your track in the first place.


What’s a .wav_t=bafb7r4j file when it’s at home?


Where’d you find that?

EDIT: oh damn, I uploaded the page that downloads the file from the filebin I had to bounce the sample off to get it onto my server instead of the file itself. I think if you open that file in an browser, it should direct you to the filebin where I uploaded that particular sample, for a quick fix.

I fixed it, it should have the actual sample in the pack now. If you redownload the BB100.7z, it’ll have it in it, or you can download the file individually if you go here: and navigate to the BB100/VocalBits folder.

Big ups IO, thanks for hosting this. Stoked to see what I can come up with for this!

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Can I mirror this on Mediafire for those who just want a normal DL?

Or can you?


I second the mediafire option :slight_smile:



Oh, I’m chill as a cucumber. My point was that it’s basically turning into a random open genre compilation. There’s no theme. There are a bunch of samples that you don’t even have to use and everything else goes. So… got a random track on your hard drive? Submit that crap!

But whatever. You’re right, I didn’t volunteer to sort through the samples (because it would be impossible for me to determine which were user-made because I didn’t participate in most of them). If you all think it’s fine, then it’s fine. It is what it is. I’ll shit something out.

I think there’s a bit of… honesty code here maybe, I see what you mean when open genre and just how anyone could really just throw any WIP up.

The rules don’t entail any recognizable feature from the pack, but honestly, there’s tons of BB subs that get throw in even with rules that don’t sound remotely like any content provided.

But hey, if it’s open genre without rules… let’s just see what happens in my opinion.

I’ll definitely be using the pack :slight_smile:


It is said in the rules to use the samples to create the basis for a track. Therefore, someone must use the samples. As most of the beat battles have been, this battle as well is kind of an honor system. Also, as was mentioned in the discussion thread, the label already has a genre specific release coming out so this was made to be as open as possible to encourage more participation.


Dropbox download option added.

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You’re assuming I actually read your post. Who has time for that? I scanned the 3 rules and started bitching. Cause that’s how you internet.

tl;dr for other assholes - base the track on provided samples and try to use as many of them as possible, don’t be a dick and submit some random track - it’s an honor system (or honour system, for all you wankers).


lol I love IDMf.

Stoked for this release!

One thing to be considered:

If we want to host the vote similar to we did in Date Nite… i.e. providing a 30 second preview that is anonymously voted on… everyone should submit to, with their final track and a preview that goes with it.

The reason we do this is there was concerns similar to “what is the point of listening to the release if we can hear the whole track list prior during voting?”. This is to prevent the workload of @White_Noise having to master any tracks that don’t make the release, and to give a quick and easy sample that the community picks on.

@IO_Madness since the Netlabel is officially releasing this and doing the voting in a off-beat BB fashion, do you mind adding the submission details to your OP? Great job on the write up by the way, fucking awesome.

There will be a separate thread created for artwork voting, again, similar to Date Nite.

I keep referencing Date Nite as that is the first format of any open genre comp the label team has hosted, and that went so well we’d like to iterate on that process, namely, with any artist submitting to also provide a preview of their track personally (as we’d hate to pick any part other than what you consider exemplary).

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I was thinking we’d submit everything like a normal BB. The way @White_Noise put it, I thought the issue with sharing full tracks was moreso hearing them all unmastered before the release. Personally, I feel like this shouldn’t be too big a deal, since it’s just the people battling in here anyway, and after we release the album it can be shared to family, friends, social networks, etc. in the fully mastered form.

So, people submit their tracks like normal to the Beat Battle, and either opt in/opt out for consideration of the album. After the battle is done, we collectively decide what goes and what doesn’t, then forward the passing tracks to @White_Noise, who prepares them for the release.

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I had understood it would go more IO’s way as well. Actually, I left it up in the air in the discussion thread, so whatever IO wants I consider this his gig. Normally, I would want to do it the way we did date night, but this being a beat battle, people usually vote on full tracks. So I feel that’s appropriate in this case.

I’m all about it! @IO_Madness, this is your gig man, I dig your perspective on it and I say we roll as you dictate. <3

Unless there’s any objections, I’m gonna say let’s go ahead with that.