BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


I dig.


I’m definitely starting something. We will see where it goes. Starting better than my house project, at least.

Oh also, remind me later and I’ll chip in on the PO.


already have two different POs at home :smirk: I love those little machines. impressive sound quality too



All right. I’m in as well.


Alright…A friend of mine ended up passing away today. Someone I’ve worked with on a daily basis for multiple years now.

I will be working on this but I don’t know if I’ll finish this in the normal sense. It will probably end up being some depressing stuffs but whatever. I look forward to the outlet but no idea where it’ll go. This goes for the other project as well.

At a minimum, I may just link what I’ve already made and whatever happens, happens. Music is a great outlet but life fucking sucks.


Oh man. That’s tough. What happened?


@bbb sorry to hear that. no worries


Shit, i’m sorry bro. Sending positive vibes your ways. <3


Sorry to hear that BBB, do what feels right to you and if you get something in, I really look forward to hear it. Take care of yourself first though ofc.


He had a heart attack over night. His wife found him.

And sorry…I like what I’ve made. Just need to finish. And I didn’t see where drum samples weren’t allowed in the official ruling. Had to get my own kick, snare and hi hat but am making use of the samples, definitely. EDIT - It’s a layer drum kit actually.


That must suck. I’m sorry. But good to see you still feel like battling:) Let’s get it on!


Meh, I’ll just remove the layered kit.




In the future all spaceships will be ovoidal and shot into space from the cloacae of giant genetically modified ostriches.

All sounds based on the pack (no additional sound sources). I forgot about making a bang at the end untill after I finished it (sorry), - but decided to leave it like it was. Thanks.


updated mine


Everyone should also feel free to let whomever know about this comp. the more the merrier.


you put mac coffe into the guz tank , guzz guzz


Alright, a bit over halfway through, 11 days to go!!! Bring on the music!!!


Wasn’t this my idea? I remember it being my idea, at leat the prize part was.
Anyway, good luck contestants, I’ll be guest judge number 1.