BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


OK so dropped some notes in the prize fund. Wont have enough time spare to submit, will be listening in. Goodluck all.

Smashing to see so many peeps on the forums, starting to pick ?


I’ve been seeing a good up tick of new and returning users over the past while, pretty exciting. Cool to see these events getting more traction every months.

I still need to make a track for this… shiiiit… almost through the IRL work hurdle, been crazy with projects at my job.

My audio interface also broke and I don’t fully want to make a track with cheap KRK monitor headphones but, might be my only chance.


just opened this pack up. “mac coffee mmm” lmao.

this is a good sample pack. nice work m8.

I will try and throw something together


bruh. you aint’ got time to submit? this make me sad


I just seen actually is the deadline next week or yesterday!? 1 week, ill have about 4-6 hours spare at a push. I may be able to do this. Always intended to return for 100 as keep lurking but just no chance since wie working full time, kmyself and 2 kids!! current heat is a killer for my studio, but anything possible.
Downloaded the pack a few days back, since then managed to listen to 1 folder "interuptions"lol.

That aside I am really trying/struggling to get 4-6 tracks together for something and its 6months+ in already :@)

Well if I dont contribute in sound (I will try), then at least Ive contributed to the winner! So its a win win sitution Im in to be honest :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I have a good start but no time this week…so I may be out. Unless we extend by 1 week, then I am totally in. :smiley:


(typing as a personal opinion)

I’d be fine if this was extended by a month, honestly.

having multiple events running has been pretty rough… at least for me, I definitely want to make something for this. I need at least another weekend to do something dirty. :smiling_imp:


Yeah, @Tsachi, I think you mentioned it first some time back.


I guess we could extend it, if it meant getting a few more submissions. Call it 12 days.

Tracks shall be due on the 17th.


LOL You bastards …great but fuck! Just spent last 3 nights fitting in 1 or 2 hours to get something together and just about to sub thinking Id not made the cutt off…fuck anyway. Will rework my Warbling,. :wink:


dammit! that’s the best way to make music.


Honestly some of my best shit was made under the pressure of a deadline lol. I almost need something to tell me to be done.

That being said I haven’t even started my BB100 sub so I’m a slacker bad influence. I’ll get it in though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m super curious to see what everyone throws in for this!


lol… ok really glad we’re extending it because I misread the voting date as the due date.

I’m going in the studio rn i swear. I can’t let the bb community down this time.


Pretty much done without starting over again.

Can someone confirm the absolute deadline date and time UK Summer time please? Ya :wink:

Good luck all and have fun…cant wait to listen in.

Shit wish Id listen to eveyones subs this prior doing what I started. Impressive! Very impressive…


If you do not submit a track then it we will be forced to make you play a track live while standing on red hot coals in pans on top of hungry alligators, on a raft in the ocean with sharks around you and during a tsunami.


Maintaining a high coal temperature under those conditions will be tough. I suggest using sharp metal spikes instead. Otherwise it’s a good plan;)


I guess that’s true. Metal spikes it is!


I wish to opt out of the compilation .

I didn’t even submit it xd


Honestly, the compilation is going to be worked out after the battle’s over.

Why don’t you want on the release, tho?


Sorry to be a PITA - can you confirm a definite deadline please peeps.