BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


July 17th. Midnight. IDLW time zone.

Original post should probably be updated too.


Good news, my track managed to come together last night, so I’ll get that subbed today.




As @aSSerbik stated, July 17th. I’m gonna say midnight MST, which translates to 6am UTC


Someone’s locked my own thread from me. @relic


IDK what I’m doing wrong but I haven’t been able to get soundcloud to embed in months. Anywho, my sub is at the link above if you copy/pasta. My spaceship is fueled by a constantly detonating stream of nuclear weapons being detonated underneath it because somebody put the budget together and made a convincing enough argument to the government to get NASA to do the math and figure out what it would take to make that work. However, no such spaceship was ever built, until now.


@White_Noise, just paste the link in the text edit box.


i am not proud of my submission , i will resubmit with something i didnt scrounge together in a half hour : )



i only used sounds from sample pack.


Ballpark. Knocked. Out. Of…
Nice work!


Posting mine , was going to wait but Mary Jane said otherwise… and in it goes for a right fcuk’n’cnut. Posting now cause Im so busy Ill forget.

The backstory, not my vehicle but The Vehicle of us all and everything in ever. Introducing the Ficklenana!
The Ficklenana commonly found in the outer quadrants of the inner universal santum known for the unveiling of the 84th blackhole. The Fickle travels not through time and space. Time passes through the Ficklenana’s space. Its evolutionary existance is one that starts and ends where the universe can be found collapsing on itself from it’s own creation. When in a state of stasis it supples space soup and suckles on supernovas. Time travels whilst the Ficklenana stagnates. There is no space where time stands still. Fickle. Be warned, the Fickleback is the extesenial excuse for death, that does not exist as existance is relative to all that implodes and celebrates the stars…



So this is what burning alive in flammable neurbot fluid feels like.


the fuck man.

This is sickeningly-fucked good.


Damn @_ms that is some good stuff. I expected it to drop into a full-blown DNB beat at some point, but really nice work.

@White_Noise Nice melody and cool beats and arrangement! I like the harder midrange/bass synth, but beat and bass could be a bit more finetuned in terms of EQing, even though that very full distorted sound has something going for it for sure. That interlude is really awesome, but after that imho the bass and midrange synths and the beat are a bit much, maybe some soft sidechaining or dynamic EQing might help in cleaning it up a bit.

@MFXxx Awesome chilled, relaxing and kinda dreamy stuff. Digging the glitchy beats and atmosphere! Really cool to hear something made by you again after a while!

@theusername24 haha, that was unexpected! Awesome work on the glitching and microediting! I think the sound could be finetuned a bit more, especially for the beat, and some subbass wouldn’t hurt, but really fun track!

@Balafonman Very cool work on the sounds and nice slightly uneasy overall atmosphere! I like that the beat sounds really snappy, kick and hats and perc are really nice, but I think the snare is not the best choice for this, or another additional clap or a faster but lower snare might be cool, even though it works like this, too. I miss some bassline and also would really have liked it if the track dropped into a heavier, even slower quarter-time drumstep beat or something like that at around 0:48, 1:17 or 1:29.

@bfk Haha I thought you switched completely to house now, but then the glitches in the second part hit me ^^ Cool stuff, Ireally like the idea of beginning with a more traditional beat and switching/glitching it up over time! The melodic work might be cool with some more changes, developments and transitions.


here is my real submission.

i name this track: big boy booty bounce


I must ask IO, where did you get the vocal samples from?


So IO contacted me last night & invited me to participate, but I don’t think I can make it w/ something like this. I’ve only used 6 or 7 of the samples, & have not even implemented the guitar into a sampler yet. I have no melody, patchy percussion, & obtuse transitions. I might be able to work more on this Tue or Wed but, IO, I think this is beyond me.


The vocal samples:

This I sourced from

Demonslayer_Mac Coffee.mp3
Pulled from BB77.


Hey @Vulpes, no worries mate. Whatever you have, we’ll take it.


Mi entrada depende de las ondas gravitacionales:

btw This I believe is my first track done entirely on a Linux machine (Arch Linux). Got everything setup and working, and completed in an experimental version of REAPER for Linux.


Are you sure? That first track you posted was pretty awesome.