BB100 - Beat Battle Royale


I’ve been experimenting with mounting huge plastic bottles on a wooden pallet, with 86 grill skewers mounted up through individual holes in the bottom. It took a while to get the bottle-placement optimal (and the skewers placed), but it floats really well now. The skewer mounts are rock solid as well. It will work even with a very fat guy!

I’m also drawing up a simple “IKEA style” assembly instruction, so I can ship it out dis-assembled - to wherever it needs to go. For some reason all my drawings end up looking like they were drawn by a deranged lunatic, though.

Oh well, there’s still a couple of days left before the deadline, - plenty of time to get it right!

PS: I could paint it as well. I have some paints in the shed. Well, mostly brown paint. But yeah, let me know if you prefer your DIY torture devices in brown.


yes i am sure :slight_smile:
my first track is a joke.


Sounds amazing. I’m gonna start drafting a distribution contract right now. I want these babies to be in every bedroom, living room, bathroom, spa, health care retreat you name it within the next five years. We’re going global with this bad boy! All across the land, we’ll look out, and see children unpackaging their first brown (excellent choice) DIY torture device with their mom and dad under a Christmas tree. I want to see the young couple starting out unfolding their IKEA-like assembly instructions and hand in hand, placing each grill skewer and soda bottle on the board one by one, in a symbolic union of their young love.

I want old grandmas across the land bringing in the neighborhood children to have some cookies and milk, playing on the grill skewers while the grandma laughs at them from in the kitchen. I want businesses and corporations bringing in their employees for monthly team building sessions with everyone laying their backs upon the 86 grill skewers, doing flips atop the spikes, and even testing how much weight they can hold while walking across the torture devices as they carry dumbbells, medicine balls, and steel anvils!

Everyone’s going to love it, and we’re going to bring it to the masses! Get ready for global market penetration! :wink:


hey i thought the prize was some calculator


Did you want a DIY torture deice in brown? We can arrange something.


By 3 o’clock this afternoon?



easy. lol i can even get it with your favorite grill skewer preinstalled, bet I can even get one with the nice high end ones.


I might do some revision in hindsight the second half sounds like ass


oof…2 days left ey? I better get my mix on.


Right there with ya buddy!!


About 57h 40m left as of this moment.


@theusername24, make sure the -6dB mix is downloadable for the comp.

Was the date extended? If not then I’m 20 mins late.
Also hindsite compressing a wav/aif into a .tar.gz was foolish. I should have gone straight to flac.

Since I introduced a lot of external synths, I’m not sure how well this qualifies. I’ll dissect it later, especially the “explanation of the reversed sound”(S because I have several). flac@24 only 4MB larger than compressed wav@16bit


Here’s mine. I’m a little confused about the exact time zone but by my calculations i haven’t crossed the deadline.

I don’t know how the vehicle works but this is the musical score to the story of a farmer who’s on a space ship that’s headed to a distant planet to help develop the agriculture of the people who are trying to populate it. He bribed an official to win one of the spots on the ship and get the chance to eventually move his family to a planet that isn’t dying. As he travels he thinks about the strong chance that he will never see his family again. He wonders if he made a mistake. As he drifts off to sleep, the ships engine fails and the ship implodes. The farmer wakes up and he is hardly able to comprehend the last minute of his life.

I used most of the samples, and some of them are reversed as occasional little atmospheric effects.

-6db headroom, 44,100 32bt


made a few tweaks to my sub here is the final version:

if i missed the deadline no worries…


Good job on making me cry with your track description. I feel way too depressed to listen to the OST of that sad story now lol… Gonna wait for the movie to hit the TV.


fixed, thank you !


I shall upload something by the end of teh day.


Fuck, I fail. Wasn’t able to meet the deadline. I spent like 5 hours trying to get workable drivers for my new interface as it was never developed for windows 10. After getting that working, I had to update my DAW, reconfigure all my plugins. Then I was like hey, let’s get some Odin 2 on. Then had to reinstall and configure Amplitube 4 and all of its components…

so shit, lesson learned. Don’t reconfigure your DAW loadouts prior to a tight deadline.

Some really cool tracks in here though, good job dudes. :beers:


@Vulpes, @Nostromer, @mnkvolcno, everyone, you all have 14h 36m as of this posting until deadline.

EDIT: Basically its by end of day today, and I’m going off the local time here, which is MST, UTC -6.

EDIT EDIT: Oh god dammit, I think I know why everyone’s confused about the deadline. I said July 17th @ 6am UTC lol I should’ve made it July 18th @ 6am UTC. I forgot to add a day after adjusting my local standard time for UTC.

But yeah, as I said. End of day today. Which is in about 11h 12m as of this edit edit posting.