Announcing IDMf065 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


Just wanted to chime in and say that it’s pretty cool that @metaside used my vocals for his track. I’ve been out of the music making stuff for a while (Still need a Windows 10 compatible interface for my mic, and most of my creative time is spent making collages these days), so it was a real honor.

I’ll definitely check this out once it’s released.


Thanks, but the honor was all mine! Looking forward to when you are getting back into music again!


@Vulpes how about I give it through this weekend before I send the tracks off for mastering? We can see if you can get yours in by then.


I have submitted a version and the more I listen to it the more I hate 80% of it. Feel free to close submissions anytime, however I will accept the offer of the remaining week. Let me see if I cannot rectify this attempt in the allotted time.



Yeah, I’ll give it until Monday and follow up if I haven’t heard from you.


@Vulpes was going to package up the selections and send them off today for mastering. Did you ever get your track to a satisfying state?


I will let you be the judge of that. I sent an updated email this morning with link.
It seemed my endeavors to improve it mostly worked negatively.




I checked the email before I posted to you this morning and didn’t see anything. I have now checked the spam folder and, loe and behold, there I find both of your emails.



me excited


As of this moment the tracks we have selected for this release have been officially sent off for mastering.

Big thanks to everyone who sent something over.


Things are moving quickly now…

More on that starting tomorrow, probably.







Coming 22nd of December, 2022…


lets go


That preview track by Terrapin is awesome! Love those fast beats together with the deep monumental chords!


Yeah, I love that track obviously. Each track on this release has a place in my heart but the use of Length and Brecht by Halogen really brought the Terrapin track home for me.