Announcing IDMf065 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition



I definitely have yours.

Paradox, right?


Ok cool.


I’m gonna check today


Good luck all who subbed :slight_smile:


sorry i forgot to make it downloadable but i did now so you can download it


Did you PM it to me or send it to the email?




did you get the email
i sent it before today btw (edit posted too early)


@goldenfurniture So I have your e mail but when I click through on the SC link I get a track not available message. Not sure why. Can you maybe try PM’ing me another link? Maybe you have it set to private on soundcloud and you are just sending me the link from your browser and not the private share link from SC.


oh yeah it was probably that
i private messaged you now


^got it!

Thank you!


Oops totally missed the deadline on this - look forward to listening to the IDM sample perversions :japanese_ogre:


Update: we are in the midst of judging discussions. Hopefully the release date on this won’t be strung out too long. These things do take time though.


time is key. the nuances and intricacies are the most important part imo. what truly defines the track and truly breathes new life into the comp. that is the only thing that matters. what truly defines idmF in this comp? regardless integrity and quality matter the absolute most above anything else. idk much about the business side of idmF but you guys are killer at that and that makes me so happy to hear the final results of any release on idmF. can’t wait!


Sorry I missed it. I had a project developed for open submission, awaiting some thread like this, but beginning Sept I became busier and stopped lurking. That’s ok though. Due to my waned participation, perhaps it is best that this train left without me.


ask for an extension vulpes. your contribution is heavy brother <3


If you really think so, I’ve considered opening up that old project that Permutated & I had worked on so long ago featuring Halogen’s Length/Brecht vocal samples. Maybe would be nostalgic for some to remember ole’ permy. Eh, sure, I’ll seal it & see what happens. If I am too late I’ll just post it in here.


@Vulpes You know I would love to have a track form you. Length and Brecht is one of my favorite tracks on the label.

What do you say? Want a bit of time on it? We’ve had some delays with the team in the back room to be honest, so it’s not out of the question if you want a few days to work on it.

Let me know.


Sounds great, always looking forward to your stuff!


The project is open.

Things are … odd. Sail your ship when it is ready, I’ll keep pushing through this to match OP criteria. If I complete in time, then I complete in time. Even then I may not pass evaluation.