Announcing IDMf065 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


13 days left after today…i hope that there will be enough submissions…


I spent another hour working on mine tonight. I doubt it’s up to the level of the other subs, but it is at least not outright terrible anymore. Going to check it again tomorrow and hopefully send it in over the weekend.


I definitely think we’ll have enough for something, even if it’s only an EP.

If you’ve submitted, I haven’t downloaded it yet. It’s easiest for me if I do it all at once. So don’t be concerned if your download could remains at zero if you sent a SC link.

Thanks everyone!


Im excited to hear everyones work. Unfortunately due to mental health issues and being busy with life I havent even powered up my gear in months. But I know yall will kill it!


Grabbed the Track The Get - Perfect Union from the
In Depth Melodics (IDMf001) ran it through hardware, then back to d.a.w. after getting a few slices that I felt best represented the approach. At first I grabbed it cause it had a sort of drum n bass feel, but when I sat down at the MPC I drummed out some random electronica (IDM’ish) vibes. The song spoke about perfect unions, future, and just felt odd, much like me and my taste in making music! Fired up a few synths, and some modules to get some FX, counter melodies, and create textures, and also to reprocess some of the existing samples to make them more uniquely, me! I also took some recordings i’ve done while sitting in a restaurant to get some more textures and added em in…

Here’s to hoping the song is recognizable and fits what the comp is calling for! :beers:

Who’s knows if I remixed it, or if it is even a song, but 1 thing is for sure, I had fun, and let’s hope if you get to listen to it, you do to!

Be a great day,


idk who you are but if you’re fairly new as of a couple years. SUBMIT IT!!! it will be a fantastic submission <3


relic your name says it all. we shall await your return good master <3 & don’t worry- life got us ALLLLL by the god damned balls you bet


be a great day my good sir! be a great day!


I got mine in. Looking forward to seeing what else everyone has come up with!


Thanks : ) it isnt anything insurmountable and I think Im coming out the other side now.


is it fine if its basically a whole new song but like half of it is the original sample? so far in mine you can tell the elements (pads, drum samples, miscellaneous, bass) but its a whole new arrangement and stuff


i have submitted it :slight_smile:


The rules are but a guide. I’m sure your submission will meet criteria assuming the production quality and arrangement are on point.



4 more days…


now is the time everyone. get on this!!!


Two and a half more days!

How’s everybody coming along?

Once this closes up in very muck looking forward to hearing everyone’s stellar work!


31st what does that mean…

Few more hours to submit.

Yo @everyone


Almost midnight here in the US. I’ll be grabbing the tracks tomorrow and letting you all know once I do. I’ll accept subs until then and if anyone needs a day or three more just hit me up!


Alright everyone…

I have grabbed all of the submissions. If you don’t se a download count of at least 1 on your tracks in your SC accounts please let me know but I’m 90% sure I received them all. If there are issues with your submission I will contact you individually.

Thanks again to all who participated!



i dont see a download with mine…fyi cheers