Announcing IDMf065 VA - Open Genre Compilation Competition


Slicing vocals out of a finished mix is slow going. Slicex is made to slice beats, not voices, so I have to manually set each word as a region, set start and end points with a lot of trial and error. Might just stick with the guitar loop since that one sliced by transients pretty well, already have a different melody too. If I stick with that, then it will be time to start drums next.


Maybe keep notes but don’t add them to the name.


We’ll figure out a way to credit the original artists in the liner notes. So, yes, please keep track of what you are using and don’t forget to put together the blurb of what you did as requested in the OP.

And yes, as stated previously, this does sound like a remix contest of sorts. But at the end of the day it’s different due to the lack of stems and the ability of using elements from different tracks across multiple releases.

This is as clear as we can be…

Sometimes a thing can be a thing and not a thing at the same time but, that’s what keeps some things interesting sometimes.


i’m sorry i’ve gone over this a few times with the wording but i’m still concerned i’m misinterpretting the restrictions. are we allowed to use external sources as samples? or does our samples have to be exclusive to the catalogue or something from the netlabel? it was the slashes that caught me off guard and made me second guess what i was doing.


I see how that can be confusing.

You can use whatever you want as far as external samples, synths, VST’s and effects go. Just try and not totally destroy the source material you choose from the Netlabel.

What we don’t want is someone pulling a single cycle waveform out of a Netlabel track, turning it into a synth, and using that as a basis for something new.


Which is exactly what I did.
I sampled from the label releases but I did my own thing so they would not be recognizable. As that is they way I approach sampling most of the times, I do not look for a sound/loop I can chop but a texture I can re-use and reshape.


The way i understand it…

is that this for this comp just sample some idmf stuff apply some fx to said samples and add some extra elements and mix the idmf samples with the extra elements youve added.

Like dont turn a piano sample into vaetxh recursion tree drums…and use a massive patch for the lead…

Instead sample the piano from an idmf release, do something like add a little spice to the melodic sequence…and then add your own drums and bass…

…or whatever

Like do a dj shadow/ j dilla kind of music making.


this is the appropriate turn that frown upside down moment. lol i gotta hear more of what ppl do to turn pianos into tree drums. that sounds incredible. i mean i get it it’s easy to do. but i def DEF wanna hear what others did outside the instructions. that would be SUCH a cool aftermath project (star eyes smiley).


I started a remix of one of the tracks on the Devil Dance release by @Vlantis (IDMf055), taking the complete vocals of the tracks and what got stuck with it from the melody after doing some stem separation, speeding it all up to DNB BPM. I also added a short melodic part of a track from IDMf001 for good measure and some of my bassline stems from the Kallisti release (IDMF052 - I got a request to dig out those samples again and luckily still found some stuff on an external HD). Trying to stick to just one additional synth track (a simple stab made with Serum). Sprinkled some Amen breaks over it and beginning to like it…

And thank you very much @RFJ, that really means a lot to me! <3


Just about 25 days to go everyone…

I have received submissions from @metaside and @bfk

Looking forward to hearing both along with ny others that come in between now and 10/31, or 31/10 depending.



Mine has stalled out. BPM matching has turned out to be more of a challenge than I’d hoped. May have to go ambient to get something done in time.


Filter timestretch and sidechain. When in doubt.


Maybe I’ll stop being a fussy lad and join this “non-remix” comp :wink: … sad to hear so few entries…


Probably time for me to dust off the DAW, can’t miss out on this.

Cool to see a new comp in the works, awesome stuff @RFJ. Hopefully this can gain some traction!


Really great to see some additional interest in the comp. Looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with.

Long live the IDMforums.



Long live IDMf <3


dude- i gotta hear this track so much. meta you are a LEGEND <3



Djoxygen sent you a submission…fyi lol…

Just giving you a heads up.


Lol thank you I hope it will not disappoint - the vocals by Vlantis are awesome in any case, though :smiley: