Ye Olde Free Logo / Design Shoppe


So I had a flashback of the last time I did this and thought, “Hey, self, that was like a year ago or something, right?”. Nope, that was fucking 3 4 years ago. That’s a little terrifying, NGL.

Anyway, since we’re not getting younger, and if all goes well and the mods / admins are cool with it, I’d like to keep this thread open indefinitely so that anyone can just shoot off requests and get shit back whenever they want.

Here’s the idea: post your artist name / album name here and I’ll make you a generative / abstract logo, cover, or whatever you want. Anyone else is free to answer design requests too, if they feel so inclined, but I’ll still respond to every request either way. The more, the merrier!

Also, no real credit is required, but you can shout me back or link something of mine if you insist. And, if I get enough requests I’d love to create a dedicated Instagram [something better than Instagram] account and give a shout out to everyone. It could be a fun little circle-jerk, for real :smiley:

(Also, streams are still a possibility, so your likeness could get an extra shoutout in a BTS video!)