Thanksgiving Special: Kvlt's Album Art Challenge

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Edit: Today turned out to be a little more hectic than I thought it would, however I plan on drinking loads of coffee and working well into the night if I have to! Nobody can stop me! Except for… well, a lot of things, apparently.

If this isn’t allowed or something, I respect that and I will take my shenanigans elsewhere.

Today is Thxgiving in the states which means nothing to me personally except for the fact that I’m doing absolutely nothing today. Nothing. Except for this.

Today, challenge me, an amateur / half-asser of many things to create the ridiculous / retarded artwork of your dreams (in the style of album art, hopefully). For those of you who are also just sitting at home, browsing the forums, let me be your pretend family just for now. Let me into your heart and I will hopefully make you giggle.

TL;DR: I will either paint, composite, or otherwise design you something AWFUL. Today. Like it’s your band’s CD cover. Send your requests here.

For the fine print:

I’ll be probably pulling loads of shit from Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash to manipulate. Theoretically these should all be royalty free, however it’s the fucking internet and you know how that goes. Some people do ‘bad’ things and upload shit they don’t own, so I can’t guarantee that you can actually use this artwork for anything commercial. As far as my work goes to you, however, do whatever you want with it. It’s public domain as far as I’m concerned once I post it, although most likely it’ll just be for a few giggles.

…and if I’m feeling especially brave, I might open a twitch stream.

Here are a few egg samples:

Well, I hopefully have stuff going on today, but I totally want you to have an awesome thanksgiving, and if your idea of awesome is doing me a terrible version of something like the “Just Push Play” or “Breakfast in America” album covers (two of my favorite album covers, I post about this stuff on my instagram), I want you to do your worst.

I’m either too young or too stupid to know which albums those actually are, so I’m going to go in blind on this one. This is going to be horribad :smiley:

I’ve been wanting to get some graphics made for my DJ InTheAM moniker, had been thinking of kind of a cheesy, neon, 1980’s Miami cocaine vibe. If you need something to keep you busy.

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The Making of… (video) Twitch

Somehow the name didn’t change from the last video. Oh well, at least you can see how it was made

The audio (and many other things) got weird as hell with this one

I’m not really good with fully original designs yet, however I can definitely mess with some generative shit and make something experimental.

Sounds like a good / fun challenge, since my skill set is admittedly pretty limited and I still have a lot to learn. Maybe something cool will come out of the experimentation!

My internet cut out just before I was done, but most of the video saved!

This was a really fun experiment generating from scratch. Hope I got close to the mark!

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Did you look up the album covers? Because you’re not that far off for Breakfast in America. And the color palette is actually similar for Just Push Play.

This is cool yo. I like it I will defo use this when posting a mix to mixcloud in the future! Unfortunately my studio is still currently a foster cat room lol. Ill get off my ass and get some tracks out and use it on bamdcamp :slight_smile:

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Just watched the videos and saw these were exported at 666*666. Nice touch.

Yeah, I usually downsize when posting publicly and export the full resolution to the recipient. If either of you want higher resolution copies, feel free to drop a PM and I’ll send them over.

I didn’t look up the album covers prior to now, but that’s hilarious. Most of the inspiration was just sitting there on Unsplash :slight_smile: