Windows 11


Wondering if anybody here has taken the plunge and installed it yet?

If so, is it running smoothly with your VSTs?

Anything standing out? (good or bad)

I typically wait about one year before updating to the latest version, in order to circumvent potential issues with VSTs, so I’m not in a rush. Just curious, really.


I haven’t been brave enough lol. Also, my laptop is pretty old so I’m kind of worried about that factor just generally speaking.


Yup, it may not be able to run it - it requires at least the following:

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC)
  • RAM: at least 4GB
  • Storage: at least 64GB of available storage
  • Security: TPM version 2.0, UEFI firmware, Secure Boot capable
  • Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later, with a WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Display: High definition (720p) display, 9" or greater monitor, 8-bits per color channel


With all due respect, I chuckled here. Trusting Apple… The company that bricks its own products so you buy a newer version


That’s good to know. I meet all the requirements unless it won’t accept an integrated graphics card. I don’t know about the security stuff but no Window’s 10 update as crippled or harmed its performance.


The TPM thing can be worked around by renaming a DLL and editing one of the config files before installing it. There’s videos on YouTube e.g.:


Friend of mine is using windows 11. He says that Windows 11 is normal. Well, he always sits on the latest updates.


No worries, whatever works for you - I’m not here to fight about which one is less terrible than the other either.

Both of these global corporations are driven by endless greed… This usually makes ethics and not screwing their customers an afterthought.


That’s not surprising. The “required specs” are probably yet another gimmick to make Joe Public buy a new laptop every other year.

Good to know. From my experience, Windows 10 was quite the improvement on Windows 7 (in terms of reliability/stability). Way fewer crashes and issues. So I figured that we would have heard random people bitching about Windows 11 by now if it was bad… but it’s been fairly quiet on that front.


Been running Win11 for a few weeks now. I installed using the workaround I posted above. Not had any OS-related problems so far (that I’m aware of :smiley: ).


Good to hear! My main concern is mostly older VST that are not supported anymore by the company that made them: will they still work?

For example, I use some old Cakewalk synths that I love and I would hate for them not to work with a newer version of Windows (although it’s probably going to happen one day).


AFAIK as long as your DAW supports the VST format you want (ie 32 vs 64 bit, VST 1-2-3, etc) windows isn’t an issue. The issue is at some point you aren’t going to have new DAWs/updates support anything other than 64-bit VST3.

If it goes deeper than that (ie a plugin relies on some sort of library that was in old windows but not newer versions) then I haven’t encountered it. I don’t really want to use anything more than 10-15 years old, which goes back to Win7 times, which still seems to be the benchmark for “modern” windows.

On Win11 I’ll update when I next get a new PC, but I’m not eager to jump into it. Probably going to buy a new laptop for music when the new Intel/AMD laptop chips come out in a few weeks/months, so I think that will come with Win11.


Yay for:

reg add “HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}\InprocServer32” /f /ve

It gets rid of the cutdown right-click menu and gives you the full menu immediately. Run the above in a command prompt the restart Windows Explore (or logout/in again or reboot). No need for elevated priveleges.


I was an early adoptor, I installed the Windows 11 beta about a year ago and dealt with my ASIO crashing, sluggish performance in Omnisphere, some VSTs flat out deregistering themselves every time I closed them and one particularly annoying BSOD when I would try to open the latest ReFX Nexus so I had to use an older version for a while. But none of those issues are currently present, FL Studio runs better than it ever had and I haven’t even needed to turn off my computer in over a week.

So now Windows 11 seems fine, but I learned my lesson about beta operating systems. My only consolation is that maybe Microsoft got some useful data from my crash reports.


Jeez… That must have been painful. Glad to hear it works fine now!